A Guide To Car Insurance Policies

Car Insurance Policy TypesUK drivers have three basic types of car insurance cover to choose from. Each of these types of car cover provides different types of liability coverage against theft, accidents, fires, natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

As a result, drivers can choose from amongst these policies to pay for different types of liability protection.

To understand why this happens here’s a quick guide about UK car insurance cover types that introduces to readers the types of car insurance policies that are available in the UK. The guide briefly describes to readers what each policy covers and how people can purchase the insurance. It also describes to readers who can purchase these policies.

Third Party Only Cover

The most basic form of car insurance cover that is available in the UK is something called Third Party Only Cover.

Most UK drivers are probably very familiar with this insurance cover because every driver must carry this policy by law. It is the most basic type of insurance cover that drivers can buy because it provides liability protection for only the most common types of mishaps and accidents. As a result, Third Party Only cover is used to cover drivers against several liabilities including:

  • Liability for accidents that occur when a trailer is attached to a vehicle.
  • Damage to other people’s property as the result of negligence or an accident.
  • Personal injury claims that other drivers or passengers have as the result of an accident or negligence.
  • Damages created by passengers who act carelessly while in riding with a driver.

Since every driver is required to obtain this insurance cover, drivers can easily purchase this cover online or in person through an insurance underwriter that sells car insurance cover.

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance

A more comprehensive car insurance cover policy is called Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance.

This cover provides liability protection that goes beyond the most common types of mishaps and accidents. It includes liability protection for such things as:

  • Damages that happen to a vehicle as the result of a theft.
  • Liabilities that happen when a stolen vehicle is never recovered.
  • Damages that happen to a vehicle when it’s been in a fire.
  • Injuries that happen to passengers while riding in a vehicle that’s been in a fire.

Most drivers can purchase Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance from a local insurance underwriter that specialises in selling TPFT insurance cover and comprehensive insurance cover. These underwriters often offer several types of policies that offer varying degrees of protection against fire or theft. By comparing rates online and in person, most drivers can find a reasonably priced policy that provides all of the protection they need against fire or theft liabilities.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Finally, drivers may also purchase Fully Comprehensive insurance cover for their vehicles:

As the name implies, Fully Comprehensive insurance cover provides protection against all of the liabilities mentioned above. It also protects drivers in other situations including:

  • Damage inflected on vehicles by their owners.
  • Damage caused by vandals.
  • Damage caused by other drivers as the result of an accident.
  • Breakdown cover that covers liabilities that happen when vehicles breakdown out in the open.

This extra protection for drivers and their vehicles makes Fully Comprehensive insurance cover a great value insurance policy.

As a result, drivers who wish to take out a Fully Comprehensive insurance cover policy can find several online car insurance underwriters who sell value-added car insurance policies to choose from. These underwriters often add extra perks such as a courtesy car and coverage while driving abroad to entice people to buy these policies.

This makes it a good idea to carefully consider several Fully Comprehensive policies to find the best deals round. This is true because many of these “perks” often cost more money to use in the long run.

To summarise, UK car insurance companies offer three types of basic car insurance cover policies to drivers. Each policy provides different types of protection against theft, fire and negligence. As a result, it’s a good idea to look at several policies beforehand to find out which policies will offer you the best protection for your needs.