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Confused Car Car Insurance is a popular price comparison website for car insurance policies. Its popularity stems from its wide range of insurance companies, enabling potential buyers to find the most suitable cheap insurance policies for their specific needs.

Since the company does not earn revenue as a broker, it has no bias. Instead of being a broker, it is an insurance aggregator. This means that its comparisons are objective and trustworthy.

When started in 2000, it was not designed as a price comparison website but it was intended to be a directory that reviewed various other sites. However, by 2003, it had gradually morphed into a website that offered car owners a reliable place to review various insurance companies.

Today, it compares 97 car insurance companies; but, since many of these car insurance company websites have links to their insurance partners, a visitor can actually review up to 152 providers. The company is funded by the parent organization, Admiral, an insurance industry leader.

What makes better than similar comparison websites for car insurance is that this website is knowledgeable about the automobile insurance industry and this understanding is reflected in the way the information is organized and described.

In less than ten minutes, visitors can make multiple comparisons between various providers, looking at price, features and benefits, and various levels of cover side by side. Instead of quotes offering basic products from a superficial level, it’s possible for visitors to get in-depth information about the latest offers.

By simply adding a few details about what they are looking for, they can get accurate quotes and review policies that reflect their situation and provide for their needs. Almost all types of policies are covered here: third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive insurance.

Comparing Car Insurance On

What has basically done is do all the research work on behalf of the consumer, identifying the top insurers and providing information about their best policies. Consequently, all users have to do is choose what they need based on how much they are willing to pay.

After reviewing a panel with all their available insurers and policies, a user can select details about each policy. The user can then either decide to click on through to an insurer’s website or go back and review other companies and what they have to offer.

Although it does publish guidelines on how to make the best buying decisions, does not endorse certain insurance companies or advice users what policies to buy.

There is no cost to the user for using the website and there is no set limit to how many insurance companies and their policies a person can research. The website makes its money from referral commissions offered by the insurance companies for sending new customers. From the buyer’s perspective, the cost of buying by clicking a merchant link on is exactly the same as if the buyer had gone to the merchant’s website directly.

The main advantage of using is ease of access to a plethora of organized information about insurance. Since users can quickly sort between various providers, they usually end up saving more money by going with the lowest quote for the services that they need. According to, users generally save about £208 for each policy.

Future Expansion And Growth

More recently, has broadened its selection to include more than car insurance comparisons. Now a visitor can also look at other types of insurance like travel insurance and home insurance. In the future, the company hopes to be able to offer even more insurance categories and possibly other financial products.

Websites include,,,,,,,,,, and to name but a few.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

With, car insurance quotes are easy to compare, which could save you time and money. You can get quotes from a wide range of car insurance companies with the free and impartial car insurance service. Cover from car insurance may include:

  • A courtesy car
  • High no claims bonus
  • Vandalism cover without affecting your no claims
  • Breakdown cover

The quotes you get will also depend on your personal circumstances – Fill in one quick and easy form to get car insurance quotes and find the best deal for you!

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