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Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance ReviewsSheila’s Wheels car insurance, which is also well known by the title of Sheila’s Wheels motor insurance, may be most famous in the United Kingdom for the catchy jingle it uses in its advertising campaign.

However, Sheelas Wheels is actually based completely in the United Kingdom and does not have any links to Australia. Rather, the company’s name Sheila is simply a reference to a slang term for women in Australian English. The company is part of the large insurance corporation Esure.

However, it has a specific focus of catering to female clients and customers, as prior research conducted by insurance companies has indicated that female drivers are less likely to be involved in driving accidents and less likely to receive driving convictions on their records in comparison to male drivers, who are more likely to experience accidents and suffer convictions.

The goal of Sheilas’ Wheels, therefore, is to take advantage of the reduced number of claims its customers put forth and pass on the resultant savings.

Sheela’s Wheels car insurance benefits

One incentive Sheilas’ Wheels offers its customers to drive in a safe manner is the possibility of reducing their car insurance premiums over time through avoidance of posting claims. When you keep from posting claims over an extended period of time, you can potentially save up to 75% off your existing premium rate.

If you can drive for 5 or more years without filing a claim, you become eligible for the baseline no claim discount, which is 70% off your premium rate immediately.

This discount will rise by 1% for every additional year without claims in which you choose to renew the Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy you are enrolled in. These discounts, as mentioned earlier, will extend to a maximum of 75%.

Are female drivers the only ones who can benefit from Sheilas’ Wheels offers?

Although Sheilas’ Wheels is predominantly focused on female drivers, and as a result, offers numerous benefits exclusively toward female drivers, male drivers are still allowed to take out policies related to Sheilas’ Wheels.

Additionally, female drivers are free to add significant male figures in their lives, such as husbands, partners, brothers, and sons as extra drivers on their vehicles and policies.

What are some of the other benefits offered by Sheilas’ Wheels to its client base?

There are numerous other benefits of being a customer of Sheilas’ Wheels besides the no claims savings described above. For example, you can choose among several different levels of cover, such as comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft cover, and third party only cover.

If you choose to enroll in the comprehensive level of car insurance cover, you will be able to drive a courtesy car if your vehicle is ever damaged and requires a repair by a mechanic approved by the insurance company.

Additionally, members enrolled at the comprehensive level of car insurance cover can also receive handbag cover worth up to 300 pounds.

This will assist you if your handbag or the contents of your handbag are stolen or damaged while your handbag is in your vehicle. You will also have access to call centres that are based only in the United Kingdom. You can additionally benefit from an insurance claims line that stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This claims line is confidential and free and is designed to assist callers with any issues they have, whether or not they are related to driving. Other options you can sign up for are motor breakdown assistance with Greenflag, which means you will receive help in the form of road side assistance if your vehicle ever experiences a break down on the motorway. Additionally, you can also sign up for motor legal protection that is valued at up to 50,000 pounds.

1/3 Off Car Insurance For Women

Some of the benefits of Sheela’s Wheels car insurance include:

  • New customers save a third when you buy online
  • 75% no claims discount (with at least 5 years of no claims)
  • Courtesy car available whilst yours is at a recommended repairer
  • Optional cover for handbags and contents worth up to £300
  • 24hr helpline for conifdential counselling on any issue
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Direct Line Car Insurance Review Wed, 27 Oct 2010 15:19:17 +0000 admin

Direct Line Car Insurance ReviewsDirect Line car insurance, which is also commonly known as Direct Line motor insurance, is a provider of car insurance in the United Kingdom that originally went into business in April 1995, when they exclusively sold car insurance to drivers.

Today, they have more than five million loyal customers and offer a large range of services including insurance. However, although Direct Line car insurance is bigger than ever, it has remained true to its initial origins, and is still considered to be one of the foremost car insurance providers in the United Kingdom.

What kinds of discounts are available to customers with Direct Line car insurance policies?

Several kinds of discounts are available to customers with Direct Line policies, such as a discount that goes into effect as soon as you add a second car to your list of insured vehicles, and a ten percent discount that is available to people who visit their web site on the internet.

There is also a vandalism promise that is issued by the company; within this promise, you are guaranteed not to lose any no claims bonuses you may have accumulated in the past, even if you file a claim after someone or a group of individuals vandalize one of your vehicles.

The no claim bonus offered by Direct Line is an additional bonus that makes the company an appealing source of car insurance in the United Kingdom. Under the no claim bonus, every year a named driver on your insurance policy does not file a claim on your car insurance policy, you will have your excess covered by Direct Line if you are hit by a driver who does not carry insurance.

An excess refers to the amount of money you are required to pay toward a claim that is filed or toward the loss of your vehicle or damage that occurs to your vehicle. Additionally, the no claims discount you have in effect will not change due to the accident.

Which other bonuses are offered by Direct Line to their customers?

Additional bonuses may be available to customers of Direct Line depending on specific circumstances. For example, one optional extra that many customers elect to pursue is to have a guaranteed car for hire, which means that whenever they need to hire a car, such as when their primary vehicles are in the shop for repairs or have undergone a break down, they will always have some kind of vehicle available for their use.

The car will be available for up to 14 days. Claims that involve windscreen damage are not covered under this extra premium, but claims that involve stolen cars are covered. To have guaranteed car hire as an option in your policy, you will need to have a comprehensive cover already in place.

Furthermore, it is also possible to sign up for legal protection by Direct Line for up to one hundred thousand pounds. This is made possible through the addition of a small extra premium.

Additionally, you can protect any no claims bonus you may have in effect after it has been in place for at least four years, and you are then allowed to make an individual claim in any single year, as well as up to two claims within any three year period in the future, and you will not lose the discount you have in place.

These bonuses are part of why Direct Line car insurance is one of the best options you can choose for United Kingdom car insurance.

Apply Online For A Direct Line Car Insurance Quote Today!

Features of the Direct Line motor insurance comprehensive policy include:

  • 12 months’ cover for the price of 10
  • Vandalism cover that preserves your no claims discount as standard
  • No claims discount for named drivers (when they take out a Direct Line policy)
  • Uninsured driver promise – covers your excess, no claims discount won’t be affected
  • All repaired cars cleaned inside and out before bring returned (with an approved repairer)
  • Discount on Direct Line home insurance
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Zurich Car Insurance Review Thu, 07 Oct 2010 15:33:17 +0000 admin

Zurich Car Insurance ReviewsZurich insurance was founded in Switzerland and is one of the world’s most experienced insurance providers. In business for over 120 years Zurich is also one of the largest insurers with offerings of a wide variety of insurance services including car insurance.

Zurich has service representatives available seven days a week twenty-four hours a day to answer your car insurance questions and provide service to those making claims.

Zurich was originally part of BAT (British American Tobacco Group) and became strong after the de-merger from BAT over twenty years ago. A global company, Zurich takes in over fifty billion in annual revenues. This revenue provides for a competitive advantage in the financial services industry.

Zurich has provided car and home insurance services in the United Kingdom for a long period of time and the brand name is well known in the market place offering both online insurance services and offline services.

The rates offered by Zurich are some of the most comprehensive and competitive in the insurance industry.

Zurich Nine Years No Claims Discount

The Zurich nine years claim free discount program is unprecedented in the insurance industry. Many insurers offer discounts for up to five years of claims free driving. Zurich provides an incentive for safe drivers to receive discounts for long-term driving safety records.

These discounts drastically reduce the cost of cover. A claim involving the cover provided for lost keys or stolen personal belongings do not affect the Nine Years Claims Free Discount. This extra value is again not provided for by Zurich’s competition.

Range of Zurich Car Insurance Packages

Zurich High Comprehensive Cover

This premier coverage includes services often only provided as additional extras with other insurers. For instance, 24 hour home breakdown insurance is included as is £100,000 worth of legal expenses cover.

The standard items that are expected in a comprehensive cover policy are of course included. 60 day free EU driving cover, cover for audio and navigation equipment and a courtesy car in the event of a crash.

Zurich Basic Comprehensive Cover

Ideal for budget conscious customers looking for comprehensive coverage. Cover for damage to your own car and liability to others.

Zurich Third Party Fire and Theft

Covers the insured against liability for injury or damage to the property of another person. Fire damage and theft protection is provided that protects the policy holder against damage or loss.

Zurich High Value Private Clients

Is coverage for customers with high net worth and a vehicle in excess of £50,000. Contact Zurich for more information about related policies for individuals with high net worth.

Benefits provided at no extra cost

  • Green-Flag 24 hour roadside assistance. This is valid providing you are a mile away from your home and repairs are paid for after the claim
  • Free messaging in the event of a breakdown by telephone to notify someone on your behalf.
  • Pay for repairs directly when you utilize an approved repairer

Additional Benefits that can be added

  • Policy Holders can add no claims bonus protection to their car solution package
  • National breakdown insurance can be added
  • European breakdown insurance can be added
  • A ten percent (10%) discount is given for taking out a cover package online
  • A courtesy car can be added to a policy. Applies if the repair is done by a authorized repairer
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Cheap Car Insurance From Tesco Mon, 26 Jul 2010 20:21:12 +0000 admin

Tesco Car InsuranceTesco began in 1924, opening its first store in Middlesex in 1929. From these humble origins, it gradually rose in less than a hundred years to become one of the world’s biggest supermarket groups with a store in almost every developed country on the planet.

Today the group earns a colossal £50 billion a year, making an annual profit of £2 billion. Besides food products, this retail giant has expanded to embrace all types of commercial ventures, including expanding their operations to provide consumers with financial and insurance products.

Tesco Online Car Insurance

UK Insurance Limited provides Tesco Car Insurance. Although a car insurance policy is completely different from Tesco’s traditional supermarket products, the customer service principles that enabled the group to be a dominant retail force in the world remains the same: offer high quality products at a reasonable price.

This philosophy is responsible for making their car insurance a popular product. For example, buying car insurance online can save consumers from 10 to 15 percent and buying a Tesco policy can save consumers an average of about £302.

Due to the economic power and size of the supermarket chain, car insurance consumers can enjoy numerous discounts and additional benefits. The Tesco car insurance brand is designed for the average car insurance customer who wants to get high quality services at a lower price. In particular, customers who are Tesco club card holders can enjoy significant benefits over those who aren’t club card holders.

Benefits Of Tesco Motor Insurance

There are numerous benefits to getting car insurance from Tesco, an award winning car insurance company, because the cover offers great value for the consumer.

For example, a Tesco Car Insurance customer can receive:

  • A 10 to 15 percent online purchase discount.
  • A 15 percent off automotive services and 10 percent off repairs at Nationwide Autocentres.
  • Numerous discounts like No Claims Discounts, Pass Plus, Named Driver, and Multi-car. Moreover, No Claims Discount can be as high as 70 percent.
  • An optional temporary replacement vehicle with a choice of two covers.
  • A 24-hour accident helpline.
  • A Third party cover when driving abroad.
  • A replacement car seat if a child’s car seat has been damaged in an accident.

And a Tesco club card holder who is a new policy holder can receive:

  • A £50 Tesco voucher.
  • A guaranteed better price.
  • One club card point for every £2 spent on the car insurance policy.

While a Comprehensive Car Insurance can receive:

  • A choice of voluntary excess.
  • Cover for DVD players.
  • Cover for stereo players.
  • Cover for portable satellite navigation devices.
  • Cover for all personal possessions.
  • Cover for fire and theft.

Tesco Value Car Insurance

This is comprehensive cover with some of the features omitted. Its principle advantage is that it is a low cost solution because it offers online only cover.
Types of Policies

A customer is offered basic protection and an option for comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft cover, or stand alone third party cover. After the insurance policy is purchased, the customer is also eligible for additional optional benefits.

Additional Optional Benefits

Temporary Car Replacement: Within three hours after a customer informs Tesco of an accident, the customer is eligible to receive a temporary car to replace the damaged one until the car repaired.

Finest Temporary Car Replacement: This is a slightly more expensive option because it but upgrades the quality and size of the car.

Breakdown Assistance: A comprehensive package with five levels of cover.

In addition to these additional optional benefits, a customer also can select Legal Protection Insurance and No Claims Bonus Protection.

FREE MOT and Tesco Service

Tesco car insurance cover includes comprehensive insurance for your car against fire, theft and accidental damage and most claims are agreed with one short phone call. Some of the things Tesco car insurance offers include:

  • Save up to £302 online*
  • FREE MOT at Nationwide or Halfords Auto centres**
  • FREE Tesco Service**
  • Exclusive price and points for Clubcard holders

Tesco also offers the Tesco Value Car Insurance – a no-frills policy, which is available online and has some of the extras taken out to make your premiums cheaper.

Find out more about Tesco car insurance and apply online today by clicking on the link above, or compare it with other deals in the table:

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Cheap Car Insurance From Liverpool Victoria Mon, 26 Jul 2010 17:37:37 +0000 admin

Liverpool Victoria Car InsuranceLiverpool Victoria Car Insurance offers outstanding value for your insurance investment and allows you to customise your coverage to suit your needs and your budget.

Generally customers pay less than £280 for comprehensive vehicle insurance and can earn up to 75 percent No Claims Discount.

A Brief History Of Liverpool Victoria

Established in 1843, this insurance company was first known as Liverpool Victoria. Over its long history of more than 150 years, it has created a reputation for itself as a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider and it has come to be acknowledged as a leader in the insurance industry who outperforms the competition.

Moreover, Defaqto, an independent research organization for financial goods and services, has recognized it as an insurance company that has achieved remarkable public acceptance and approval for excellent customer service and high quality insurance policies.

Defaqto Star Rating

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance has a 5 star Defaqto Star Rating for the 6th year in a row. This is a sterling achievement because to earn this rating a company has to receive the approval of sixty researchers along with industry analysts who review more than two thousand of the best financial products.

This painstaking methodical evaluation of financial products and services empowers consumers to make informed choices about the best products to buy to suit their needs. In essence, earning a five star rating means that Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance has provided outstanding value to the general public.

Click Here To Get A FREE Online Quote!

Extensive Features And Benefits Of Liverpool Victoria

What makes Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance a five star provider are the following four features and benefits:

1. New policyholders can get a special online discount.

2. The application process is simple to understand, easy to act on and quick to complete.

3. Once the application process is completed, submitted, and paid the cover is instantaneous.

4. Customer can add the following options to their cover:

  • They can receive a fully insured courtesy car for up to 14 days if their car has been stolen or damaged in an accident.
  • They can receive cover in European Union countries for as long as 180 days.
  • They can receive legal cover up to £100,000.
  • They can augment personal accident benefit from £10,000 all the way up to £100,000.
  • They can receive generous No Claims Discounts.

How To Get A Quote With LV Onlie

In order to provide customers with an accurate quote, the insurance company requires the car and the driver meet a few simple conditions.

The car a customer wishes to insure has to meet these conditions:

  • It’s not an import but made for the UK.
  • It’s registered and kept in: a) Great Britain; b) Northern Island; c) Isle of Man; or d) Channel Islands.
  • It will not be driven abroad past 180 consecutive days.

The insurance company also requires the driver to meet the following conditions:

  • The driver is legally qualified and entitled to drive in the UK.
  • The driver is between the ages of 17 and 85 years.
  • The driver is a resident of: a) Great Britain; b) Northern Island; c) Isle of Man; or d) Channel Islands.

Advantages Of A Comprehensive Policy With LV

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance offers numerous advantages associated with their comprehensive insurance policies. Some of the advantages a customer can receive include:

  • A new car replacement if the insured car was less than a year old..
  • A medical expense cover up to £250.
  • A personal accident cover.
  • A 24 hour claim service.
  • Access to a call centre in the UK.
  • A no claims discount of up to 75 percent for safe drivers.

Save 10% With LV Online

Some of the benefits of LV= (previuosly Liverpool Victoria) car insurance include:

  • Up to 75% no claims discount
  • Free windscreen security etching
  • Courtesy car (If you use LV’s selected repairer)
  • Up to 180 days cover for travel in the EU
  • Optional protected no claims discount
  • Optional road rescue breakdown cover

Click on the banner below to get a quote and apply online for LV= car insurance, or use our simple comparison service to see how it compares to other leading providers.

Click Here To Get A FREE Online Quote!

Current websites listed include,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

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Cheap Car Insurance From Go Compare Mon, 26 Jul 2010 15:32:23 +0000 admin

Go Compare Car Car Insurance has earned a reputation as one of the best price comparison websites in the UK. The company is not a broker, but an aggregator. This means that it does not recommend certain insurance companies nor suggest specific policies, but instead merely offers a platform for price and product comparisons.

This lack of bias has made it a popular website because it does not attempt to coerce or sell visitors. Consequently, it has established a reputation as being a trusted resource for those looking for car insurance online.

There is no bias and there are no inflated prices. Nor are there any high pressure sales techniques at work. In all, compares well over 120 car insurance companies.

Since the website offers a panel with so many choices, users can find more companies and policies to compare, giving them a better chance of finding exactly what they need at a price that they can afford.

Cost to Use

Although the website provides an invaluable service to users, allowing them to compare, contrast, and choose from multiple car insurance providers, there is no charge for this service. Moreover, a user can stay for as long as desired and investigate the merits and demerits of providers and policies without any limits. Instead of charging the consumer to use their service, the website makes money by receiving a referral commission from insurance companies when a cookie tracks a visitor coming from the website.

However, the user will pay the same price whether clicking on a link from the website or going directly to the insurer’s website.

The only difference then between a direct and an indirect purchase is that by first researching on a user is much more informed about the insurer before landing on their website.

The Unique Rating System

Since there is so much information to sort through when deciding on car insurance, the staff at have simplified the process of finding high quality insurance by creating a unique 5 star rating system. The various providers are rated by how well they satisfy a user’s need.

The closer the match between need and cover, the more stars. On a scale, one star means a low match and five stars means a perfect match. This rating system gives this website a distinct advantage over other similar comparison websites.

Benefits of Comparison Shopping On

The user can enjoy many benefits from comparing car insurance prices and range of services on this website, including the following features:

  • It saves consumers time to compare insurers online to find out the best deal at the lowest price rather than using the telephone or asking for advice from different sources. What can be done easily in an hour online would probably take one or more days to do offline.
  • The top providers and the most suitable services have already been researched and organized with all the pertinent details. So essentially all a user has to do is choose the right options based on their own needs and budget. There is no need to spend hours surfing from one website to another through a search engine like Google or Yahoo.
  • The information and ratings are not biased and no coercive methods are used to push a sale.
  • The website was designed and organized by experts in the car insurance industry, thus it provides users knowledgeable choices and accurate descriptions.
  • The latest online search and security encryption makes this website an easy, convenient and safe place to research, evaluate, and purchase car insurance options. For example, when clicking on a link to visit an insurer’s website, a user does not have to renter all their details all over again.

One Stop Shopping

Initially, compared various car insurance companies and their policies, but it has since evolved to include other insurance and financial sectors.

Today, for example, users can also compare home and travel insurance as well as other choices.

GoCompare Car Insurance Quotes

GoCompare car insurance can help you find the best car insurance deal on the market! GoCompare searches leading car insurance companies to find you the best policy:

  • Enter your details into the easy quote form
  • Compares 110 car insurance companies
  • Special 5 star rating system helps you choose
  • Apply online or go back later; your quote is saved automatically

To provide you with the most competitive quotes GoCompare do not charge you anything to ensure that any quotes you receive are exactly the same if you went directly to the insurers themselves. So what are you waiting for? Go compare with Gocompare Car Insurance today – just click on the link!

As their reputation continues to grow there has been an explosion in the number of Go Compare websites which now include,,,,, ,, www.gocompare. com, www.gocompare.,,,,,,,,, www.gocomparecom and www.go-comparecom.

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Cheap Car Insurance From Aviva Mon, 26 Jul 2010 12:46:23 +0000 admin

Aviva Car InsuranceToday Aviva Car Insurance, formerly Norwich Union, is one of the most recognized names in the car insurance market. Its history dates back to 1797 when the Norwich Union Society for the Insurance of Houses, Stock and Merchandise from Fire was formed.

Now the company is under the umbrella of the Aviva Group, formed after the merger in 2000 of Norwich Union and Commercial Union. It is the 5th largest insurance company in the world, with over 50 million customers in 28 countries. It is the largest insurance company in the UK. Besides selling car insurance, Aviva also has numerous other insurance and financial services.

Although the practice of insurance has changed almost completely since the foundation of Norwich Union, Aviva has continued to set the pace on innovation. For example, they were the insurers who introduced Pay As You Drive, (PAYD), which uses mobile phone technology and GPS to track a car’s mileage and relay it back to the office. This information is then used to determine a rate of insurance fee and the money is deducted from the customer’s account.

Aviva Car Insurance Services

Aviva insures classic cars, antique cars, and modern cars, offering discounts and cash backs on many of its policies. It offers Comprehensive cover, third party fire or theft, and third party cover. There is even Aviva Temporary Insurance.

Transparent Pricing Policy

The insurance quotes are based on using a transparent pricing policy and their website allows a customer to compare their various prices and products. The quotes are customized to suit individual differences, taking into account such factors as mileage, experience, and number of cars a customer wants to insure.

For example, if a customer has low miles, many years of driving experience, and intends to insure more than a single car, he or she will receive generous discounts that will considerably lower the premium.

Named Drivers Can Earn A No Claims Discount

With the Comprehensive cover plan, a named driver is eligible to earn a No Claims Discount. This allows someone sharing a car whose name is on someone else’s policy to begin to build their own insurance records.

Aviva allows them to create an insurance history despite not having their own car or their own insurance policy.

Uninsured Drivers Promise

The Comprehensive cover protects an insured person should they be involved in a collision with an uninsured driver. If the accident was not the fault of an insured driver, his or her No Claims Bonus will remain unaffected. In addition, the insured driver can claim back any paid excess.

Accident Recovery

In the event of an accident, Aviva will recover a customer’s car and take it to an approved garage for repairs. The repairs made at the garage will be protected by a three year guarantee. Aviva will also take the driver and passengers home.

In addition, the customer will be offered a courtesy car until their own car is repaired and on the road again. If the accident was not the fault of the Aviva insured driver, the driver is protected by legal cover for damages, medical expenses, and uninsured losses.

Sign Up Bonus

A new customer who purchases a twelve month policy directly from Aviva and who has had four or more years of a No Claims Discount with their current provider is eligible for two months of free insurance. Moreover, if they made their purchase online, they can save up to 20 percent.

Saving With Aviva

Aviva have calculated that on average, customers can save as much as £212.21 by switching over to them from another car insurance company.

Save 20% on Aviva Car Insurance

Some of the features of Aviva car insurance include:

  • Up to 20% online discount
  • Up to 70% no claims discount*
  • No claims discount for named drivers
  • Multi-car discount
  • Unisured driver promise – don’t lose your no claims
  • Change or renew your policy online

Save up to 20% on Comprehensive Car Insurance Online!

Aviva car insurance is flexible, so it can meet your individual needs, giving you the cover you want at a competitive premium. To see if Aviva car insurance can offer you the best deal on your policy, get more information and apply online, or compare quotes from other leading car insurance providers using our FREE car insurance comparison service.

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A Guide to Young Drivers’ Car Insurance Fri, 23 Jul 2010 19:38:25 +0000 admin

Young Drivers Car InsuranceMany new drivers in the United Kingdom are able to obtain their license at the age 17. By law, young drivers are required to have insurance to operate a motor vehicle. Younger drivers, however, are faced with high premiums because they are more likely to have a claim or an accident on the road.

According to some experts, one third of fatalities are caused by young drivers between the ages of 17 to 25. This factor and others cause the premium of young drivers to be more expensive than mature drivers.

What types of Insurance are Available to Young Drivers?

Third Party Cover
Third party cover only covers the other vehicle in the accident if the young driver is at fault. The young driver’s vehicle will be repaired at their expense, not the insurance company’s expense.

Third Party Cover with Theft and Fire
Third party cover only covers the other vehicle in the accident if the young driver is at fault. The young driver’s vehicle will be repaired at their expense, not the insurance company’s expense. However, this insurance also adds coverage in the event of theft or fire damage.

Fully Comprehensive Cover
Fully comprehensive cover insures both the insured person’s vehicle and the other person’s vehicle in the accident. This insurance may also include medical coverage of the individuals in the vehicles at the time of the accident and damage to personal belongings inside the vehicle.

Why are Premiums higher for Young Drivers?

Young drivers are also more likely to file a claim for theft, fire, or vandalism to the vehicle. The more claims the young driver is likely to have the higher the premium will become. Younger drivers are more likely to show off their new driving skills to a car full of friends. They become distracted while talking to friends and are more likely to cause an accident. This factor may raise premiums. Younger drivers are also more likely to be involved in an accident within two years after passing their driving test. According to these same statistics, during the first year of driving, one in five young drivers will have an accident on the road. Insurance companies take all of these factors into consideration when calculating premiums for car insurance. The more risk the person carries, the higher the premium will become.

How to save Money on Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

1. Young drivers seeking to save money should consider a vehicle that is simple with a small engine. High performance cars with expensive tires, spoilers and other features will increase the cost of the insurance. Expensive cars will also increase the cost of insurance. Insurance companies factor in the cost of replacing expensive features.

2. Young drivers should also avoid becoming an additional driver on their parent’s insurance. This prolongs the time that the young driver will qualify for a “no-claims” discount. The no-claims discount basically awards drivers a discount at certain intervals if the driver has no claims.

Typically, the maximum amount is 70%. Drivers may achieve this discount after 3 to 5 years with no claims. No claims discounts are typically transferable to other insurance companies. Therefore, individuals want to qualify as early as possible for the no claims discount.

3. Drivers should also not insure the car in the parents’ name and include themselves as the main driver. This is termed “fronting.” In the event of an accident, the claim may not be paid.

4. Young drivers may also take a driving course in order to lower the cost of insurance. This is known as the “Pass Plus” program. The driver is required to take night courses that entail motorway and town traffic driving techniques. When the young driver receives his or her certificate, he or she can save as much as 35% on car insurance.

5. Weigh the options of whether or not the young driver needs third party cover or fully comprehensive cover. Third party cover will only cover the other person’s vehicle in the event of an accident. This may lower your cost for insurance as well.

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A Guide To Car Insurance Policies Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:16:53 +0000 admin

Car Insurance Policy TypesUK drivers have three basic types of car insurance cover to choose from. Each of these types of car cover provides different types of liability coverage against theft, accidents, fires, natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

As a result, drivers can choose from amongst these policies to pay for different types of liability protection.

To understand why this happens here’s a quick guide about UK car insurance cover types that introduces to readers the types of car insurance policies that are available in the UK. The guide briefly describes to readers what each policy covers and how people can purchase the insurance. It also describes to readers who can purchase these policies.

Third Party Only Cover

The most basic form of car insurance cover that is available in the UK is something called Third Party Only Cover.

Most UK drivers are probably very familiar with this insurance cover because every driver must carry this policy by law. It is the most basic type of insurance cover that drivers can buy because it provides liability protection for only the most common types of mishaps and accidents. As a result, Third Party Only cover is used to cover drivers against several liabilities including:

  • Liability for accidents that occur when a trailer is attached to a vehicle.
  • Damage to other people’s property as the result of negligence or an accident.
  • Personal injury claims that other drivers or passengers have as the result of an accident or negligence.
  • Damages created by passengers who act carelessly while in riding with a driver.

Since every driver is required to obtain this insurance cover, drivers can easily purchase this cover online or in person through an insurance underwriter that sells car insurance cover.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance

A more comprehensive car insurance cover policy is called Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance.

This cover provides liability protection that goes beyond the most common types of mishaps and accidents. It includes liability protection for such things as:

  • Damages that happen to a vehicle as the result of a theft.
  • Liabilities that happen when a stolen vehicle is never recovered.
  • Damages that happen to a vehicle when it’s been in a fire.
  • Injuries that happen to passengers while riding in a vehicle that’s been in a fire.

Most drivers can purchase Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance from a local insurance underwriter that specialises in selling TPFT insurance cover and comprehensive insurance cover. These underwriters often offer several types of policies that offer varying degrees of protection against fire or theft. By comparing rates online and in person, most drivers can find a reasonably priced policy that provides all of the protection they need against fire or theft liabilities.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Finally, drivers may also purchase Fully Comprehensive insurance cover for their vehicles:

As the name implies, Fully Comprehensive insurance cover provides protection against all of the liabilities mentioned above. It also protects drivers in other situations including:

  • Damage inflected on vehicles by their owners.
  • Damage caused by vandals.
  • Damage caused by other drivers as the result of an accident.
  • Breakdown cover that covers liabilities that happen when vehicles breakdown out in the open.

This extra protection for drivers and their vehicles makes Fully Comprehensive insurance cover a great value insurance policy.

As a result, drivers who wish to take out a Fully Comprehensive insurance cover policy can find several online car insurance underwriters who sell value-added car insurance policies to choose from. These underwriters often add extra perks such as a courtesy car and coverage while driving abroad to entice people to buy these policies.

This makes it a good idea to carefully consider several Fully Comprehensive policies to find the best deals round. This is true because many of these “perks” often cost more money to use in the long run.

To summarise, UK car insurance companies offer three types of basic car insurance cover policies to drivers. Each policy provides different types of protection against theft, fire and negligence. As a result, it’s a good idea to look at several policies beforehand to find out which policies will offer you the best protection for your needs.

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A Guide To Performance Car Insurance Thu, 22 Jul 2010 20:05:24 +0000 admin

Performance Car InsuranceIn the UK performance car insurance is essentially designed to protect cars that owners may have personalised. Although you may be able to find an insurance company that offers a very low price, it is very unlikely. Your performance car cover policy will depend on the type of insurance that you have.

For example, you could have third party only coverage, third party coverage, fire and theft coverage, or full coverage.

In addition to this cost, your cost will depend on how old your car is, the type of car that you own, and how much your car has been modified. Certain modifications will cause you to pay more for your performance car insurance. Before you add a new modification to your car, it is important for you to check with your insurance company.

Performance cars usually cost more than other insurance policies. This is because performance cars have been statistically more likely to be involved in very expensive accidents. Performance cars cost more to repair than your everyday car. In addition, many insurance companies believe that some modifications can impact the handling of a car in a negative fashion. Of course, the price of your insurance also depends on whether or not it was built from a kit, imported, modified, or prestige. Whether or not it just has a powerful engine also plays a part.

How To Find Cheap Performance Car Insurance

The first thing that you will need to do is understand the difference between a high performance sports car and a modified car. A high performance sports car would be a Mercedes or a Porsche. A modified car is simply something that you have worked on. These cars will cost more on your insurance policy.

The best thing that you can do is wait until you are at least thirty years old before you modify your car or purchase a high performance sports car. This is because your premiums will fall for two reasons. Your premiums will fall as a result of age and as a result of your possible no claims discount.

You may also want to obtain your insurance from an insurer who specialises in performance car insurance. They will have a deeper understanding of your car. In addition they will be able to tell if your car really does pose as a danger. You can even take an advanced driving course to lessen your chances of a very high performance insurance policy cost. An example of an advanced driving course would be the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

You can also increase the amount of excess on your policy. Before you do this you need to remember that the excess is the amount that you are willing to pay out of your own pocket when your file a claim. This is not the best idea if you are not sure what to do. You need to make sure that your excess will make a significant difference on your final insurance premium. In addition, you need to understand that your excess will be the amount that you personally pay if you need to file a claim. This means that if you file a claim that happens to be lower than your excess, you will be forced to pay the entire amount.

Optional Extras

Some performance car insurance companies offer different extra features that you can add to your policy. Some of the more popular extras include the following:

  • Legal expenses coverage covers the legal costs that may not already be in your policy.
  • Breakdown coverage is great for older cars. You can have basic coverage or full coverage. Full coverage even provides home start services.
  • Glass coverage provides protection against windows.
  • Road rage coverage provides coverage f you have been injured as a result of a road rage accident.
  • Agreed value means that you will receive more than your car’s market value if it has been written off.
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