Car Insurance For Hybrid Vehicles – Eco Friendly Motor Insurance

Hybrid Car InsuranceOver the years, automotive engineers and manufacturers have created a sophisticated new breed of vehicles known as hybrids which offer consumers many unique advantages over traditional vehicles. These benefits include better petrol consumption, cleaner emissions, and performance and speed that matches regular vehicles. In fact, the UK road tax authorities even reward some models, like Prius and Civic, for their low emissions by giving tax exemptions.

Although hybrids appear to be more expensive than regular cars, this perspective changes when you factor in that they offer numerous luxury features–like climate air conditioning, for example–as standard.

Demand for hybrids is high, with sales surpassing two million vehicles. Of this market share, Honda has dominated the Japanese market with 300,000 sales while Ford has dominated the American market with 120,000 sales. Additionally, many traditional manufacturers in Europe, like Volkswagen and Porsche, for example, are now entering the market.

Traditional Motor Vehicle Insurance

Although the general consensus for years has been that hybrid cars are more cost efficient in many ways because they minimize speed consumption and discourage speeding, traditional insurers are reluctant to offer generous discounts for hybrids. They insist on high quotes despite the fact that and that those who buy these vehicles tend to be careful drivers and environmentally-aware consumers.

So while hybrids are becoming increasingly popular with car buying consumers, insurance companies remain wary and will not offer cheaper premiums. Their main concern is the cost of repairs for the more sophisticated components, in particular the powertrains. For example, Toyota has two versions of the Highlander model. One is a regular vehicle, the other is a hybrid. When it comes to repairs, the hybrid will cost more.

However, the truth is that if you ask a traditional insurance company about insuring your Toyota Prius or your Lexus GS450h, for example, they don’t know how to evaluate these leading edge technologies. Since they don’t understand the advanced technologies, they make assumptions about the components. Consequently, they set high premiums to defend against the possibility of a component being more easily damaged or costing more to repair. Sometimes, in fact, they may be so bewildered that they refuse to offer any insurance at all, especially for sophisticated hybrids imported from Japan or the USA.

Finding Specialist Hybrid Car Insurance

The way to get around the conservative price structure of traditional insurers is to seek a company that offers specialist car insurance and is more progressive when it comes to encouraging new technologies. Because these insurers are in a niche market, they have much more expertise in understanding the many variables related to hybrid technology. This expertise allows them to offer reasonable quotes for cars that have been modified to protect the environment. In addition, since many hybrid cars fall under the classification of imported cars, they are able to accommodate this factor, too.

Specialist insurers offer a refreshingly different approach to a hybrid car, including those made in Europe, Japan, or the USA. For one thing, they recognise that those who buy hybrid vehicles are much more likely to take diligent care of their cars and trucks and perform scheduled maintenance for their upkeep. They also recognize that these car owners are much more likely to drive responsibly. They reason that if someone is willing to pay more for a sophisticated machine, it only makes sense that they are also willing to look after their new investment and use it wisely. Moreover, unlike traditional insurers, they actually comprehend advanced technology.

Essentially, then, what a specialist insurance company can do is offer high quality insurance for low prices because they understand that the type of people that buy hybrids are often likely to be conscientious, proactive, responsible, and environmentally-aware people. In addition, they understand many of the unique technological features of hybrids. Their representatives know the difference between a Ford Escape Hybrid and the Honda Accord Hybrid. Besides offering lower prices, they may suggest ways to get generous discounts, like installing a car alarm or other theft-prevention device for instance.