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Direct Line Car Insurance ReviewsDirect Line car insurance, which is also commonly known as Direct Line motor insurance, is a provider of car insurance in the United Kingdom that originally went into business in April 1995, when they exclusively sold car insurance to drivers.

Today, they have more than five million loyal customers and offer a large range of services including insurance. However, although Direct Line car insurance is bigger than ever, it has remained true to its initial origins, and is still considered to be one of the foremost car insurance providers in the United Kingdom.

What kinds of discounts are available to customers with Direct Line car insurance policies?

Several kinds of discounts are available to customers with Direct Line policies, such as a discount that goes into effect as soon as you add a second car to your list of insured vehicles, and a ten percent discount that is available to people who visit their web site on the internet.

There is also a vandalism promise that is issued by the company; within this promise, you are guaranteed not to lose any no claims bonuses you may have accumulated in the past, even if you file a claim after someone or a group of individuals vandalize one of your vehicles.

The no claim bonus offered by Direct Line is an additional bonus that makes the company an appealing source of car insurance in the United Kingdom. Under the no claim bonus, every year a named driver on your insurance policy does not file a claim on your car insurance policy, you will have your excess covered by Direct Line if you are hit by a driver who does not carry insurance.

An excess refers to the amount of money you are required to pay toward a claim that is filed or toward the loss of your vehicle or damage that occurs to your vehicle. Additionally, the no claims discount you have in effect will not change due to the accident.

Which other bonuses are offered by Direct Line to their customers?

Additional bonuses may be available to customers of Direct Line depending on specific circumstances. For example, one optional extra that many customers elect to pursue is to have a guaranteed car for hire, which means that whenever they need to hire a car, such as when their primary vehicles are in the shop for repairs or have undergone a break down, they will always have some kind of vehicle available for their use.

The car will be available for up to 14 days. Claims that involve windscreen damage are not covered under this extra premium, but claims that involve stolen cars are covered. To have guaranteed car hire as an option in your policy, you will need to have a comprehensive cover already in place.

Furthermore, it is also possible to sign up for legal protection by Direct Line for up to one hundred thousand pounds. This is made possible through the addition of a small extra premium.

Additionally, you can protect any no claims bonus you may have in effect after it has been in place for at least four years, and you are then allowed to make an individual claim in any single year, as well as up to two claims within any three year period in the future, and you will not lose the discount you have in place.

These bonuses are part of why Direct Line car insurance is one of the best options you can choose for United Kingdom car insurance.

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Features of the Direct Line motor insurance comprehensive policy include:

  • 12 months’ cover for the price of 10
  • Vandalism cover that preserves your no claims discount as standard
  • No claims discount for named drivers (when they take out a Direct Line policy)
  • Uninsured driver promise – covers your excess, no claims discount won’t be affected
  • All repaired cars cleaned inside and out before bring returned (with an approved repairer)
  • Discount on Direct Line home insurance

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