M5 Tyre Change Highlights The Importance Of Breakdown Cover

AA Breakdown CoverEarlier this month, the emergency services were contacted when concerned motorists noticed a couple who were changing a tyre in the fast lane of the M5.

This absurd and extremely dangerous situation further highlights the benefits of having a breakdown assistance policy.

Commenting on the matter, a spokesperson for the AA said, “The most important thing at a breakdown is to get the car to the hard shoulder whenever possible and call the emergency services for help,” said Andrew Howard, head of road safety at the breakdown cover firm.

“A breakdown may prove costly but it’s a lot cheaper than a life.”

The highway code clearly states that drivers that experience a vehicle breakdown whilst travelling along the motorway should pull on to the hard shoulder – or switch their hazard lights on if they are unable to move.

Warning triangles should not be used on motorways and drivers should never attempt their own repairs.

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