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Go Compare Car Car Insurance has earned a reputation as one of the best price comparison websites in the UK. The company is not a broker, but an aggregator. This means that it does not recommend certain insurance companies nor suggest specific policies, but instead merely offers a platform for price and product comparisons.

This lack of bias has made it a popular website because it does not attempt to coerce or sell visitors. Consequently, it has established a reputation as being a trusted resource for those looking for car insurance online.

There is no bias and there are no inflated prices. Nor are there any high pressure sales techniques at work. In all, compares well over 120 car insurance companies.

Since the website offers a panel with so many choices, users can find more companies and policies to compare, giving them a better chance of finding exactly what they need at a price that they can afford.

Cost to Use

Although the website provides an invaluable service to users, allowing them to compare, contrast, and choose from multiple car insurance providers, there is no charge for this service. Moreover, a user can stay for as long as desired and investigate the merits and demerits of providers and policies without any limits. Instead of charging the consumer to use their service, the website makes money by receiving a referral commission from insurance companies when a cookie tracks a visitor coming from the website.

However, the user will pay the same price whether clicking on a link from the website or going directly to the insurer’s website.

The only difference then between a direct and an indirect purchase is that by first researching on a user is much more informed about the insurer before landing on their website.

The Unique Rating System

Since there is so much information to sort through when deciding on car insurance, the staff at have simplified the process of finding high quality insurance by creating a unique 5 star rating system. The various providers are rated by how well they satisfy a user’s need.

The closer the match between need and cover, the more stars. On a scale, one star means a low match and five stars means a perfect match. This rating system gives this website a distinct advantage over other similar comparison websites.

Benefits of Comparison Shopping On

The user can enjoy many benefits from comparing car insurance prices and range of services on this website, including the following features:

  • It saves consumers time to compare insurers online to find out the best deal at the lowest price rather than using the telephone or asking for advice from different sources. What can be done easily in an hour online would probably take one or more days to do offline.
  • The top providers and the most suitable services have already been researched and organized with all the pertinent details. So essentially all a user has to do is choose the right options based on their own needs and budget. There is no need to spend hours surfing from one website to another through a search engine like Google or Yahoo.
  • The information and ratings are not biased and no coercive methods are used to push a sale.
  • The website was designed and organized by experts in the car insurance industry, thus it provides users knowledgeable choices and accurate descriptions.
  • The latest online search and security encryption makes this website an easy, convenient and safe place to research, evaluate, and purchase car insurance options. For example, when clicking on a link to visit an insurer’s website, a user does not have to renter all their details all over again.

One Stop Shopping

Initially, compared various car insurance companies and their policies, but it has since evolved to include other insurance and financial sectors.

Today, for example, users can also compare home and travel insurance as well as other choices.

GoCompare Car Insurance Quotes

GoCompare car insurance can help you find the best car insurance deal on the market! GoCompare searches leading car insurance companies to find you the best policy:

  • Enter your details into the easy quote form
  • Compares 110 car insurance companies
  • Special 5 star rating system helps you choose
  • Apply online or go back later; your quote is saved automatically

To provide you with the most competitive quotes GoCompare do not charge you anything to ensure that any quotes you receive are exactly the same if you went directly to the insurers themselves. So what are you waiting for? Go compare with Gocompare Car Insurance today – just click on the link!

As their reputation continues to grow there has been an explosion in the number of Go Compare websites which now include,,,,, ,, www.gocompare. com, www.gocompare.,,,,,,,,, www.gocomparecom and www.go-comparecom.

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