Car Insurance For Those Over 50 Years Old

Over 50s Car InsuranceWhen the time comes to pay for car insurance, your age and experience behind the wheel will definitely work to your advantage. Drivers over the age of 50 are favoured because many of them have had their licence for at least 25 years, they are likely to qualify for a discount because they haven’t filed a claim for at least 10 years—and they are also more self-controlled when they are in the driver’s seat.

This puts them in the low-risk category, and it also makes them very insurable.

Insurance companies want your business

Those companies that only insure drivers in this age bracket offer less expensive yearly premiums because older drivers are less likely to have an accident. People over the age of 50 are also inclined to prefer older-style cars, which come with fewer of the proverbial “bells and whistles” that can become a distraction to a driver. Also, those older drivers who do upgrade to a newer model will receive an extended warranty, and if the unexpected happens, both they and their insurer will be spared the expense of repairing the vehicle.

Conducting your search for an insurer

As you shop for a policy that meets your needs, be on the lookout for a special offer that includes breakdown cover, a month’s cover, or free cover for 52 days. To start, decide whether you need fire-and-theft, third-party, or comprehensive cover, or if a multi-car discount is really what you are after. In addition, whenever you switch to a new car insurer (which is something you should consider doing every year), you can receive online and introductory discounts, which will save you as much as 20% during the first year.

The best approach

Do not restrict yourself to one comparison website when you are looking for the best deal. The wisest approach is to visit all three of them and then go directly to the insurers themselves for your quotes, armed with the information you have gathered. Note that, at the present time, the car insurance market for those over the age of 50 is very active. Over the past 50 years or so, life expectancy has increased considerably because of the advances made in the field of medicine, more than 30% of the work force in the UK is above the age of 50, and this demographic is of interest to insurers.

Your various car cover options

A number of car insurance companies in the UK have been created to meet the increasing demand of drivers over the age of 50. Those prominent in the market include SAGA Group Privilege, Castle Cover and Endsleigh Insurance. Many of the standard policies they offer include special benefits, such as a courtesy vehicle, emergency extra-driver cover, breakdown discounts, and breakdown cover, which might be of special interest to you.

Other choices that might be available to you in selecting your policy include additional discounts for cars that are at least four years old, cover for keys that are lost or stolen, and overnight garaging. Personal accident cover, 24-hour claims service, speedy repairs, a low-mileage discount, and a 90-day cover while you are travelling in Europe may also be offered to you.

Filing car accident claims

The longer drivers over the age of 50 is able to maintain a claim-free driving record, the larger the discount or bonus they are offered may be, and the car insurance companies’ quotes will be quite low as well. The fact that people in this age bracket travel less extensively than younger drivers also works in their favour, because they are also less likely to become involved in an accident.