A Guide to Multi-Car Insurance

Multi Car InsuranceAs you can derive from the name, multi-car car insurance was designed to allow consumers to insure more than one car with only one policy. Many people love this policy because it allows them to have as many as five cars and insure them with the same policy as long as they are registered to the same address.

By insuring all of your cars on the same policy, you have the chance to cover your husband, your wife, child, and yourself. You can even insure a friend on your policy if that friend lives at the same address. Although you may think that having a multi-car car insurance policy could cost a fortune, it actually saves you money. This is mainly because you are giving your car insurance company more business. In addition, you are simplifying your bills.

Your multi-car car insurance company will give you additional discounts for each car that you have on your policy. You can receive up to a thirty percent discount just for having more than one car on your policy. In addition, you could pass your no claims discounts to other cars on the same cover.

The multi-car car insurance system is available for third party coverage, third party fire and theft coverage, and even full coverage.

Insurance companies that offer the multi-car car insurance policy use the multi-car insurance system. This system essentially rewards you for giving your business to the same insurance company.

What to Look For In A Multi-Car Insurance Policy

When you are looking for an affordable multi-car car insurance policy, there are a few things that you will need to pay close attention to. For example, you will need to pay close attention to the renewal dates on your multi-car insurance policy. Many insurance companies will link all of your renewal dates together. This can become extremely expensive if you are paying your insurance company on a yearly basis. If your insurance company links your renewal dates together, you may want to make sure that you can pay them on a monthly basis instead of annually. This is a simple and effective way to break down the expenses and make them more affordable.

You also want to make sure that you can change your car in the middle of your policy term. You never know when something may come up. In addition, you want to make sure that your no claims account is protected. Your no claims account may be in danger by choosing a multi-car car insurance policy. For example, if another driver on your policy has an accident, you need to make sure that the insurance company is willing to get rid of his or her no claims discount instead of getting rid of yours. It takes years to build up your no claim discount. It only takes one second to get rid of it all.

Make sure that you know who is going to drive what car. In the case of some insurance companies that offer the multi-car car insurance policy, you will only be allowed to drive the cars that you have had registered under your name. This can become quite bothersome if it is something that you do not want.

Lastly, the best thing that you can look out for is great value and affordable prices. A multi-car car insurance policy will mean absolutely nothing if you can still save money by using a simple car insurance policy. Do not hesitate to ask for quotes. Find out if you can receive more discounts by doing things such as adding security systems or parking your cars in a garage.