16 Best iPad Racing Games

16 Best iPad Racing Games

16 Best iPad Racing Games

Here at breakdowncover.org we’re suckers for a good racing sim (or any vehicle related video game really), so we decided to have a rummage through the growing number of iPad racing games in the iTunes store and pick out 16 of our favourites.

So here’s hour run down of the 16 best Racing Games for the Apple iPad.

Don’t agree with us? Missed out your favorite? Shout at us in the comments!

#16. Hit N’Run

Hit N'Run

Weave in and out of traffic at high speeds and hit cars of the proper color. Have fun breaking traffic regulations and following worst driving practices. Hit N’Run pushes the limits of gameplay on a handheld device. Choose your own speed and pace: from comfortable and relaxed to extreme and outright mad.

Use tilt controls to drive your car and pick up the perks on the road shoulders as you go. Boost your score by hitting cars of selected colors and completing the combo while avoiding damage from touching the wrong cars. It’s up to you to hit as many vehicles as possible without crashing your car, and collect extra points by doing cool moves on the way.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#15. Drift Mania Championship

Drift Mania Championship

Drifting is the act of manoeuvring a vehicle through corners at speeds and angles that exceed the vehicle’s grip. A drift is when a driver performs a controlled slide through corners while adhering to the racing line. Drifting involves fast cars, super skilled drivers and hardcore fans.

Loaded with such features as:

  • Cutting edge control system including a variable throttle system and hydraulic handbrake
  • 5 vehicles with unique specs (traction, horsepower, torque etc.)
  • 3 unique race tracks
  • 3 level of difficulties; start at easy and improve your skills while completing the normal and pro mode
  • 3 camera configurations; select a camera that you are comfortable with
  • Replay system with highlights of your best combos
  • Soundtrack from Good Fight Music including songs from Conditions (Album: Fluorescent Youth) and I Am Abomination (Album: To Our Forefathers)
  • Ability to listen to your own songs from your own music library
  • Exclusive content including DMCC event intro video and photos

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#14. HTR HD High Tech Racing

HTR HD High Tech Racing

High Tech Racing is a Slot Car Racing Simulator, a virtual version of the classic toy of the 80´s and 90´s. HTR offers 3 different difficulty levels and 18 tracks that include several challenges like loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high speed curves. You can even build your own tracks with the highly intuitive Track Editor. Choose from 3 in-game visualization modes, from 3rd-person perspective to in-car camera.

  • With realistic physics, HTR offers an adrenalin packed racing simulation experience.
  • With only one finger you control the acceleration to keep your car on the track.
  • Tons of cool items to unlock including cars, electric engines, tires, and chassis to optimize your car; there are 243 possible configurations to test on each track.
  • Race freely on “Quickrace” mode and practice for the real challenge.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#13. Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish manoeuvres in impossible environments. The original levels, tight controls and fast, smooth, addictive game play has landed Jet Car Stunts on many “Best of 2009″ lists.

With 25 challenging Platform levels and 11 Time Trail levels, this is some of the best value you can find on the App Store.

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#12. Parcel Panic -- Post Car Racer 3D

Parcel Panic Post Car Racer 3D

Race like you never raced before! Discover a whole island with winding slopes, steep terrain and awesome detail -- all beautifully rendered in a high definition quality you will find nowhere else.

Your job is to deliver parcels on Tapiti island… but beware! You only have limited time to deliver all parcels!
Race your delivery truck like a maniac over the island to unlock further routes and trucks.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#11. Moto X Mayhem for iPad

Moto X Mayhem

Race, jump, and crash your way through a variety of treacherous terrain in the best mobile bike game, Moto X Mayhem!

Use accelerometer technology to balance your motorbike as you climb and fly over huge jumps! Enjoy realistic physics as your shocks recoil when you land or your rider bounces around when you crash. Compete to be the fastest motocross rider with Moto X Mayhem’s online scoreboard.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#10. Alpine Crawler World HD

Alpine Crawler World HD

Alpine Crawler World HD is an Off Road simulation with real time physics, weather effects, different cars and tracks to choose and much more.


  • 3 game modes (Free ride, Time trial, Challenge)
  • 6+1 racing cars / sportcars for different terrains
  • 3 terrains / locations
  • 30 exciting and hard levels (10 per location)
  • different weather and day-night conditions (day, night, rain, snow)
  • visual effects (car-lights, car-colours, dirt)
  • 5 playable drivers (both male and female)
  • you can listen to music with iMusical while playing
  • 3 languages (Hungarian, English, German)
  • unique and smooth gameplay
  • high-score list with many aspects

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#9. Racing Mania HD

Racing Mania HD

Racing Mania is giving you the opportunity for a totally customized racing experience. Not only do you get to choose your vehicle but you can decide which track you’re going to run, as well. Do you want to try your luck on a city track at night? Maybe you’re feeling adventurous enough to take on a dirt track or futuristic route. Stick with one or play all 15 tracks. It’s a great way to test and build your driving skills.

There are three difficulty levels in Racing Mania but you have to finish normal before you can hit that track hard and race with the big boys. Learn to control your car and safely manage those curves to improve your technique and style. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.

At the end of a race, you may want to buy products that can help you. Pick up speed, acceleration and repairs at the shop to keep your vehicle in top condition and in the race.

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#8. Fastlane Street Racing HD

Fastlane Street Racing HD

Get ready for Fastlane Street Racing a high speed arcade racing game on the go. Weave through traffic in winding city routes and improve your driving on high speed race circuits. Incredible sense of speed and beautifully rendered surroundings makes Fastlane Street Racing one of the most polished racing titles available on the iPad.

Key features:

  • 5 Game modes
  • High detail 3D graphics
  • Advanced lightning and effects
  • 10 Original cars
  • 8 Fun and challenging city routes
  • 2 High speed race circuits
  • 6 Challenge tracks
  • Save replays

iTunes Link ($3.99)

#7. Orion Racer HD

orion racer hd

Orion Racer HD is a futuristic 3D racing game featuring hyper-paced, exhilarating action on 10 unique tracks in outer space. Loops, powerslides, and speeds of over 700MPH make Orion Racer HD one of the most adrenaline-pumping games for the iPhone.

Features include:

  • 10 insane racetracks in three different outer space locations
  • Reverse tracks for a total of 20 unique track experiences
  • Intense drifting through wicked corners and spirals
  • Four unique futuristic vehicles
  • Four modes of gameplay (Tournament, Single Race, Time Trial, 2 Player)
  • View race replays in any mode
  • Online rankings for best Time Trial lap time
  • View replays of the Top 25 best online Time Trial laps
  • High-resolution environment & vehicle textures
  • Unlockable vehicle and track
  • High-energy music
  • Fully customizable controls
  • Adjustable AI difficulty

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#6. Shrek Kart HD

Shrek Kart HD

Vie for the title of Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer as you speed through HD environments throughout Far Far Away and beyond in highly-detailed karts.

4 single player modes: Single Race, Tournament, Challenges and Arena modes.

Miles of racing fun with 19 cups in the Tournament mode and 72 challenges to face.

With unique karts, each character has custom built his or her own vehicle, each with a special ability and different characteristics. New iPad Feature: Custom placement of kart racing controls anywhere on the screen for maximum personal racing efficiency.

Special defensive and offensive power-ups: Drop the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon on an opponent or shoo away those Angry Bees by wiping off the screen with your finger.

Featuring 15 different tracks (12 Speedways & 3 Arenas): Beautiful 3D High-Definition environments from throughout the Kingdom, from Shrek’s home in The Swamp to the palm-lined streets of Far Far Away. Take advantage of the new mini-maps of each race course.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#5. GT Racing: Motor Academy HD

GT Racing Motor Academy HD

GT Racing: Motor Academy lands on your iPad as the richest and most fascinating racing experience. With HD graphics and iPad-optimized controls, enjoy the finest driving sensations by controlling one of over 100 licensed cars featured in the game and earn your place in the circle of racing’s best drivers on the App Store. Numerous game modes, from a huge Career mode with several driving tests, challenges and money rewards, to an Arcade mode and online competitions.

Buy tons of car parts to optimize your car’s performance and race with 6 different driving sensations, including an exclusive branded cockpit view for each manufacturer.
Begin as a rookie and pass your driving tests and challenges to master all the subtleties of racing and attain the highest honor in the sport.

iTunes Link ($6.99)



Experience a brand new rally racing game from 2XL, “2XL TROPHYLITE Rally” in HD.

Once again raising the graphics quality you should expect on your iPad. Learn how to power‑slide around corners and through hairpin turns with an original physics simulation you have yet to experience!

The most intense mobile head-to-head experience created to date. Race other players over your local Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth.

The achievement system challenges you to unlock 100% of the skill-based goals in the game. Compare your trophies with your friends online.

Earn Real Rewards and achievements to improve your truck’s performance, and unlock real-world discounts, prizes, and more!

iTunes Link ($7.99)

#3. Asphalt 5 HD

Asphalt 5 HD

Take a ride in over 30 of the fastest, most prestigious cars you’ve ever dreamed, from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.

Highly polished HD graphics let you see every detail and animation of the track as you speed over snow, mud, dirt and more in 12 beautiful locations around the world including St. Tropez, Aspen and Las Vegas. Discover hidden shortcuts and jump off ramps.

Challenge yourself to 8 different racing events including Drift Contest, Cop Chase, Time Attack, Duel Mode, Last Man Standing and Escape.

Tune your car radio to play your favorite songs stored on your iPhone/iPod Touch during the race and let the music move you.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#2. Need for Speed Shift

Need For Speed Shift

Choose from 28 cars, including 8 exclusive ones, like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Koenigsegg CCX, Lexus LF-A Concept, and Nissan GT-R (R35). While you experience physics-based, accelerated HD graphics only the iPad can deliver. Achieve unmatched driving control, with rear and side view mirrors, manual acceleration, and visual brake pedal and shift gears.

Experience the sweeping skylines of 18 tracks in inspiring international locations (Chicago, London, Tokyo) through day and night driving. See and feel roaring engines, squealing tires, and crunching collisions.

Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension, and Nitrous upgrades. Add custom details like spoilers, rims, specialized paint jobs, and body kits.

iTunes Link ($12.99)

#1. Real Racing HD

Real Racing HD

In Real Racing HD, new controls take a few races to get used to, but touch – and lurch – sensitivity can be customized. Choose from 48 cars and five game modes including multiplayer – even against iPhone/iPod touch users – and “ghost mode” races against your previous best run. RRHD is a massive upgrade over the “little” Real Racing game that Apple featured in its advertising campaigns.

race against a pre-recorded ghost saved on your iPad or downloaded from Firemint’s servers. Improve your personal best, or race against the top drivers. Ghosts will also appear in Online League races, making them even more fun and competitive.

Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing experience on iPad.

iTunes Link ($9.99)

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  1. Need for speed hot pursuit. How is this not on your list?

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  2. Real Racing 2 HD is the bomb – its $10 compared to the $7 RR1, but worth the extra wonga.

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  3. rr2 is better than rr1
    asphalt 6 is better than asphalt 5
    hot pursuit and ufc championship and fight night are great games aswell

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  4. Real Racing 2 is better than RR1 it has better cars and better graphics.

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