Finding Cheap New Driver Car Insurance

Car Insurance For New DriversWhile a new driver may be excited to finally qualify to drive on the road, this enthusiasm is not shared by many insurance companies. Naturally, this is disappointing for the new driver, especially considering how much time and effort was spent in learning and practising before their competence was certified with a driver’s license. Unfortunately, this achievement is seldom acknowledged by a car insurance company.

Instead of admiration for an accomplishment, insurers generally tend to view the new driver as inexperienced and a high risk. Consequently, they usually ask for a high premium, which, on average, can be around £2500. Although this high price range almost appears to be punitive, the new driver should persist in shopping for reasonable rates and finding ways to get discounts.

Car Insurance Fronting

Due to the high cost of car insurance for new drivers, a practice followed in the past before it became illegal was “car insurance fronting.”

An older, more experienced driver would put their name down on the policy.

For example, a parent might put their name down as the policyholder to reduce the cost of insurance.

Sometimes this sly technique of getting insured cut down the cost by at least half of the original quote.

No Claims Bonus Eligibility

If you are on another person’s policy, that is, not the main driver or policy holder, an insurance company will not let you have a No Claims Bonus for as long as you are a named driver. This means that named drivers can’t work towards separately building their no claims. Consequently, when the new driver gets insurance under their own name, they have to start from the beginning. It’s advisable to choose an insurance company that will give a no claims bonus to named drivers if the new driver won’t be the policyholder.

Voluntary Excess

By opting for a higher excess on premiums, which is also called voluntary excess, a new driver can lower car insurance costs. If the excess is £250, a new driver should ask for the maximum excess. While the excess may rise to double the amount, it will result in a cheaper quote. An excess means that in the event of an accident in which the new driver is judged to be at fault, the new driver must first pay £500 to get their car repaired before the rest of the claim is paid by the car insurance company.

Advanced Training Discount

A new driver is eligible for a discount up to 35 percent upon the successful completion of an advanced training course like Pass Plus, provided this is done within a year of passing the driving test. The course does not require a test to be passed. Instead the new driver has to acquire experience driving under many types of road conditions.

High Performance Cars

Sometimes a new driver may be tempted to buy one of the top cars on the road, but this is not a good idea from the perspective of getting cheaper insurance. An insurer views an expensive car as requiring expensive repairs and will charge more for coverage. It’s advisable to buy a standard, run of the mill car in the beginning, then get a high performance car later on when more experienced.

How to Find a Good Insurance Company

When shopping for a quote, a new driver will frequently be disappointed to run across one expensive quote after another. The only way to get a reasonable quote is to do a lot of research. The Internet is a good place to do this research because most car insurance companies have an online presence. By surfing on the Internet, it is possible to get numerous quotes and to compare multiple car insurance companies much faster than any other way. It should be remembered that only the first year is particularly difficult for new drivers. In the second year, the price will significantly drop, many times falling below £1000