Car Insurance Groups List Explained

Car Insurance Groups ExplainedIt is important to be aware of the different kinds of insurances that are provided for cars in the UK. If you are planning on buying a car, make sure you are aware of the system and how the rating is done by the insurance groups to be able to get the best insurance premium you can find.

A new car will come into an insurance group which is rated between 1 and 20. This is something which is done very systematically and that will depend a lot on the kind of car you want to insure, and the lower the risk, the lower the insurance. You can easily find which cars come under which insurance group and calculate the cost of your insurance accordingly.

Insurance groups

The groups have been created by the members of Association of British insurers and the rules are set on very simple criteria like how much will the car cost in case it got damaged or it needed repair. If you are the owner of a high quality car, the repair of the car will of course be higher. Another factor that will be taken into consideration would be the time that it will take for you to get your car repaired. If you are driving a sports car or a foreign car, then getting those kinds of cars repaired may take longer time than the ordinary car.

The value of the car also plays a very important role in the classification. The more expensive car will go in the higher premium list. The price of the parts of the car will also play a very important role in defining the insurance group.

Other very important factors that an insurance company would look into will include the car performance. What kind of car is it and if it is a high performance car, and also whether it has an inbuilt security system or a security alarm system set up to avoid theft.

How to find out what insurance group your car is in

It is very important to be able to check which cars come under which insurance, as depending on the group, there can be a very big difference on the amount of premium you are paying for a kind of car and this is something which is going to make a very big difference on the way how you handle your finances. There are many websites you can visit and get information from them on the list of vehicles and which groups they come under to be able to determine which car will suit your budget and capabilities.

What do the safety numbers mean?

Most new cars also have a security rating, based on features like alarms and immobilizers, which can affect a car’s insurance group. The ratings are:

  • E = Exceeds the security requirements for a car of this type and so is in a lower group. A group 8 car with this security level would be rated 7E.
  • A = Acceptablesecurity for the car’s group.
  • P = Provisional rating, because there was incomplete data when the model of car was launched.
  • D = Does not meet the security requirements for a car of this type, and the group has been increased. A group 8 car with this rating would be listed as 9D.
  • U = Unacceptable Cars with this rating have security significantly below the standard. You might have to install some new security features before you can get cover.

Understanding what the group ratings mean gives you the power to make an informed decision on buying a car and how much the ongoing costs like motor insurance will be.

Trying to find a balance in the insurance of a car

There are a few things you may also want to consider when you are facing the possibility of having to pay a very high premium for a car you have already brought or wish to buy and they will include the ability to be able to build a no claims discount. You can also agree to have a mileage limit, as this will definitely reduce the cost of the insurance premium as well.

There are many companies in the insurance sector who are able to give you some very good deals depending on the kind of insurance policy you want. It is however, important for you to do a bit of research and find which companies are giving you the best prices and what is the difference between some of the options you can go for.

If you are able to check the different groups and get the idea of the prices of insurance before you buy your car this will be the best way of handling the situation. You can go on to consider different kinds of models and makes and go deeper into the details. There are things like a car being too heavy or painted in an specific color which will make a difference on whether the car belongs to a higher insurance group or not.