A Guide To Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car InsuranceAs you may already know, many classic car owners are extremely proud of the cars that they own. They also take extreme care of their cars. Oddly enough, many different UK classic car insurance companies charge more than they need to for this type of insurance.

It is possible to find an insurance company that offers affordable classic car insurance. This is mainly because these insurers have become aware of the fact that classic car owners are more careful with classic cars than owners of standard cars. In many cases, the classic car is their own little expensive hobby. If you make any claims, it is common routine for the insurance company to send someone to inspect the damage.

This is especially the case when classic cars are involved. After you need to make a claim you may want to call your insurance company’s hotline number. They will normally send you any paperwork that you need to fill out. Send a copy of the police report if there is one.

There are many different levels of coverage that is available for classic car owners. Before you purchase classic car insurance, it is important for you to understand each level.

Your classic car insurance features will depend on the level of your insurance and the type of insurance that you have. In addition, your insurance policy costs will depend on the year, model, and make of your car. The annual mileage of your car also plays an important part.

It would be wise for you to avoid having more than five thousand miles on your classic car each year. Having said this, you might want to avoid using the car on a regular basis. While many classic car owners only opt for the basic package, you will find a lot of classic car owners that choose to have a customised policy. This is because classic car owners may want more than just coverage for fire, theft, or accidental damage.

How to Find the Right Classic Car Policy

There are a few things that you must look for when you are trying to choose the right classic car insurance policy for you and your car. For example, a major factor is agreed valuation. Agreed valuation basically means that when your car is damaged you will receive a certain amount for your car. This amount should not decline. If you find an insurance policy with such a valuation, you need to make sure that it is guaranteed. This is because some insurance companies may refuse to pay you the money that you deserve. There may be an extra charge for this, but it will be worth it.

You may also want to look at a classic car insurance policy that grows in value each year. If you are a classic car collector, then you already know that the value of classic cars grow as time passes. If your agreed valuation does not grow, you may not receive enough money to replace the car. While agreeing on a certain price you will need to take into consideration any accessories or embellishments that you may have in your car. These can become very expensive.

Think about taking out limited mileage policy. As mentioned earlier the less you drive the cheaper it will be. This policy could be anywhere between fifteen hundred miles and ten thousand miles. If you think that you are close to going over this limit, then you should make sure that your policy can be adjusted in the middle of the period.

If you are interested in more extras for your classic car, you may want to consider the following:

  • Legal expenses coverage
  • Club track day cover just means you have protection during any special occasions that your car may be a part of
  • Breakdown coverage- there are different levels available for this type of coverage
  • Glass coverage offers protection for any window damage that may happen to your car