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The 10 Commandments of Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson, the enormously tall, bouffant-haired presenter of Top Gear is a simple man.

Loved by millions, he is guided only by Ten Commandments. No, not the Old Testament Commandments; something far more relevant that he probably wrote on the back of a fag packet, and keeps in the back pocket of his stone-washed jeans.

Luckily we managed to get hold of a copy of them, so read on if you want to live your life according to the rules of Clarkson!

1. Thou Shalt Not Walk Anywhere

A simple one. You must always drive wherever you are going. Walking is for Guardian-readers, public transport is for poor people and cycling is for people like Richard Hammond, and you don’t want to be like him, do you?

If your route is blocked by, say, a pavement or a doorway, then just buy a micro-car like an old Messerschmitt. Yes, it’s very small, and no, it hasn’t got a stonking great V8 engine in it, but it’s small enough to fit into your office lift and if it means that you’ll never have to walk again…

2. Thou Shalt Not Use The Devil’s Fluid

No, not that; I mean diesel. Not only do diesel-powered cars smell funny and make a horrid noise, they are too slow.

In his book Born to be Riled he says of a diesel driver: “he drops a cog to get that hideously inefficient engine into the upper echelons of its miserable power band … it’s hard to tell he’s done this because, obviously, there’s no discernible change in pace.” ‘Nuff said?

3. Thou shalt Not Visit Norfolk

I’m not sure why he detests Norfolk so much but it might have something to do with it having no motorways, hardly any petrol stations and being impossible to get to. You’d think that being home to Lotus Cars would have changed his mind, wouldn’t you?

But no, even being the home to the Elise and Exige isn’t enough to stop him from saying that you should avoid it unless you like “orgies and the ritual slaying of farmyard animals”.

4. Thou Shall Worship Bob Segar

Clarkson is famous for his love of dodgy 1970s prog-rock but when asked what six CDs he’d have in his autochanger for a drive across Europe five out of the six were Bob Segar. (The sixth was the Doobie Brothers, in case you were wondering.)

5. Thou Shalt Not Drive Front-Wheel Drive Cars

Clarkson loves his rear-wheel drive cars and won’t drive anything else – unless, of course, it’s an Alfa Romeo, or a Peugeot 205 GTI, or a VW Polo GTi, all of which can be forgiven for their inability to shred their rear tyres while doing doughnuts…

6. Thou Shall Worship The Range Rover

A big V8 petrol engine, British-made (just), go-anywhere ability, and the eco-mentalists hate them. He dedicated his book Driven to Distraction to “Everyone who made my Range Rover” and went on to say “Well done chaps. It’s brilliant.”

7. Thou Shall Be As Offensive As Possible About Foreigners

If you go to America then you must refer to it as the “Land of the brave … home of the dim”, in Vietnam you must remind them of the war and in Holland you must assume that everyone takes drugs and indulges in man-love.

Germans are “Nazis”, Koreans all eat dogs and the Mexicans are “lazy” and Mexico “doesn’t have an Olympic team… because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already across the border”.

His most offensive comment, though, was reserved for Ethiopia, when he said that a particular car: “should be avoided like unprotected sex with an Ethiopian transvestite.”

8. Thou Shall Worship The Toyota Hilux

As well as getting him, James May and half-a-dozen Quail’s eggs to the magnetic North Pole (and beating Hammond there, which was the best bit) Clarkson also tested another Hilux by crashing it, burning it, drowning it and dropping it off a tower block, none of which could kill it.

The remains (still capable of being driven) are displayed in the Top Gear studio.

9. Thou Shall Run A Dictatorship

The Top Gear “Cool Wall” is the very model of good taste. The test “would Kristin Scott Thomas be impressed if you picked her up in it?” (although Kristin has been replaced recently by Fiona Bruce after she displayed some odd attitudes towards cars and said that she owned a Honda Civic…) is rigorously applied and Hammond and Clarkson generally agree on what’s cool and what isn’t.

However, if they disagree then Clarkson has the casting vote as he claims that he never said that Top Gear was a democracy. (He will also put the cards high up to stop Hammond moving them too!)

10. Thou Must Hate Piers Morgan

Piers ran two pictures in The Mirror showing Jeremy allegedly kissing a woman. Jeremy responded by punching him in the face at the British Press Awards and throwing water over him during Concorde’s last flight. Mind you, doesn’t hitting Piers just make us love him even more?

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20 Of The Craziest Top Gear Stunts Sun, 07 Nov 2010 14:57:14 +0000 admin

20 Craziest Top Gear Stunts

With series 16 of Top Gear not scheduled to air until early next year, we thought we’d try and counteract our withdrawal by spending some time looking over previous episodes and picking out our favourite stunts and shenanigans.

With so much tomfoolery packed into every episode it was a bit of a challenge picking out our top 20, but we’re happy with our selection.

We’ve even included some bonus footage of the ice-cream van hovercraft that never made it to air on Top Gear.

What’s you favourite Top Gear stunt? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

(Series 16 of Top Gear will be on our screens in the UK from January/February of next year, with a Christmas special planned for next month.)

#20. Volvo Caravan Jump

Hammond puts a Volvo to the test - by jumping over caravans.

#19. World’s Smallest Car

Jeremy drives the world’s smallest production car to work and even takes it into the lift.

#18. Toyota Aygo Car Football

Toyota Aygo car football.

#17. Jet Car v Nissan

Hammond shows the benefits of a jet car on a Nissan Sunny.

#16. World Record Jumping Backwards With A Car

World record jumping backwards with a car.

#15. Range Rover Sport vs Challenger 2 Tank

Clarkson tries to outrun a Challenger 2 tank in a Range Rover Sport - off road!

#14. Car Safety Message - Avoid Trains

Jeremy enlightens us with a safety video and explains in detail why you should never try to let a train crash into your car.

#13. Underwater Escape

Hammond tests out how long it takes to escape from a car in the drink.

#12. The Stig Jumps A Snowmobile

The Stig jumps a snowmobile at the Top Gear Winter Olympics.

#11. Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon Drag Race

Amazing challenge as Hammond races a Euro Fighter Typhoon in the Bugatti Veyron. Who will win the horizontal vs vertical 2 mile race?

#10. Aston Martin V8 Vantage vs Man on Jet Powered Rollerskates

Aston Martin V8 Vantage vs Man on Jet Powered Rollerskates.

#9.  Ice-cream Van Hovercraft

This bonus footage of the ice-cream van hovercraft was for some reason was never aired on a Top Gear show but did feature on a later released DVD called ‘Hammonds Uncovered’. Enjoy.

#8. Motorhome Destruction Derby

Richard has the inspired idea of dispensing with the race cars and just racing the motorhomes. Carnage ensues as he sets up a five-van shoot-out with some real racing drivers.

#7. Jet Powered Canoe

Hammond challenges an engine powered canoe to a drag race around an ice lake in Iceland.

#6. A Mini Cooper and a Ski Jump

A Mini Cooper and a Ski Jump. guess what happens next…

#5. Caravan Conkers

Hammond and May turn their hands to Caravan Conkers. The game is simple: employ two crane drivers, hoist your painted caravan on a long cable, and smash together until you have a winner

#4. Crossing the Channel

Hilarious challenge from the Top Gear boys as they attempt to cross the Channel to France in their brilliant but useless new model home-made amphibious cars.

#3. Car Darts

Hammond and May try their hands at recreating James Bond stunts using cars as darts and a caravan as the bullseye.

#2. The Airship

James’s airship caravanning adventure hits the rocks as he drifts into Norwich airport’s airspace while Richard, unsure of which caravan park James will actually end up in, undertakes a tour of the South East in the Lamborghini Gallardo.

#1. Reliant Robin Space Shuttle

Hammond and May tried to convert a Reliant Robin into a space shuttle. They were given 12 days to build it and had assistance from the British Amateur Rocket Society.

Eight tons of thrust were required to launch the Robin—the largest non-commercial rocket launch undertaken in Europe.  When the Reliant Robin took off; everything seemed to be working until a release bolt attaching the Robin to the fuel tank failed to detach.

The combined result spiralled out of control and crashed in a massive explosion on a nearby hillside.

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70 Greatest Movie Cars Of All Time Tue, 07 Sep 2010 19:04:12 +0000 admin

70 Greatest Movie Cars Of All Time

Following on from our previous feature on the best movie car chases, we decided to take a closer look at just what exactly made them so great, and in most cases it was the car!

So after a long weekend of debate and lazing around watching DVDs we put together a nice compilation of what we believe are 70 of the greatest cars to every grace the big screen.

As with all our opinion features we love to hear reader feedback, so if you don’t agree with our selection or if we’ve missed out your favourite, feel free to let us know/shout at us in the comments!

#70. 1975 Mercury Marquis - Uncle Buck

This is a rare car indeed, not the car, but the persona. It’s a rusty nail which is on it’s last legs, yet people still want it. A classic piece of movie history driven by the late great John Candy.

#69. 1984 Ford Econoline - Dumb and Dumber

There’s not much of the original Econoline on display in Dumb and Dumber, but what a van! It’s obviously remembered for it’s dog like appearance as an advertisement for “Mutts Cutts”.

#68. 1976 AMC Pacer - Good Burger

The Pacer featured in the movie Good Burger featured a giant hamburger affixed to the hood, a soda cup top attached to the roof, pickle slices for hubcaps, french fries for wipers, and giant red arrows. It is now owned by the International Hamburger Hall of Fame in Daytona Beach, Florida.

#67. 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT - Initial D

The film adaptation of the Japanese Initial D manga and anime series features the AE86 as the main characters vehicle in which he learns with and masters the streets of Mount Akina.

#66. 1960 Peterbilt 281 Tanker - Duel

Steven Spielberg’s first feature film revolves around this monster Peterbilt 281 Tanker, playing a game of cat and mouse with a Plymouth Valiant. This film is a classic, with little dialogue and a great concept. Of course, the truck gets trashed at the end when it drives off a cliff.

#65. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

In Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Reese Bobby, Ricky’s dad, drives a black and gold #13 1969 Chevelle, an apparent homage to Smokey Yunick who campaigned similar Chevelles with driver Curtis Turner in NASCAR in the mid 60′s.

#64. 1994 Toyota Supra - The Fast and the Furious

The main car used in the first Fast and Furious movie was the 1994 Toyota Supra.

#63. 1976 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 - C’était un Rendez-Vous

The film shows an eight-minute drive through Paris in the early hours of the morning (05:30hrs), accompanied by sounds of a high-reving engine, gear changes and squealing tires. The car is never seen as the camera seems to be attached below the front bumper.

Shot in a single take, the length of the film was limited by the short capacity of the 1000 foot 35mm film reel, and filmed from a (supposedly) gyro-stabilised camera mounted on the bumper of a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9.

#62. 1961 Jaguar E-Type - Danger: Diabolik

The 1968 movie Danger: Diabolik, had Diabolik driving a black Jaguar E-type and his love interest, Eva, had used a white one.

#61. 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX - Tommy Boy

An epic road movie with this sweet 67 Belvedere GTX. It starts off as a fine motor, yet by the end of the film it has been totally destroyed, including the nail in the coffin when it catches on fire.

#60. 1968 Dodge Charger R/T - Blade

The evil Charger owned by “daywalker” Blade featured in all three of the Blade trilogy, it’s evil, yet simple style won the hearts of many people for it’s understated style, and awesome engine.

#59. 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Silverado Fleetside - Kill Bill

The “Pussy Wagon” started the nickname of “Pussy Yellow” when referring to bright yellow on cars. The monster pick up will forever be remembered solely down to the paint job and name. It’s still used by Quentin Tarantino as his daily drive.

#58. 1966 Ford Thunderbird - Thelma & Louise

Another great road movie with a classic convertible in it. This one of course being remembered all the way through the film, but most notable of course, for the end scene where the car gets driven into the Grand Canyon.

#57. 2000 Ferrari 355 Spider - Boiler Room

In this highly charged scene from the movie Boiler room new broker Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) is being driven back to the office after a local bar brawl, the car driven by his arrogant and envious mentor Greg (Nicky Katt) screams and glides its way elegantly around less wealthy road users.

#56. 1964 Cadillac DeVille Convertible - 48hrs / Another 48hrs

It’s good to see a classic Caddy in a film, it’s even better when it’s used as a cop car. It’s so good, Jack manages to blow $25 grand on an almost identical one for the sequel!

#55. 1970 Chevy Nova - Death Proof

A popular plot for 70′s car films are epitomised by Vanishing Point. The cross country multi state car chase with the police will forever be remembered, as will the white 70 Challenger R/T. The same car was also used in Tarantino’s Death Proof.

#54. 1967 Pontiac GTO - xXx

Not the greatest movie in the world, but this car is something else. It’s like Bond’s DB5 for the Playstation generation. Big, stylish, and fully laden with some awesome gadgets and weapons that even Q would have been proud. Although I doubt he would have painted it that sexy purple.

#53. 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV - Jackie Chan’s Who Am I?

Jackie Chan going out of his mind with amnesia is a fun thing to watch. The car though is what most people remember of this film. Showing off it’s rally credentials by handling all terrains, all speeds and the odd fruit stand.

#52. 1986 BMW 315 Convertible - Paid in Full

#51. 1964 Lincoln Continental mk2 - National Lampoon’s Animal House

The star of the show is Flounder’s brothers Lincoln Continental. this classy car  stars off OK, but gets trashed while on a road trip with Pinto, Boon and Otter. The car ends up being fixed for the Homecoming Parade by D-Day, yet it doesn’t look much like the original. Evil!

#50. 2004 Audi RSQ Concept - I, Robot

The Audi RSQ is a mid-engined concept car developed by Audi AG for use as a product placement in the 2004 sci-fi movie I, Robot. It is meant to depict a technologically advanced automobile in the Chicago cityscape from the year 2035.

#49. 1969 Dodge Charger - The Dukes of Hazard

The second car we need to forget about the TV program for. The classic General Lee got a modern upgrade to the big screen in 2005, and thankfully used an original 69 (although 68′s were used for some of the filming) and not some modern day prototype. Fast, sexy and awesome looking fun!

#48. 1971 Pontiac Lemans - The French Connection

Regarded as one of if not the greatest Hollywood car chases, The French Connection doesn’t revolve around the chase, but it had a massive impact to the film. During filming, the crew didn’t have the permit to shoot the film, so a lot of the traffic in the chase with the El Train is real traffic!

#47. 1973 Volkswagen Transporter (Type 2) - Little Miss Sunshine

#46. 1973 Ford Gran Torino - Big Lebowski

Another car to get hammered all the way through the film. Dude’s 73 Torino gets crashed, stolen, trashed and of course, it has to be set of fire. Yet it’s still an awesome car that many would happily own.

#45. 2005 Audi A8 L - The Transporter 2

#44. 1976 AMC Pacer - Waynes World

When a certain guitar solo kicks in in Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody, people will nod their heads. Why? We all know the answer to that! The Mirth mobile was the ultra cool hatch to have!

#43. 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe - Mad Max

“The Last of the V8′s” will forever be remembered as possibly the most bad ass cop car in movie history. It’s evil “futuristic” styling worked well, even if the supercharger button was only a prop, we can but dream!

#42. 2006 GMC TopKick Warrior - Transformers

The TopKick’s 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel V8, Allison six-speed automatic transmission and suspension were all left stock. Also stock is the interior, which isn’t seen onscreen. It’s not easy to park, but it’s one mean-looking Ironhide.

#41. 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport - Gran Torino

#40. 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider - The Rock

How to smash up a Ferrari 101. This film is for anyone who wants to see what happens when you trash a F355 Spider. You maybe disappointed though, as rumour has it it wasn’t a real F355 they crashed, only a replica based on either the Toyota MR2 or the Pontiac Fiero.

#39. Lexus 2054 Concept - Minority Report

In the year 2054, some cars will be self-cleaning, some will drive in an accident free system, and some will change colors on command.

The inspiration behind the car was a vehicle that would fit the requirements of the year 2054, but beneath the futuristic design is a standard Chevy V6 and conventional manual gearbox.

#38. 1968 Cadillac DeVille Convertible - A Bronx Tale

#37. 2009 Chevrolet Camaro “Bumblebee” - Transformers

Yes yes, originally Bumblebee was a VW Beetle, but in the 2007 movie of Transformers, they used a 74 Camaro which magically shifts itself into the soon to be released 2009 Chevy Camaro. At the time the car was of course a prototype, and was actually based on a Pontiac GTO.

#36. 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP 400S - The Cannonball Run

Ok, so this car hung on many a teenagers wall during the 80′s (and probably the 90′s and 00′s!) It was one of the cars that people noticed in a film featuring some of the worlds finest machines! (One of the other cars in this list was featured in the film) Of course, the sexy Adrienne Barbeau covered in spandex piloting it might have helped.

#35. 1971 Porsche 917 Le Mans - Le Mans

It’s a film about 70′s Le Mans, with the two main cars being a Ferrari 512LM and this Porsche 917 driven by Steve McQueen. Similar to the Rock, the crash with the Porsche and the Ferrari was filmed using two replicas made up on VW Beetle chassis.

#34. 1969 Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet - The Hangover

#33. 1998 BMW 535i - Ronin

This is another film with an epic car chase in it, well actually there’s a few, but the big one is the Paris city centre chase involving this BMW 535i, and the Peugeot 406, the BMW remembered of course for getting totalled in a crash which leads to the car being upside down in a construction site. This is regarded as one of the best car chases in movie history.

#32. 1986 GMC Vandura - The A-Team

#31. 1958 Plymouth Fury - Christine

The Stephen King classic book wonderfully transferred to the big screen in the epic film about an evil murderous Plymouth Fury. The Fury was in essence the Belvedere Sport with the evil red paint being an extra. It’s an evil car, for an evil story.

#30. 1996 Porsche 911 Turbo (964) - Bad Boys

#29. 1976 Ford Gran Torino - Starsky and Hutch

The first car you need to forget about the TV series for. Yes it was popular before the 2004 film was made, but it played a big part on the big screen. Plenty of chases and high speed driving left people (once again) wanting a red Torino with a big red over the top stripe.

#28. 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor - GhostBusters

Well, it’s one of if not the most recognized ambulances in the world (the only other one worth noting is Burt Reynold’s ambulance from Cannonball Run) It’s a bit busted when the Ghostbusters team buy it, but it’s so over the top that it’s amazing!

#27. 1989 Mini 1100 Special - Bourne Identity

Another pretty wrecked car that has a spot in our hearts. Mainly due to an impressive mid Paris (the French obviously love car chases!) Police chase which sees it flying through little alley ways and down flights of steps like in the Italian Job. It takes a battering, but still keeps on going.

#26. 1963 Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle) - Love Bug

OK, so Herbie was a magic little car that dreamt of being a race car. It was successful too, but not nearly as successful as the Beetle was for VW. It’s featured in 5 movies and a TV movie, and even though Lindsay Lohan ruined it for the youngsters of today, it’s still one of the most recognizable movie cars of all time.

#25. Mach V - Speed Racer

#24. 1981 Porsche 928 - Risky Business

Parents need to realise, that telling your teen-aged children not to do something, and then going away for the weekend is a terrible thing to do! Of course Joel borrows it, and of course it goes wrong when it end up in Lake Michigan!

#23. 1990 Chevrolet Lumina Nascar - Days of Thunder

Top Gun is a… oh wait, no sorry, Days of Thunder is a film about Nascar. So lots of speed, lots of excitement, some awesome race cars, and of course crashing! There’s also a plot and some characters in there, but it felt a little too familiar. Still some great cars though.

#22. 1950 Mercury Monterey - Cobra

Built for the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra (1986) by noted Hollywood customizer Dean Bryant, this Mercury was later updated with new paint, upholstery and other details for the Nicolas Cage movie Gone in 60 Seconds 2 (2000), in which it was prominently featured. The low silhouette and gently rounded contours of these ‘James Dean Mercs’ evoke feelings of nostalgia that appeal to both customizers and movie producers wishing to recall a well-remembered part of the past.

#21. 1964 Chevy Impala - Boyz In The Hood

#20. 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 - Gone in 60 Seconds

The re make of the Original 1974 classic wasn’t as good if you ask fans who have seen the original. However, the remake used the ultra rare Shelby Mustang GT 500 to play the part of Eleanor. It’s script and cast still aren’t that amazing, but that car is truly magnificent. Please not, “No Shelby’s where harmed in the making of this film.” It was a replica built on a Mustang. Real Shelby Mustang’s are to rare and expensive.

#19. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 “Melba Toast” - Dazed and Confused

#18. 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Duetto - The Graduate

This classy little red Alfa was the poor man’s Ferrari in it’s day, and thanks to its star role in this film it was a world wide success. It’s well remembered for running out of fuel near the end of the film, leaving main character Benjamin the task of running to the Church.

#17. 1932 Ford Coupe - American Graffiti

Written and directed by Star wars man George Lucas (a self confessed hot rod nut) the story of American Graffiti is based around teenagers driving round listening to the radio. Who cars when there’s not only Milner’s 32 Coupe, but over 20 over classic cars and hot rods (and a Vespa)! Helped popularity of hot rod’s with a new generation.

#16. The Tumbler - Batman Begins

Whether you have seen the movie “Batman Begins” or not, you have probably seen the Batmobile. It is shaped like a spaceship — a spaceship that has had tires  grafted onto it to make it street legal. The Batmobile used in “Batman Begins” is an icon for the movie and acts like a giant rolling advertisement for the film.

#15. 1977 Pontiac Tans Am - Smokey and the Bandit

Burt Reynolds is a fan favourite with road movies thanks to this staring role and Cannonball Run. In this he’s cruising (and speeding) around in this 77 Trans Am causing all kinds of mischief. Some great car chases, a funny script and this amazing car, great film.

#14. Jaguar XK150 Roadster - Cruel Intentions

#13. 1975 Lotus Esprit - James Bond (The Spy Who Loved Me)

Q really pulled it out of the bag for The Spy Who Loved Me with this 75 Esprit. A modern (for it’s time) road car made by legendary British firm Lotus, transformed into a submarine. No clever CGI like in Transformers either! It was all old school engineering.

#12. 2002 TVR Tuscan Speed-6 - SwordFish

The TVR Tuscan was immortalised in the 2001 film Swordfish, in which John Travolta and Hugh Jackman use the car to get away from a pursuing gang of hit men.

#11. 1991 Mustang GT Convertible - Menace II Society

#10. 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo - Training Day

Actor Denzel Washington drove a customized 1979 Chevy Monte Carlo with Dayton wire wheels, special sunroof, Flowmaster exhaust, hydraulics and a Grant steering wheel in the 2001 movie “Training Day.”

#9. 1961 Ferrari GT250 - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

What a car to take for a Joy Ride if your bunking off school! The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider is a rare and special car. In case you were annoyed at the film makers for wrecking such a rare and expensive car, fear not, it was just a replica based on a Datsun 240z.

#8. 1974 Dodge Monaco - Blues Brothers

It’s one of the all time best films. Yes it might not be a masterpiece of drama, but it’s funny, fast paced, has some of the biggest names in music in it, and oh yeah, that 74 Dodge Monaro marked up as a police car. It’s a great film to watch if you love watching nondescript police cars crashing into each other too.

#7. 1968 Mini Cooper S -Italian Job

The 2003 remake of the classic Italian Job was a great advertisement for the new BMW Mini Cooper S. Some good car chases and clever driving showed the car off as a fun plaything which everyone will have fun with. Shame the real car wasn’t as much fun.

#6. 2007 Aston Martin DBS V12 - Casino Royale

#5. 1991 GMC S-15 Sierra Extended Cab - Class Act

#4. 1958 Bristol 405 Sedan - An Education

#3. 1968 390 CID Ford Mustang GT - Bullitt

This is often regarded as the greatest car chases of all time. The ever cool car  nut Steve McQueen speeds round San Fransisco in the awesome 68 GT390 Fastback while being chased by the ever cool Black Charger. Rumour has it one of the original Fastbacks still exists somewhere in Ohio.

#2. 1963 Aston Martin DB5 - GoldFinger

Connery drove it in Goldfinger and Thunderball, it was then driven by Brosnan in Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. Craig then used it in Casino Royale and during all that Moore “borrowed” it for some fun with Burt Reynolds in Cannonball Run.

#1. 1981 De Lorean DMC-12 - Back To The Future

It featured in the massive box office smashes Back to the Future Part 1, 2 and of course 3. The heavily modified Delorean was of course a time machine/hover car that just rocked the 80′s.

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30 Of The Greatest F1 Battles Mon, 16 Aug 2010 20:22:17 +0000 admin

30 Greatest Battles In F1

With the Belgium Grand Prix not taking place until the end of the month, we decided to counter our F1 withdrawal by taking a trip down Formula’s 1 memory lane and picking out 30 of the greatest racing battles.

We tried our best to include races spanning the colorful history of Formula 1, and were actually quite surprised to find footage of races as far back as 1935!

Anyway, as always with these kinds of lists it’s only our personal opinion on what the greatest F1 battles were, and we’d love to here what yours are!

So, if we’ve missed you favorite or you don’t agree with out listings, please let us know in the comments! We’re huge F1 fans here at and would love to hear some feedback from fellow fans.

#30. Mansell Vs Senna (Barcelona 1991)

Senna and Mansell battle side by side in the straight at the Barcelona Grand Prix in 1991.

#29. Surtees Vs Brabham Vs Clark Vs Hill (Italy 1967)

The 1967 Grand Prix of Italy is considered by many to be one of the best Formula One races in history. It was also Scotsman Jim Clark’s best drive of his life, according to many of those same people. The irony is that Clark didn’t even win the race.

After all was said and done, there had been a total of twelve lead changes in the race. Just as it is rare for one to see that many lead changes during a race today, it was a remarkably competitive race then.

#28. Häkkinen vs Schumacher (Belgium 2000)

At Spa in 2000, Häkkinen took a memorable victory, with a breathtaking simultaneous pass on Michael Schumacher and Ricardo Zonta in the Kemmel straight.

#27. Senna Vs Mansell (Spain 1986)

The 1986 Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez produced one of the closest finishes in Formula 1 history. Senna claimed pole and led the race, while Williams team-mates Mansell and Piquet battled for second. Piquet eventually retired, allowing Mansell to focus on catching the leading Lotus. He very nearly did, crossing the line just one hundredth of a second behind.

#26. Clark Vs Hill (Great Britain 1964)

Clark was un-catchable around the undulations of the Brands Hatch circuit, venue for the British Grand Prix. He won easily from Graham Hill and Gurney.

#25. De Angelis Vs Rosberg (Austria 1982)

These are the final 5 laps of the 1982 Austrian Grand Prix held at the Österreichring. The conclusion is very exciting between Elio De Angelis and Keke Rosberg (subsequent champion of the same year).

#24. Nuvolari vs. von Brauchitsch (Germany 1935)

The most famous victory of Tazio Nuvolari, defeating the Silver Arrows on home ground and with a horsepower disadvantage of about a hundred. The Scuderia Ferrari driver left the 250.000 German spectators breathless and the Nazi officials embarrassed.

#23. Naninni Vs Berger (Belgium 1990)

Prost passed Nannini and Berger tried the same but this time Nannini came back at him to keep the place. On lap 41, Nannini went wide and Berger sailed through to take third. Senna duly won from Prost, Berger, Nannini, Piquet and Gugelmin.

#22. Prost Vs Senna Vs Schumacher (South Africa 1993)

#21. Revson Vs Hill (Italy 1972)

Revson started 8th and Graham Hill 13. They was passing and pressing each other lap after lap; a young and promising Revson and a mature Hill were the best show that day. At the end Revson was able to hold Hill for 4th place.

#20. Rosberg Vs Villeneuve (USA 1982)

Over several laps, Rosberg closed the gap to Villeneuve until, on lap 19, he was right on the Ferrari’s tail. On the next lap, the Williams edged briefly ahead between the hairpin and the new chicane, but the Ferrari’s horsepower advantage allowed Villeneuve to retake the position down the Shoreline Drive straight.

Rosberg repeated his pass in the same spot on the following lap, and this time was able to fight off Villeneuve’s attempt to outbrake him into the right-hander at the end of the straight. Villeneuve, in fact, overshot the corner and slid up the escape road. Piquet was just about to slip by when Villeneuve jumped back on the track in front of him and salvaged his hold on fifth place.

#19. Alesi Vs Mansell (Japan 1994)

There was no overtaking at all between Mansell and Alesi in Japan, but both drivers were never more than a few meters apart. All in extremely wet conditions.

#18. Schumacher Vs Frentzen Vs Villeneuve (Monaco 1997)

When the lights went green Michael Schumacher got away well but Frentzen and Villeneuve were not as quick off the mark, which gave Fisichella the opportunity to sneak ahead of Jacques going into Ste Devote. He took Ralf Schumacher  with him, so Villeneuve found himself bumped down to fifth. Behind there was plenty of chaos and confusion with drivers bumping into one another a great deal.

“It was chaotic,” Irvine said. “The Ferrari must be a very strong car because I was hitting cars up the back and being hit from behind and from the sides. God knows how many contacts I had with other cars.”

Damon Hill was in agreement. “The first lap was absolutely extraordinary,” he said. “It was so slippery. We were going slowly and everybody was trying like mad to pass everyone else. They were going around the outside, the inside. I went round Loews Hairpin with four cars abreast.”

#17. Senna Vs Alboreto (USA 1987)

On lap 22, Mansell pitted early due to a loose wheel balance weight and for 3 laps Alboreto led the race. Senna retook first position with Alboreto’s pit stop, then before Mansell returned to the front when the Brazilian stopped.

#16. Jones Vs Prost (Germany 1982)

#15. Senna Vs Schumacher Vs Wendlinger Vs Hill Vs Prost (Great Britain 1993)

Donington Park was the host of the 1993 European Grand Prix on 11 April 1993, which was affected by rain. The race was notable for the dominance of Ayrton Senna where he won the race by over 1 minute from Damon Hill, having advanced from fifth to first in the opening lap.

This race was described by AtlasF1 as the ‘Drive of the Decade’.

#14. Schumacher Vs Wurz (Monaco 1998)

The Ferrari driver was keen to pass Wurz as quickly as possible in order to chase Hakkinen, and tried to bully his way through on lap 37. Wurz refused to back down and the two drivers banged wheels as they went downhill from the Loews Hairpin. At Portier Schumacher barged Wurz out of the way and got ahead.

The manoeuvre damaged the rear suspension of the Ferrari and Schumacher was forced to pit, the damage was repaired and Michael rejoined three laps down.

#13. Arnoux Vs Cheever (USA 1983)

#12. Senna Vs Alesi (USA 1990)

Alesi pulled away and Berger was dropping back. Senna passed de Cesaris and Berger hit a wall on lap 9, forcing him to pit. He charged back but retired with clutch problems. Alesi was 8.2 seconds ahead but Senna started to reel him in. Senna attacked on lap 34 but Alesi defended and kept the lead.

Senna did the job properly one lap later and pulled away to win.

#11. Reutemann Vs Andretti (Netherlands 1980)

#10. Mansell Vs Berger (Mexico 1990)

Most remember the move Mansell made at Peraltada, but how did he get close enough to manage this in a car that was slower at the time?

Answer: he harried and terrorised Berger into compromising his lap speed and leaving room for the overtake.

#9. Senna Vs Prost Vs Schumacher (Great Britain 1993)

Senna, in an out classed and underpowered McLaren tries every trick, and then some, to keep the stunning Williams of Alain Prost behind him at Silverstone in ’93. Total “take no prisoners” racing - Just look at Tom Walkinshaws face while Flavio gets livid at Sennas chop on Schumacher.

#8. Villeneuve VS Pironi (USA 1982)

By lap 45, Villeneuve and Pironi were contesting the lead, with Villeneuve in front, when their Ferrari team signalled them to slow down. Villeneuve did so and was passed by his team-mate; they swapped the lead again several times before Pironi passed Villeneuve on the final lap for the win.

#7. Mansell Vs Senna (Spain 1986)

The 1986 Spanish Grand Prix saw Ayrton Senna in a Lotus hold off Nigel Mansell’s late charge for one of the closest finishes in F1 history.

#6. Massa Vs Kubica (Japan 2007)

On the final lap, Felipe Massa prevailed in a spectacular battle with BMW driver Robert Kubica. The Pole had previously served a drive through penalty for colliding with Hamilton. Massa finished 6th, and Kubica 7th, behind Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault.

#5. Raikkonen Vs Montoya (Germany 2002)

#4. Schumacher Vs Alonso (Italy 2005)

#3. Mansell Vs Senna (Monaco 1992)

On lap 71 Mansell felt something was wrong at the rear of the car - a loose wheelnut - and dived into the pits. He emerged five seconds behind Senna.

He caught Senna at an amazing rate and for the last four laps the two cars ran together, Mansell exploring every possible way to pass the Brazilian and Senna making sure that no gaps were left.

Senna stayed ahead and they crossed the line separated by two-tenths of a second.

#2. Fangio Vs Hawthorn Vs Collins (German 1957)

Pole position went to Fangio with Hawthorn, Behra and Collins completing the front row. Then came Brooks, Schell and Moss. At the start Hawthorn and Collins went into a battle for the lead with Fangio and Behra giving chase. On the third lap Fangio passed Collins and was soon able to take the lead.

Collins then passed Hawthorn and chased after Fangio but the Argentine driver edging gradually away. A slow mid-race pit stop dropped Fangio behind the two Lancia-Ferraris but he chased back hard, in one of the greatest drives in F1 history, and passed both Collins and Hawthorn on the penultimate lap. Fangio thus won his fifth World title.

#1. Arnoux Vs Villeneuve (France 1979)

Jeremy Clarkson’s video commentary sums it up beautifully.

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The 50 Greatest Video Game Race Tracks Mon, 09 Aug 2010 16:55:13 +0000 admin

50 Greatest Video Game Racing Courses

Let’s face it. Every gamer has their favorite ‘go to’ racing game, with their favorite vehicle, and more importantly their favorite track. Whether it’s a technical, challenging course that requires a keen eye and sharp reflexes, or the crazed hilarity of racing around Rainbow Road with your jaw clenched - we all have them.

Here at we decided to take some time out of busy schedule (ha!), and begin the mammoth task of compiling our 50 greatest video game race tracks. With a wide variety of courses from an even wider range of video games, we’ve managed to create a pretty solid list of what we believe are 50 of the best racing tracks to ever appear in video games.

Don’t agree with us? Missed out your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#50. Jungle - Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing’s Jungle course is a straight-forward and simple circle track. Littered with power-ups and boosting strips throughout, the course isn’t exactly challenging but is still a lot of fun all the same.

#49. Psychedelic Experience - F-Zero X

Unlike the original, F-Zero X is not about showing off graphics or sound capabilities - it’s all about gameplay. With a mad soundtrack and wild swooping right and left turns it can be a little tricky staying on the course.The chances are you’ve also played this exact same course on another of the N64′s popular racing games too…

#48. Harborline 765 - Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer 6 is so much of an arcade game that it should come packaged with a limited-edition Xbox 360 faceplate into which you insert quarters. Fans of Namco’s drift-racing series already expect this from the next-generation title and shouldn’t be disappointed. RR6 retains the core gameplay and style that made the original a hit way back on the Playstation.

#47. Fuji - Speed Racer

It’s a fight to the finish as you compete at amazing speeds, racing as your favorite Speed Racer characters. Perform tricks and pull off insane stunts through incredible, twisting stadium tracks, all while fighting against rival racers with incredible Car-Fu action.

#46. Shuto Expressway - Tokyo Xtreme Racer

Curious about those individuals who drive tricked-out Japanese cars? You know, the lowered Hondas with tires so wide they extend beyond the fenders, the souped-up Toyotas with super-sized exhaust pipes, and the custom-painted Nissans with tinted windows and back windshields adorned with a adjectives such as “wicked”?

Wonder no more. Tokyo Xtreme Racer delves into the world of highway racing featuring customized Japanese autos. The basic premise: cruise the Tokyo highway until you find someone who looks a bit too cocky, flash your lights to signal your racing intentions, and commence speeding. The racing physics in the game aren’t perfect and the graphics may not bowl you over, but TXR is a lot of fun and it can be a very deep game for dedicated players.

#45. Rocky Pass - Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed 3 offers five different modes including Single Race, Tournament, Knockout, Practice, and Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit is one of the more fun modes you’re likely to see in a racing game, as it gives you the chance to go on the lam and lead the cops on a wild goose chase.

Pay attention, though, because the police have some tricks up their sleeves, namely tire spikes and roadblocks.

#44. Downtown - Tokyo Highway Battle

Rush hour can be murder on the streets of Tokyo. Race 12 high performance sports cars, avoiding articulated lorries and speeding coaches, to cross the finishing line first.

#43. City - The Need for Speed

Need for Speed World is a massively multiplayer online action driving game for the PC, where you can race with your friends or compete against them and thousands of other players in a seamless open world. Race in a variety of game modes (including cop pursuits), customize vehicles from a constantly growing catalogue, and fully tailor your gameplay experience.

#42. Gridlock USA - Burnout

Burnout is a high-risk, high-energy arcade-style street racer. No learning curve is required; just pick up and play. The game monitors your driver’s heart rate, as you’re rewarded for near misses.

There’s only one way to drive in Burnout: dangerously. Force traffic into your opponent’s path and risk a head-on collision to secure a win. Slide, cut close, and drive into oncoming traffic and you’ll be rewarded for your risk taking. Crashes are based on actual crash and damage physics for extra realism.

#41. Super Speedway - Gran Turismo 2

Jump into one of over 400 cars in Gran Turismo 2 and put the pedal to the metal. Every one of the 400 cars emulates the qualities of their real-world counterparts, including authentic engine sounds.

Several European and American auto makers have been included in this installment of the game, so it’s likely you can find the car you drive and see how it performs against other vehicles.

#40. Airport 3 - Burnout 2

A sequel which, like its acclaimed predecessor, puts fun right at the top of the agenda, Burnout 2 dispenses with niggling irritants like realism and instead delivers top-class gaming entertainment. Added locations for starters, and the highlights are a twisty road round the Rocky Mountains and an inspired airport-based level.

A greater variety of vehicles are available too, and naturally enough you have to balance your need for speed with a vehicle capable of good handling, taking into account the weather and the kind of level you’re racing across.

#39. Hyper Speedway - Crash Nitro Kart

Speed your way over 17 incredible, high-speed raceways throughout 4 unique worlds including jungles, volcanoes, futuristic cities, space stations, and more.

Multiple modes of intense multiplayer action allowing up to 8 gamers to race against each other.

#38. Maple Valley Raceway - Forza Motorsport

In Forza Motorsport, it’s all about you and your car. With over 250 of the baddest racing machines imaginable, an infinite number of ways to customize them, and all the tools you need to tune them to perfection, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the slickest vehicles on the planet.

The physics model of each car is based upon actual car data, so your driving feels like the real deal. Plus, Forza has taken meticulous steps to design each car’s visuals according to exact specifications.

#37. Entire World (Free Roam) - FUEL

In FUEL players race across and explore the world’s largest racing environment – over 5,000 square miles of spectacular wilderness. Set to revolutionize multi-terrain, multi-vehicle racing, FUEL is a fiercely competitive, open-world game without boundaries.

On and off-road, two and four-wheeled vehicles race a massively diverse environment, from scaling the highest snowcapped mountain to racing the deepest arid canyon.

#36. Japan - DiRT 2

Following on the success of the original Dirt as well as a decade of videogame development in partnership with the late Colin McRae, DiRT 2 explores various disciplines of off-road racing. Dirt 2 features a roster of contemporary off-road events, taking players to the most diverse and challenging real-world environments.

This World Tour has players competing in aggressive multi-car and intense solo races at extraordinary new locations, from canyon racing and jungle trails to city stadium-based events.

#35. LA River - Blur

Blur is the ultimate racing experience, dropping you into heart-pumping, electrified in-the-pack action with 20 cars targeting the finish line and battling each other as they trade paint. Intense power-ups, including the ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy, as well as defensive shields, nitro speed boosts, and landmines create realistic damage and destruction.

Beyond the action-packed tracks filled with fast curves, sneaky alternate routes, and hair-raising jumps, Blur’s story unfolds through a unique and innovative community-based interface, reaching far beyond the game itself.

#34. Bay Bridge - Virtua Racer

#33. Smokey Mountain - Gran Turismo 3

Gran Turismo 3 is everything to everyone. If you’re a casual racer you can blow yourself away in Arcade mode, uncovering hundreds of little bonuses and racing against friends. If you want a bit more depth, there’s the Gran Turismo mode where you can spend time tuning your car, making it purr, winning championships and unlocking more cars.

#32. Mushroom City - Mario Kart: Double Dash

The Mushroom Kingdom just got a whole lot more hectic as Mario & Co. double up for furious kart racing!The character in front handles driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six normal items and eight special items that only specific characters can use.

Racers can swap places at any time, so switch it up on the fly to make the best use of your items as you tear around curves and over huge elevation changes.

#31. Grand Valley Speedway - Gran Turismo (1-5)

The series’ dedication to realism continues, offering painstakingly re-created cars from dozens of real-world auto companies, including first-time entries from supercar manufacturers Bugatti and Lamborghini. There is no dedicated career mode, and unlike previous Gran Turismo games, cars cannot be upgraded with new parts and equipment.

#30. Las Vegas - Project Gotham Racing 3

Project Gotham Racing 3 creates the ultimate roster of the hottest supercars in existence, introduces them to the high-definition era, and drops them into a completely new gaming world, where style rules the road.

Define and create individually customized gameplay; race on or offline; and drive what you want, where you want. Drive with style and daring to earn Kudos in front of large crowds, and win badges to reward your skills in all areas of the game.

Drive in New York, Tokyo, and many other cities, all brought to life with motion-captured crowds of people

#29. Royal Raceway - Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64, one of the first games released for the Nintendo 64 platform, is an updated translation of the very popular Super Mario Kart for the Super NES (SNES). And while the game clearly takes full advantage of the graphics power and speed of the N64, a few components that made the original so compelling have been left out of this release.

Still, Nintendo’s expertise at sucking players into the game world is strongly evident, and Mario Kart 64 offers enough challenges to keep players (especially casual gamers) entertained.

Placing a familiar Nintendo personality behind the wheel of a sputtering kart powered by a 50, 100, or 150-cc engine, the game lets players race computerized opponents or up to four other players on a variety of well-designed tracks.

#28. Nissan Speedway - Forza Motorsport 2/3


Forza Motorsport 2, the sequel to Microsoft Game Studios’ award-winning, fully customizable driving simulator Forza Motorsport, speeds its way onto Xbox 360 this holiday. With authentic simulation physics, bone-jarring damage, photo-realistic graphics, and licensed tuning and customization options, the franchise improves on the unprecedented features gamers enjoyed in its debut installment.

Loaded with more than 300 of the world’s hottest cars for you to collect, personalize and tune, Forza Motorsport 2 gives you a complete racing experience.

#27. Peach Beach - Mario Kart Double Dash

The Mushroom Kingdom just got a whole lot more hectic as Mario & Co. double up for furious kart racing!The character in front handles driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six normal items and eight special items that only specific characters can use.

Racers can swap places at any time, so switch it up on the fly to make the best use of your items as you tear around curves and over huge elevation changes.

#26. Mayapan Beach - Real Racing

#25. London - Midnight Club: Street Racing

The main premise of Midnight Club Street Racing is that you and your pals take to the streets each night to race hot rods around town. Along the way, you’ll terrorize those pedestrians who are crazy enough to be outdoors at night, and generally crash into anything that’s vertical.

It goes without saying that then you’ll spend most of your daytime hours pounding out the dents from the previous night’s misadventures.

#24. Alcatraz - Rush 2

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA is the follow-up to the popular arcade-turned-platform-game San Francisco Rush, offering the signature rambunctious gameplay of the original with several welcomed new features. No longer limited to zipping through the streets of San Francisco, drivers plow through express tours of Seattle, New York (uptown and midtown), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Honolulu, among other tracks.

An addictive new feature is a stunt track, where players rack up points by performing spectacular jumps, in-air spins, flips, and loops. Ever seen skaters frolicking about at a skateboard park? Think bigger park with frolicking one-ton vehicles. Not the prettiest sight, but so much fun.

#23. Trial Mountain Circuit - Gran Turismo

The series’ dedication to realism continues, offering painstakingly re-created cars from dozens of real-world auto companies, including first-time entries from supercar manufacturers Bugatti and Lamborghini. There is no dedicated career mode, and unlike previous Gran Turismo games, cars cannot be upgraded with new parts and equipment.

#22. Track 5 - Excitebike

Excitebike was one of the simplest, but yet most innovative console games of it’s time. Why? It was the first console game to feature an editor for players to create their own tracks and levels. This feature was a huge achievement for a game released so early in the life of the NES.

#21. Blue Mountains Raceway - Forza Motorsport

In Forza Motorsport, it’s all about you and your car. With over 250 of the baddest racing machines imaginable, an infinite number of ways to customize them, and all the tools you need to tune them to perfection, you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the slickest vehicles on the planet.

The physics model of each car is based upon actual car data, so your driving feels like the real deal. Plus, Forza has taken meticulous steps to design each car’s visuals according to exact specifications.

#20. Twilight City - Wave Race 64

The scenario for Wave Race is fairly simple - jet ski racing through a variety of water courses. The game offers three different modes: time challenge, championship circuit, and stunt mode. Each has its own merits, but the championship circuit is the game’s bread and butter. A two-player, split screen mode also makes for fairly good competition, but the smaller play area detracts from the drama.

It’s exhilarating to feel the water under the jet ski, as it slaloms through beacons on the way to the finish line, with jumps providing truly visceral landings. Most games only dream of the advanced play control of Wave Race. Once players fully explore the nine courses, they’ll really come to appreciate their intricacies.

#19. Florion Height - Wipeout Fusion

This reinvention of the popular antigravity racing combat game features 32 ship models, 16 pilots in eight teams, 45 tracks on seven different courses, six single-player modes, five multiplayer modes, and 26 weapons. Track locations include jungle, desert, city, and mountain settings. The biggest tracks are three times longer than any previous Wipeout circuit.

The game features six racing modes, including a revised arcade mode, a full league option, and an elimination mode, as well as time trial, endurance racing, and a secret “zone” mode. Once certain parts of the game are complete, a reverse track mode is unlocked.

#18. Opera Paris - Gran Turismo for PSP

The highly acclaimed Gran Turismo franchise makes its equally highly anticipated debut exclusively on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system, introducing the most ultra-realistic racing experience ever on a handheld. Buckle up as you prove your driving skills on 35 tracks and trade and share over 800 stunning cars.

With its unrivaled graphics, ad hoc multiplayer support for four racers and bonus feature for Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, Gran Turismo continues to lead the pack, now on the PSP system.

#17. New York City - Forza Motorsport 2/3

Whether it’s an exotic sports car like the new Audi R8 V10, a classic American muscle car like the Ford GT or a hot Asian import like the Nissan 370Z, everyone has a dream car. Now you can drive that dream with Turn 10′s latest racing epic.

Live the most realistic racing experience ever as you take the wheel of more than 400 of the most-beloved cars on over 100 renowned real-world tracks and exotic road courses from around the globe. Forza Motorsport 3 includes a host of driving assists and adjustable skill levels to make the game a gripping pick-up-and-play experience for audiences of all ages and skill levels.

#16. Shanghai - Project Gotham Racing 4

Right from the starting line, Project Gotham Racing 4 creates an emotionally-charged racing experience, where you become attached to your careers, profiles, and vehicles. There are several new features that embody this emotional experience, the most significant being the new career mode.Get ready to be rewarded with a growing fanbase that cheers you on, reacts to your every move, and supports you through victory. Just imagine hearing the roar of the crowd as you cross the finish line with your own style and flair.

#15. Apricot Hill Raceway - Gran Turismo 4

Not only does GT4 bring you the rare opportunity to drive hundreds of cars, it also offers you a vast collection of actual racing locations. Rip through the exotic Costa di Malfi in Capri, burn rubber through the urban jungle of Hong Kong, or throw up some serious dust at the Grand Canyon — no matter where you decide to race, you’ll love driving any of the game’s fourteen tracks. Feeling nostalgic? With Gran 4, you can even race on some of your old, favorite tracks from previous editions.

#14. Olympic Square - Need for Speed Underground

Take on 20 racing machines from Mitsubishi Motors, Subaru, Toyota and many more. Racing events including - Drag Racing - Explode off of the line with three other racers, on the brink of control, as you race for the finish line. Street Racing - Heat up the cold city streets with some high octane and high speed racing.

#13. DK Summit - Mario Kart Wii + Double Dash

The worldwide race is on with a whole new set of tricks, tracks, and ways to play! Place first in Grand Prix circuits or clear skill-based missions. Mario Kart Wii draws on courses and battle arenas from every game in the series – not to mention tons of new ones – the true king of the Mushroom Kingdom racing circuits will finally be crowned.

#12. Motorland - Gran Turismo 4

Not only does GT4 bring you the rare opportunity to drive hundreds of cars, it also offers you a vast collection of actual racing locations. Rip through the exotic Costa di Malfi in Capri, burn rubber through the urban jungle of Hong Kong, or throw up some serious dust at the Grand Canyon — no matter where you decide to race, you’ll love driving any of the game’s fourteen tracks. Feeling nostalgic? With Gran 4, you can even race on some of your old, favorite tracks from previous editions.

#11. High Level - Ridge Racer

Scorch some asphalt in 24 circuits of breakneck speed and exhilaration - that’s all that stands between you and glory. Beat the clock in Time Attack Mode or test your racing skills against up to 8 players in WiFi compatible Wireless Battle Mode.

Drive in style and rise through the ranks to unlock hidden bonuses in World Tour Mode.

#10. Deep Forest Raceway - Gran Turismo 2

The original Gran Turismo is generally credited as the best driving game ever released on the PlayStation. That’s a tough claim to beat, but the best contender to steal those bragging rights is, of course, the much-anticipated sequel Gran Turismo 2.

This time the driving action takes place on 20 different racing courses-almost double the number in the original game. There are more than 400 cars to choose from, including newly added “muscle cars” and even a VW Beetle! While some racing games slide by with less-than-realistic driving control, the Gran Turismo series has won over die-hard car fanatics with its attention to detail and realism. For example, this game gives you the freedom to modify your engine to maximize your driving performance. While not all gamers will care about adjusting their axle width or suspension, it is a nice option for those of us who like to get under the hood before we go.

#9. Chicago - Midtown Madness

Midown Madness lets players live out their road-rage fantasies by turning downtown Chicago into a racetrack. And we do mean downtown Chicago-the game’s developers modeled the city. It’s not street-for-street accurate, but anyone who’s visited Chicago will recognize landmarks and general street layout, if not individual buildings.

Apparently nobody told the hapless citizens of the Windy City that you’d be racing through their streets, since steady streams of traffic crisscross in front of your car and hamper your progress. Expect to be blind-sided if you run a red light, and driving the wrong way on the freeway is not for the faint of heart. Let the cops catch wind of your escapades, and you’ll re-create the last chase scene from Blues Brothers as they chase you down.

#8. Port Town - F-Zero

F-Zero delivers the excellent play control you’ve come to expect in a game from Mr. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo. You can bank with the R Button and tip down your nose while making jumps. You’ll need all the control you can get, too, as you roar through the twists and turns of F-Zero’s 15 deviously difficult courses. There are four hover cars to choose from, each with its own strong points and weak points. Most beginners find the durability and handling of the Fire Stingray easiest to use (despite poor acceleration), but veteran players will often choose the more-balanced Blue Falcon.

#7. Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64, one of the first games released for the Nintendo 64 platform, is an updated translation of the very popular Super Mario Kart for the Super NES (SNES). And while the game clearly takes full advantage of the graphics power and speed of the N64, a few components that made the original so compelling have been left out of this release.Placing a familiar Nintendo personality behind the wheel of a sputtering kart powered by a 50, 100, or 150-cc engine, the game lets players race computerized opponents or up to four other players on a variety of well-designed tracks.

#6. Rome Circuit - Gran Turismo 3

Gran Turismo 3 is everything to everyone. If you’re a casual racer you can blow yourself away in Arcade mode, uncovering hundreds of little bonuses and racing against friends. If you want a bit more depth, there’s the Gran Turismo mode where you can spend time tuning your car, making it purr, winning championships and unlocking more cars.

#5. Airport Terminal - Split Second

Split/Second is an intense action-racing game set within a global reality television show. Competitors vie to be the first to the finish line in a made-for-TV city set rigged to blow with the ultimate goal of becoming the season champion.

Players in Split/Second don’t just collide with other vehicles to knock them from the track, but can also trigger devastating events and epic Hollywood-style explosions to take out your opponents and drastically alter the dynamics of the race.

Being fast is not enough as players must use strategy and pinpoint timing to obliterate huge structures and towering TV set pieces to tactically alter the track or create entirely new routes.

#4. Banshee Boardwalk - Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64, one of the first games released for the Nintendo 64 platform, is an updated translation of the very popular Super Mario Kart for the Super NES (SNES). And while the game clearly takes full advantage of the graphics power and speed of the N64, a few components that made the original so compelling have been left out of this release.Placing a familiar Nintendo personality behind the wheel of a sputtering kart powered by a 50, 100, or 150-cc engine, the game lets players race computerized opponents or up to four other players on a variety of well-designed tracks.

#3. Ice Arena - Gran Turismo 4

Not only does GT4 bring you the rare opportunity to drive hundreds of cars, it also offers you a vast collection of actual racing locations. Rip through the exotic Costa di Malfi in Capri, burn rubber through the urban jungle of Hong Kong, or throw up some serious dust at the Grand Canyon — no matter where you decide to race, you’ll love driving any of the game’s fourteen tracks. Feeling nostalgic? With Gran 4, you can even race on some of your old, favorite tracks from previous editions.

#2. LA Freeway - Cruis’n USA

Slam the pedal to the metal and hang on for a wild race across the highways of America. Catch all the roadside scenery and famous landmarks - from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore to the rolling hills of Appalachia.

#1. Bowser’s Castle - Super Mario Kart

Number 1 on our list, and in our eyes the ‘greatest video game race track of all time’ is Bowser’s Castle from the original Super Mario Kart game. So it might not be as visually stunning or as well detailed as some of the other tracks on our list, but gosh darn it we just love it.

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UK Speed Camera Information Sat, 07 Aug 2010 14:46:25 +0000 admin

Speed Camera Stats

Following Oxfordshire’s move last week to switch off their entire speed camera network and with other areas soon to follow suit, we decided to delve into the stats behind the cameras on Britain’s roads and the money they generate!

Click here to see the graphic!

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16 Best iPad Racing Games Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:44:10 +0000 admin

16 Best iPad Racing Games

Here at we’re suckers for a good racing sim (or any vehicle related video game really), so we decided to have a rummage through the growing number of iPad racing games in the iTunes store and pick out 16 of our favourites.

So here’s hour run down of the 16 best Racing Games for the Apple iPad.

Don’t agree with us? Missed out your favorite? Shout at us in the comments!

#16. Hit N’Run

Hit N'Run

Weave in and out of traffic at high speeds and hit cars of the proper color. Have fun breaking traffic regulations and following worst driving practices. Hit N’Run pushes the limits of gameplay on a handheld device. Choose your own speed and pace: from comfortable and relaxed to extreme and outright mad.

Use tilt controls to drive your car and pick up the perks on the road shoulders as you go. Boost your score by hitting cars of selected colors and completing the combo while avoiding damage from touching the wrong cars. It’s up to you to hit as many vehicles as possible without crashing your car, and collect extra points by doing cool moves on the way.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#15. Drift Mania Championship

Drift Mania Championship

Drifting is the act of manoeuvring a vehicle through corners at speeds and angles that exceed the vehicle’s grip. A drift is when a driver performs a controlled slide through corners while adhering to the racing line. Drifting involves fast cars, super skilled drivers and hardcore fans.

Loaded with such features as:

  • Cutting edge control system including a variable throttle system and hydraulic handbrake
  • 5 vehicles with unique specs (traction, horsepower, torque etc.)
  • 3 unique race tracks
  • 3 level of difficulties; start at easy and improve your skills while completing the normal and pro mode
  • 3 camera configurations; select a camera that you are comfortable with
  • Replay system with highlights of your best combos
  • Soundtrack from Good Fight Music including songs from Conditions (Album: Fluorescent Youth) and I Am Abomination (Album: To Our Forefathers)
  • Ability to listen to your own songs from your own music library
  • Exclusive content including DMCC event intro video and photos

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#14. HTR HD High Tech Racing

HTR HD High Tech Racing

High Tech Racing is a Slot Car Racing Simulator, a virtual version of the classic toy of the 80´s and 90´s. HTR offers 3 different difficulty levels and 18 tracks that include several challenges like loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high speed curves. You can even build your own tracks with the highly intuitive Track Editor. Choose from 3 in-game visualization modes, from 3rd-person perspective to in-car camera.

  • With realistic physics, HTR offers an adrenalin packed racing simulation experience.
  • With only one finger you control the acceleration to keep your car on the track.
  • Tons of cool items to unlock including cars, electric engines, tires, and chassis to optimize your car; there are 243 possible configurations to test on each track.
  • Race freely on “Quickrace” mode and practice for the real challenge.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#13. Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts is an award winning, over the top, adrenaline rush, 3D driving game, with massive jumps, mid-air hoops, floating platforms, spiral roadways and outlandish manoeuvres in impossible environments. The original levels, tight controls and fast, smooth, addictive game play has landed Jet Car Stunts on many “Best of 2009″ lists.

With 25 challenging Platform levels and 11 Time Trail levels, this is some of the best value you can find on the App Store.

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#12. Parcel Panic - Post Car Racer 3D

Parcel Panic Post Car Racer 3D

Race like you never raced before! Discover a whole island with winding slopes, steep terrain and awesome detail - all beautifully rendered in a high definition quality you will find nowhere else.

Your job is to deliver parcels on Tapiti island… but beware! You only have limited time to deliver all parcels!
Race your delivery truck like a maniac over the island to unlock further routes and trucks.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#11. Moto X Mayhem for iPad

Moto X Mayhem

Race, jump, and crash your way through a variety of treacherous terrain in the best mobile bike game, Moto X Mayhem!

Use accelerometer technology to balance your motorbike as you climb and fly over huge jumps! Enjoy realistic physics as your shocks recoil when you land or your rider bounces around when you crash. Compete to be the fastest motocross rider with Moto X Mayhem’s online scoreboard.

iTunes Link ($0.99)

#10. Alpine Crawler World HD

Alpine Crawler World HD

Alpine Crawler World HD is an Off Road simulation with real time physics, weather effects, different cars and tracks to choose and much more.


  • 3 game modes (Free ride, Time trial, Challenge)
  • 6+1 racing cars / sportcars for different terrains
  • 3 terrains / locations
  • 30 exciting and hard levels (10 per location)
  • different weather and day-night conditions (day, night, rain, snow)
  • visual effects (car-lights, car-colours, dirt)
  • 5 playable drivers (both male and female)
  • you can listen to music with iMusical while playing
  • 3 languages (Hungarian, English, German)
  • unique and smooth gameplay
  • high-score list with many aspects

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#9. Racing Mania HD

Racing Mania HD

Racing Mania is giving you the opportunity for a totally customized racing experience. Not only do you get to choose your vehicle but you can decide which track you’re going to run, as well. Do you want to try your luck on a city track at night? Maybe you’re feeling adventurous enough to take on a dirt track or futuristic route. Stick with one or play all 15 tracks. It’s a great way to test and build your driving skills.

There are three difficulty levels in Racing Mania but you have to finish normal before you can hit that track hard and race with the big boys. Learn to control your car and safely manage those curves to improve your technique and style. Keep practicing and you’ll get there.

At the end of a race, you may want to buy products that can help you. Pick up speed, acceleration and repairs at the shop to keep your vehicle in top condition and in the race.

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#8. Fastlane Street Racing HD

Fastlane Street Racing HD

Get ready for Fastlane Street Racing a high speed arcade racing game on the go. Weave through traffic in winding city routes and improve your driving on high speed race circuits. Incredible sense of speed and beautifully rendered surroundings makes Fastlane Street Racing one of the most polished racing titles available on the iPad.

Key features:

  • 5 Game modes
  • High detail 3D graphics
  • Advanced lightning and effects
  • 10 Original cars
  • 8 Fun and challenging city routes
  • 2 High speed race circuits
  • 6 Challenge tracks
  • Save replays

iTunes Link ($3.99)

#7. Orion Racer HD

orion racer hd

Orion Racer HD is a futuristic 3D racing game featuring hyper-paced, exhilarating action on 10 unique tracks in outer space. Loops, powerslides, and speeds of over 700MPH make Orion Racer HD one of the most adrenaline-pumping games for the iPhone.

Features include:

  • 10 insane racetracks in three different outer space locations
  • Reverse tracks for a total of 20 unique track experiences
  • Intense drifting through wicked corners and spirals
  • Four unique futuristic vehicles
  • Four modes of gameplay (Tournament, Single Race, Time Trial, 2 Player)
  • View race replays in any mode
  • Online rankings for best Time Trial lap time
  • View replays of the Top 25 best online Time Trial laps
  • High-resolution environment & vehicle textures
  • Unlockable vehicle and track
  • High-energy music
  • Fully customizable controls
  • Adjustable AI difficulty

iTunes Link ($1.99)

#6. Shrek Kart HD

Shrek Kart HD

Vie for the title of Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer as you speed through HD environments throughout Far Far Away and beyond in highly-detailed karts.

4 single player modes: Single Race, Tournament, Challenges and Arena modes.

Miles of racing fun with 19 cups in the Tournament mode and 72 challenges to face.

With unique karts, each character has custom built his or her own vehicle, each with a special ability and different characteristics. New iPad Feature: Custom placement of kart racing controls anywhere on the screen for maximum personal racing efficiency.

Special defensive and offensive power-ups: Drop the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon on an opponent or shoo away those Angry Bees by wiping off the screen with your finger.

Featuring 15 different tracks (12 Speedways & 3 Arenas): Beautiful 3D High-Definition environments from throughout the Kingdom, from Shrek’s home in The Swamp to the palm-lined streets of Far Far Away. Take advantage of the new mini-maps of each race course.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#5. GT Racing: Motor Academy HD

GT Racing Motor Academy HD

GT Racing: Motor Academy lands on your iPad as the richest and most fascinating racing experience. With HD graphics and iPad-optimized controls, enjoy the finest driving sensations by controlling one of over 100 licensed cars featured in the game and earn your place in the circle of racing’s best drivers on the App Store. Numerous game modes, from a huge Career mode with several driving tests, challenges and money rewards, to an Arcade mode and online competitions.

Buy tons of car parts to optimize your car’s performance and race with 6 different driving sensations, including an exclusive branded cockpit view for each manufacturer.
Begin as a rookie and pass your driving tests and challenges to master all the subtleties of racing and attain the highest honor in the sport.

iTunes Link ($6.99)



Experience a brand new rally racing game from 2XL, “2XL TROPHYLITE Rally” in HD.

Once again raising the graphics quality you should expect on your iPad. Learn how to power‑slide around corners and through hairpin turns with an original physics simulation you have yet to experience!

The most intense mobile head-to-head experience created to date. Race other players over your local Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth.

The achievement system challenges you to unlock 100% of the skill-based goals in the game. Compare your trophies with your friends online.

Earn Real Rewards and achievements to improve your truck’s performance, and unlock real-world discounts, prizes, and more!

iTunes Link ($7.99)

#3. Asphalt 5 HD

Asphalt 5 HD

Take a ride in over 30 of the fastest, most prestigious cars you’ve ever dreamed, from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.

Highly polished HD graphics let you see every detail and animation of the track as you speed over snow, mud, dirt and more in 12 beautiful locations around the world including St. Tropez, Aspen and Las Vegas. Discover hidden shortcuts and jump off ramps.

Challenge yourself to 8 different racing events including Drift Contest, Cop Chase, Time Attack, Duel Mode, Last Man Standing and Escape.

Tune your car radio to play your favorite songs stored on your iPhone/iPod Touch during the race and let the music move you.

iTunes Link ($4.99)

#2. Need for Speed Shift

Need For Speed Shift

Choose from 28 cars, including 8 exclusive ones, like the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Koenigsegg CCX, Lexus LF-A Concept, and Nissan GT-R (R35). While you experience physics-based, accelerated HD graphics only the iPad can deliver. Achieve unmatched driving control, with rear and side view mirrors, manual acceleration, and visual brake pedal and shift gears.

Experience the sweeping skylines of 18 tracks in inspiring international locations (Chicago, London, Tokyo) through day and night driving. See and feel roaring engines, squealing tires, and crunching collisions.

Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension, and Nitrous upgrades. Add custom details like spoilers, rims, specialized paint jobs, and body kits.

iTunes Link ($12.99)

#1. Real Racing HD

Real Racing HD

In Real Racing HD, new controls take a few races to get used to, but touch – and lurch – sensitivity can be customized. Choose from 48 cars and five game modes including multiplayer – even against iPhone/iPod touch users – and “ghost mode” races against your previous best run. RRHD is a massive upgrade over the “little” Real Racing game that Apple featured in its advertising campaigns.

race against a pre-recorded ghost saved on your iPad or downloaded from Firemint’s servers. Improve your personal best, or race against the top drivers. Ghosts will also appear in Online League races, making them even more fun and competitive.

Buckle in and get set for the most exhilarating racing experience on iPad.

iTunes Link ($9.99)

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12 Coolest Police Cars In Action Mon, 10 May 2010 16:20:31 +0000 admin

Coolest Police Cars

Following on from our recent post about the world’s top driving roads, we decided to look into just what exactly the local law enforcement use to patrol these racing circuit roads – and we were impressed by what we found.

So here’s a rundown of what we think are 12 of the coolest (and in most cases fastest) cop cars in the world.

What do you think of our choices? Which is your favourite police car? What have we missed?

Let us know in the comments!

#12. Jaguar XF Diesel S Police Car

Jaguar XF Diesel S police

The The Central Motorway Police Group that operates across the Midlands in the UK, have recently placed an order for 7 high performance new patrol cars based on the award-winning 3.0-litre Jaguar XF Diesel S model.

The new vehicles feature a roof mounted light bar (3600 blue flashing lights), integrated side alley lights, blue and white flashing LED lights inside the front grille, side mounted blue flashing LED lights, blue and red flashing LED lights integrated into the rear light clusters and a Home Office-specification electronics ‘Police pack’ that powers a full suite of electronic equipment.

Jaguar XF Diesel S police 2

#11. Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia

Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia

Back in 2004 Lamborghini supplied the Italian Polizia di Stato with a brand new and unique Gallardo. The Gallardo ‘Polizia’ was to be used by traffic officers Salerno-Reggio Calabria autostrada in Southern Italy and for high-speed delivery of transplant organs.

Fitted with sirens, flashing lights and a distinctive blue and white State Police livery, there was also a variety of medical equipment and advanced technological apparatus for receiving and transmitting information and images. Other sophisticated equipment included a satellite navigational system with GSM microtelephone, a ‘Provida’ system to record violations and send images in real time, direct connection to the Police database and an Elsag ‘Autodetector’ system for number plate recognition.

Lamborghini Gallardo Polizia

#10. Spyker C8 Spyder Police Car

spyker c8 spyder

Giving the Italians and Germans a run for their money, the Netherlands have their own super Police car, the C8 Spyder. Created for the Frevoland police, the C8 is a hand built roadster built by Spyker and powered by an Audi 4.2L V8.

spyker c8 spyder pol 4w

#9. Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe Police Car

Police Lambourgini UK

Yellow Gallardos have been “temporary” police cars for the Metropolitan Police in London, England, one in 2005 and one in 2006, for specific publicity events. The 2006 vehicle was seen at the start of the 2006 Gumball Rally. Both vehicles were lent by Lamborghini London and were fitted with yellow and blue battenburg markings, police logos and a small blue lightbar.

Police Lambourgini UK

#8. Mini Cooper Polizei

Mini Polizei 1

Bavarian Mini Cooper police car.

Mini Polizei 1

#7. Lexus IS-F Humberside Police Car

lexus is f police car 1

The high performance Lexus IS-F features a tuned 5.0-litre V8 engine capable of reaching 62mph in 4.8 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 168 mph.

Humberside Police’s Roads Crime Section made the decision to purchase the Lexus IS-F after the vehicle proved to be exceptionally capable of remaining stable in high speed operational policing environments, despite carrying the extra weight provided by the £30,000 worth of on-board computers and communications equipment.

lexus is f police car

#6. 2005 TechArt Carrera 997 Police cruiser

2005 Techart Carrera Police Car Porsche

Based on a Porsche Carrera S (997), this TECHART police patrol car was the symbol of a car safety campaign across Germany.

This eye catching patrol car was unveiled at the Essen Motorshow in 2005 to promote safe and responsible car tuning, and to help educate enthusiasts about the inferior and often illegal car modding products available on the market.

2005 Techart Carrera Police Car Porsche

#5. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti HGTS Police Car

Ferrari 612 Police Car

Ferrari created a special version of the flagship V12 four-seater 612 Scaglietti liveried in police colours to be used when Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary relay started the UK leg.

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti HGTS is a version of 612 with police car colour scheme, HGTS (Handling GTS package) and also has Daytona style seats, personalised stitching and leather details, yellow rev counter, yellow brake callipers and Scuderia Ferrari shields.

The vehicle began its relay at the UK on the 18th may 2007, which was driven by police officers at the front of the UK tour throughout the 1500 miles from Belfast to London.

Ferrari 612 Police Car

#4. Sussex Police Lotus Exige 2007

Lotus Exige 2007

This 220bhp lightweight Lotus Exige S was handed over to the Sussex police as a new initiative to help the officers engage with young drivers.

“Rather than sending a standard response unit to the scene of a disturbance caused by younger drivers getting together and doing donuts, we want to talk to the younger drivers,” says Sergeant Paul Masterson. “We talk about the car, its performance and their cars. Once the barriers are down, we can talk to them about more serious road safety issues.”

Lotus Exige 2007

#3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo-X-Police Car

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car

Used by the UK’s Yorkshire County Road Crime Units, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X police cruisers impressed the Police Inspectors with their “strong visual impact, performance and safety credentials.”

Each Evo X is fitted with a new Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, capable of locating and tracking any fleeing motorist with ease.

The new member of the team will be used on the same missions and at the same time as its previous-generation siblings, creating such a strong visual impact that the vehicle being pursued will often simply give up the chase and pull over, knowing they won’t be able to out-run the RCU. What is more, the Police Evolutions ‘hunt’ in packs of three, which, Inspector Slack explained is often enough of a deterrent that high-speed chases are avoided.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Police Car

#2. Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 Police Car

2010 chevy camaro police

Built from a new Camaro SS, the Haltom City, Texas police department decided to enlist the help of a local custom shop built this menacing new patrol car.

Haltom City Police commissioned Classic Chevrolet of Grapevine, Texas to build this one-of-a-kind Camaro SS police car complete with an LED bar on top, embedded bar in the rear window and a blue light strip embedded behind the muscle car’s devious grin. Scary stuff!

2010 chevy camaro police

#1. Mercedes CLS Brabus Rocket Police Car

brabus rocket police car

Revealed at the Essen Motor Show, this jaw-dropping Brabus creation was built for the German Tune It Safe! campaign.

With a top speed of 225.19 mph, the twin-turbocharged CLS V12 S Rocket certainly lives up to its nickname.

brabus rocket police car

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19 Of The Greatest Driving Roads On Earth Fri, 30 Apr 2010 22:13:12 +0000 admin

19 Greatest Driving Roads On Earth

Here’s a rundown of what we believe are 19 of the most beautiful and challenging roads in the world.

If you’re a fan of negotiating challenging bends, with great views, long fast straights and little to no traffic - then it might be time to dig out your passport and book some time off work!

As always we love to hear your feedback, so if you’ve had the pleasure of driving any of these routes, or if we’ve missed out any gems - let us know in the comments!

#19. The Overseas Highway - Florida Keys

overseas highway

overseas highway

Completed in 1938 along the course of an ill-fated railroad that had been destroyed by a hurricane, the Overseas Highway (Rte. 1) leaps from island to island across 42 bridges as it arcs southwestward through the Florida Keys.

The journey, mostly over water, can take less than four hours, however, if you take time to enjoy the ocean and mangrove vistas along the roadway, plus the glorious sunrises and sunsets, there is potential for the journey to take longer. And holiday traffic congestion can add to the drive time.

#18. Los Caracoles Pass - Andes



The Los Caracoles passes through the harsh terrain of the Andreas Mountains on the way between Chile and Argentina.

The harsh incline of the pass features a number of sharp hairpins, and with no safety barriers and snow forecast for most of the year, the Los Caracoles is definitely one of the more challenging roads on our list.

The tough terrain requires a lot of skill and patience to negotiate, but despite the challenging surroundings the pass has a strong safety record, and is well maintained with double-decker tourist buses travelling the route on a daily basis.

#17. Guoliang Tunnel Road - China

Guoliang Tunnel


The Guoliang Tunnel is located high in the Taihanf Mountains situated in the Hunan Province of China. Built by 13 local villagers, the tunnel took around 5 years to build and cost the lives of many villagers in the process.

At 1200 meters long by 5 meters high and 4 meters wide, the tunnel has earned its name as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Nevertheless the Guoliang Tunnel is hugely popular among Chinese tourists and is a stunningly beautiful scenic route.

#16. Grimsel Pass - Switzerland



Located near Gletsch, Switzerland, the Grimsel Pass offers yet another spectacular hairpin climb up the Alps. The Grimsel Pass is 2165 m high and is a mountain pass between the valley of of the Rhone River and the Haslital valley.

15. North Yungas “Road of Death” - Bolivia

Death Road

Death Road

Deep into the Bolivian Andes is the North Yungas Road, widely regarded as the most the dangerous road in the world. Known as the ‘Death Road’ for its less than stellar safety record, the road covers a 70km stretch between La Paz and Coriocco over a decent of 3,600m which pits drivers against terrifyingly tight hairpins and narrow passages. All whilst trying to avoid a 800 m sheer drop.

On average, there is a fatal accident every couple of weeks on Yungas road, with the visible remains of accidents and the skeletnons of numerous lorries and buses at the bottom of the abyss serving as a constant reminder of just how the Yungas earned its nickname.

#14. Trollstigen - Norway



The Trollstigen or ‘The Troll Ladder’ as it’s known in English, is a steep winding mountain road located in the Rauma region of Norway.

With it’s steep 9% gradient and incredible 11 hairpin bends, the Trollstigen is a popular tourist location for driving enthusiasts alike.

Drivers who manage to conquer the challenging road are rewarded with a viewing balcony at the top, offering spectacular views of the winding turns and the Stigfossen waterfall which also runs down the mountainside.

#13. Transfagarasanul Road - Romania



The Transfagarasanul is the highest road in Romania and it reaches almost 2000 m above the sea level. It connects Muntenia and Transilvania, two historic parts of Romania.At its top you can find Lake Balea, a glaciar lake formes thousands of years ago.

There are also ruins of Poienari Castle, Vlad the Impaler’s real castle, lurking on this route, to get your blood flowing.

#12. Hana Highway - Maui

Road To Hana

Hana Highway

The Hana Highway is a 60 mile stretch of road that connects the small town of Hana to the rest of Maui. The Hana Highway winds its way past waterfalls, beaches, bridges and spectacular ocean views.

With it’s 600 hairpin turns and 54 one-lane bridges, blind bends, and narrow pavement edged by cliffs, the Hana Highway makes for a challenging yet satisfying ocean drive.

#11. Great Ocean Road - Australia

Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is more than a road – it’s a whole region, stretching from Geelong near Melbourne, westwards to the Victorian-South Australian border.

With impressive ocean views all along the way, you’ll also encounter a number of sights along the road ranging from resort towns and lighthouses to the Otways rain forest.

The 400-kilometre-long road was built between 1919 and 1932 by more than 3000 returned soldiers as a memorial for the 60,000 Australians killed in World War I.

#10. Lysebotn Road - Norway

lysebotn road

Lysebotn Road

The Lysebotn Road in Lysefjord, Norway includes 27 hairpins and an impressive 1.1 km long tunnel at the bottom - with 3 hairpins of its own. Awesome.

“The first half of this road was nothing too special, but then… then came the fun part! The last 30 km (18 miles) to Lysebotn were the most fun I have ever driven! This part of the road was a true roller-coaster! It was narrow but with a perfect surface, and you just sat there on the bike with a big smile on your face as you pushed on for some really active driving. Not a straight part of the road as far as you could see. It was up and down and left and right all the time! The road ends with a 27 hairpin serpentine road taking you from 1000 meters (3280 ft) above sea level down to Lysebotn and the Lysefjord. At the end of the serpentine road you go through a tunnel that screws itself 340 degrees through the mountain and as you come out of it (slightly dizzy) you have Lysebotn in front of you. If you ride a motorcycle in Norway, then this road is something you simply can not afford to miss!”

#9. Autobahn - Germany


German Autobahn

First built in Germany in the 1920s, the Autobahns were the first high speed roads in the world. Unlike the autobahns in Switzerland and Austria which have speed limits, the German Autobahns have no limits except at junctions and various danger points.

The first autobahn in Germany was used as a race track and sometimes  still is. So when some people go to Germany, they are ready to put their car to the limit.

#8. Millau Viaduct - France

Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct is the worlds tallest vehicular bridge. Spanning the valley of the River Tarn near Millau in southern France, this cable stayed road bridge first opened for traffic on 16 December 2004.

The roadway has a slight slope of 3% descending from south to north, and curves in plan section on a 20 km (12.4 mile) radius to give drivers better visibility. It carries two lanes of traffic in each direction.

The Millau Viaduct has one piers summit at 1,118 ft (341 metres), slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower and only 132 ft (40 m) shorter than the Empire State Building.

#7. Nufenen Pass - Switzerland

Nufenen Pass

Nufenen Pass


The Nufenen Pass is a high (2478 metres) mountain pass in the Swiss Alps.

With good all round visibility the Nufenen starts in the west alongside a wild stream leading into the hairpin sections as you begin your ascent up the mountain.

#6. Irohazaka - Japan

Iroha Zaka


The winding road of the Iroha-zaka in Japan is the main route that connects central Nikko and Oku-Nikko.

Comprising of 48 curves, the Iroha-zaka road has an ancient Japanese alphabet character displayed on each corner starting with l-ro-ha (hence the name).

#5. Oberalp Pass - Switzerland

Oberalp Pass

Oberalp Pass

In the summer months, the Oberalp Pass provides an important link between Central Switzerland and the Graubünden Oberland and is popular among both car and truck drivers, as well as being a Mecca for motorcyclists.

In winter, on the other hand, the Oberalp Pass is closed to road traffic and the road itself used as a ski slope, toboggan run and hiking trail.

#4. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road - UAE

jebel hafeet mountain road

jebel hafeet mountain road

The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is arguably one of the finest driving roads in the world. Spanning some 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet, the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road boasts a whopping 60 corners and a road surface to smooth you’d swear you were on a racetrack.

The road is cut into the Jebel Hafeet mountain that spans the border with Oman and lies about 90 minutes’ drive south-east of the thriving city of Dubai.

With a mixture of fast straights interspersed with sweeping curves that merge perfectly from one to another, the Jebel Hafeet Mountain road is a tight, technical and thrilling driving experience.

#3. San Bernardino Pass - Switzerland

san bernardino pass

san bernardino pass

At a height of 2065 meters, the San Bernardino Pass is  a high mountain pass across the Swiss Alps that connects the towns of Hinterrhein and Misox.

The pass also features an impressive 6.6 km long tunnel with a limited speed limit of 80km/h (50mph).

With its beautiful scenic views, smooth roads and a good share of hairpins and bends, the San Bernardino Pass easily earns its place as one of the best Alpine driving experiences.

#2. Col De Turini - France

col de turini

col de turini

Located in the South of France, the Col De Turini is a famous mountain top range that is included as part of a 32 km rally stage starting from Sospel to La Bollène.

The Col De Turini is the highest point in the stage standing at 1607 metre, and is one of the most dangerous and challenging stages in the WRC.

Along its long straights the cars can reach speeds of upto 180 km/h, with the roads 34 tight hairpins and jaw-dropping scenery making the Col De Turini one of the most exciting and coolest driving roads in the world.

#1. Stelvio Pass - Italy

Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass

The Stelvio Pass is the second highest paved mountain road in the Alps (2757 meters), and has long been a firm favorite with travelling motorists.

Regarded by many as being one of the most challenging roads in the world, the Stelvio Pass offers its visitors 60 hairpin bends with 48 of them located on the northern/eastern ramp.

The northern side of the Stelvio Pass is by far more challenging, with the steep ascent offering little to no visibility for oncoming vehicles.

The southern/eastern ramp in comparison is far more gentle. Offering drivers wider, and faster hairpins with a more comfortable road surface.

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26 Best iPhone Apps For Your Car Tue, 27 Apr 2010 17:10:26 +0000 admin

With such a huge array of apps available for the hugely popular iPhone, we decided to wade through the iTunes store and pluck out what we think are 26 of the most useful automotive iPhone apps available!

Don’t agree with us? Missed out your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

#26. Repair Pal

Whether it’s an auto emergency, a roadside breakdown, or just a small problem, RepairPal can help. RepairPal tells you the right price to pay for your repair, finds you a great mechanic in the area, and gives you one-touch access to roadside assistance.

Be prepared 24/7 for a car emergency. Get the peace of mind and confidence you need to get behind the wheel of your automobile. With RepairPal, you’re covered everywhere you go in the US – we cover every zip code and city.

iTunes Link

#25. Drive Safe

Study has shown that 20% of first time exam takers will fail the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) knowledge exam. Save your time at DMV and money by studying the exam with Drive Safe. Better yet, you will become a more knowledgeable driver along the way!

iTunes Link

#24. iWrecked

iWrecked is a fully featured, accident resource for easily logging all details and info after being involved in a wreck. Conveniently, take unlimited photos of the damage and accident scene with your phone. The app can also generate a detailed, professional-looking PDF accident report with images, which you can send directly from the app to your insurance company.

iTunes Link

#23. AccuFuel

AccuFuel™ Fuel Efficiency Tracker is a powerful tool that makes monitoring your vehicle’s fuel efficiency simple and fun.

With AccuFuel™, you’ll instantly see how your driving habits affect your fuel efficiency. If you are hypermiling because of rising gas prices, use AccuFuel™ as a gauge to track your progress. Track multiple vehicles as well and see them just by swiping your finger across the screen. View your mileage in MPG (U.S.), MPG (UK), L/100km, or km/L! In addition, use the standard or trip odometer.

iTunes Link

#22. Car Care

Car Care enables users to easily track  gas mileage for all their automobiles and be reminded of regular car maintenance with a customizable, user-friendly interface.

iTunes Link

#21. GreenFuel

GreenFuel helps you locate alternative fuel stations currently in the United States. There are several apps available out there that point you to conventional gas stations, but GreenFuel is the only app dedicated to alternative fueling stations.

Most people with alternative fuel vehicles struggle with sparse options for fueling stations, and it can be daunting to take a long trip, not knowing if you’ll soon be calling a tow truck! GreenFuel allows you to see what stations exist along any route, giving you confidence to travel where ever you want to go!

iTunes Link

#20. Navigon

With the NAVIGON MobileNavigator you can transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features.

iTunes Link

#19. Take Me To My Car

How many times did you forget where you parked your car? This application solves the problem: with only one tap save your current position and next time you start the app you’ll have walking directions to your car in front of you! What if you parked in a garage or lot? You can use this app as a compass: we display the distance and the map will tell you the direction. Browse or pinch to zoom in/out.

iTunes Link

#18. Tripit

TripIt Travel Organizer puts all your travel plans right on your iPhone no matter where your travel was booked! Forward travel confirmation emails to to build a trip itinerary.

Then, access your travel info from your iPhone any time with our free app.

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#17. Pack & Go Deluxe

When going on vacation with the family do you ever forget to pack your toiletry bag, your teenager’s favorite jeans, your spouse’s passport, your pet’s vaccination proof, or your baby’s milk bottle? Perhaps in your very busy life, you need a simple reminder of what to pack for a short excursion to a local theme park or on a long trip to a far away destination.

Pack and Go Deluxe is your simple solution to make sure you pack everything you need for your next trip so that you are always prepared and have peace of mind.

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#16. Roadside America

Never miss a giant twine ball, crazy museum or statue again. See what’s nearby with reports, maps, photos — all powered by and the foremost experts in offbeat US tourist attractions for 25 years.

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#15. Rest Area Finder

This Free application automatically finds your location and displays nearby rest areas. The rest areas are displayed on a map along with your current location. In addition to rest areas, scenic vistas and welcome centers are also shown on the map. The rest areas are displayed with different colored hot air ballon icons. To find out more information about each place you simply click on the hot air ballon icon. When you click on an icon more information such as amenities are given to you.

As you move, the application will notice your location has changed and automatically update the map. There is a settings icon on the bottom right of the map that allows you to change how far out (from your current location) you want to look. You can change this from 100 to 500 miles.

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#14. Kids Eat For

When you have kids and want to go out to eat, Kids Eat For will help you find a local restaurants offering a Kids Eat Free or discount specials.

Simply open Kids Eat For on your iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll immediately see a list of restaurants near you offering a special on kids meals. There’s an icon next to each listing to help you see if the special is good for today or some other day.

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#13. Find My Car!

Find My Car! is a simple application that uses GPS location services to help you find your car. You will never forget where you parked!

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#12. TomTom UK and Ireland

TomTom Europe  app for iPhone or iPod Touch allows users to beat the jams every day with first class traffic information.

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#11. FuzzyCodes

FUZZYCodes is an automotive Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) search utility, powered by the FUZZYLUKE diagnostic system.

Every time your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light comes on, there are one or more DTCs that caused your light to come on.

If you or a friend have a simple On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-2) trouble code reader, FUZZYCodes can help you find out the root cause of that code.

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#10. TrafficAlert

This app aims to provide near-instantaneous alerts to road users about the conditions on the road. The alerts are triggered by (1) fellow users and (2) updates from LTA Traffic News web site.

At the moment, fellow users can notify others about the presence of traffic policemen or about traffic congestion. Once a new alert is triggered by a user, a push notification will be sent to other users as well.

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#9. Speedbox

SpeedBox is a fairly simple iPhone app that displays the current speed and distance that you’re traveling at, by making use of the iPhone 3G’s built in GPS receiver.

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#8. VehiCal – Car Expense Management

VehiCal makes it easy to record and manage vehicle mileage and expenses for personal and business use. Track fuel consumption information, including fuel economy, gas prices, and pump totals, as well as vehicle expenses with customizable lists such as repairs, highway tolls, and parking costs. This provides you with comprehensive information of your vehicle’s operational costs and can help you keep tabs on fuel efficiency and keeping your vehicle well maintained. VehiCal’s flexible calculations give you a controlled view of your vehicles fuel consumption which is increasingly important as fuel costs continue to rise.

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#7. Pocket Dyno

PocketDyno measures vehicle performance, providing up to 20 different metrics that report time, distance, speed, acceleration, and power. It also enables users to create a vehicle profile to store and compare test runs or evaluate vehicle modifications.

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#6. MileBug

For all lovers of larger tax returns, MileBug is a pretty cool iPhone application that makes it easy to track your tax-deductible mileage straight from your handset..

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#5. Pocket Parking Meter

Pocket Parking Meter helps you to avoid any nasty parking fines by offering a real time display and reminder of exactly how long you’ve been parked, and the potential overage charge you’ll have to pay.

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#4. Carticipate

Save money on gas while helping the environment by carticipating with friends, family, groups, or co-workers. Coordinate driving plans, carpool, or a ride share by indicating where you are going, when, and post your ride. We will match you to local carticipants going your way.

The scheduler allows you to create and manage multiple trips where you define the “From” and “To” locations.

Carticipate comes with a list of pre-loaded example destinations which you can edit, delete, or add for your own custom locations.

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#3. Gas Buddy

Gas prices change frequently and may vary as much as 20% within only a few blocks. It’s important to be able to find the service station with the lowest priced fuel.

GasBuddy is probably the most comprehensive source of gas prices in the US and Canada, with the GasBuddy app fast becoming the most feature-rich fuel finder available for the iPhone.

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#2. Trapster

Trapster is a free iPhone application that alerts you as soon as you approach speed traps, red lights, speed cameras, police check points, and other painful wallet hazards.

Trapster currently has over 5,000,000 active users worldwide submitting and reporting the latest trap locations and other costly hazards.

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#1. Dynolicious

Dynolicious uses the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer to measure your vehicle’s 0-60 acceleration, quarter mile elapsed time, horsepower, lateral G’s, and several other performance metrics. A history of test results for your car are saved, so averages and trends can instantly be retrieved. Dynolicious also allows you to record modifications made to your car, and to evaluate the resulting gains (or losses) in power and performance.

Dynolicious has support for both US and International units of measurement, including MPH or km/h speeds, lb or kg weights, and HP or kW power figures.

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