Business Breakdown Cover Guide

Fleet Breakdown CoverFleet break down cover is an essential way of keeping your business costs down. Without it you’re running the unnecessary risk of slowing down your business. In addition, you’ll spend more time getting help and be paying more for recovering the break down.

While it’s tempting to dismiss a cost that has not yet been incurred, it may be even more expensive to not take care of things before they occur. Thus, a prearranged service is faster and cheaper in the long run. In other words, prevention will make more financial sense than scrambling for a cure.

With the number of discounts available for getting your fleet covered, it’s actually becoming increasingly affordable to sign up for excellent cover.

Deciding On The Best Fleet Recovery Provider

Since different providers have different policy requirements and different fees, your first step is to do some research. When you have some comprehensive ideas on what you need and who can provide it, your decision making will be rational, rather than arbitrary.

Here are a few things to look into when making a decision:

1. While you may have regular drivers, it’s better to get the vehicle covered just in case there is a turnover and a new driver or a substitute driver is at the wheel when the break down happens.

2. Since your vehicles are on a mission when they’re on the road, check to see if the recovery vehicle will take your driver to the destination rather than just drop him or her off at a local garage. For example, perhaps your vehicles are used so that your sales staff can get to important meetings; in which case, missing the meetings may be more costly than anything else.

3. The slower the recovery, the more it may cost your business in terms of wasted time and money. If time is an important consideration for your business, then choose a provider with the fastest recovery service. While most come within the hour, on average around 40 minutes, some can be as fast as 30 minutes.

4. If you have fairly reliable vehicles, it may be more cost-effective to sign up with a provider who charges you only based on use. This arrangement is called “pay for use” and involves a nominal subscription payment and an additional cost when one of your vehicles breaks down.

Some Popular Business Breakdown Providers

There are many fleet break down providers and here are a few of the most popular ones:

Insurance Choice Breakdown offers a mix and match cover to suit your needs, fleet discounts, no age limit on the vehicles, and covers minibuses, taxis, motorbikes, vans, and cars.

AA offers five levels of cover, pay for use, and the more your vehicles, the higher the discount.

Autonational offers total super service cover, a cost as low as £50 for each vehicle, and the more your vehicles, the higher the discount.

Breakdown Direct offers cover for the vehicle, cover for vans up to 3,500 kg, and “pay on use” cover for large vehicles.

ETA offers a mix and match cover, a personal account manager, and the more your vehicles, the higher the discount.

Finally, GreenFlag offers either “insured“ or “pay on use“ cover, and it covers fleet cars and light vans. Another benefit is that after a break down, payment does not have to be made on the spot, but can be paid within 30 days.