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Sheila's Wheels Car Insurance ReviewsSheila’s Wheels car insurance, which is also well known by the title of Sheila’s Wheels motor insurance, may be most famous in the United Kingdom for the catchy jingle it uses in its advertising campaign.

However, Sheelas Wheels is actually based completely in the United Kingdom and does not have any links to Australia. Rather, the company’s name Sheila is simply a reference to a slang term for women in Australian English. The company is part of the large insurance corporation Esure.

However, it has a specific focus of catering to female clients and customers, as prior research conducted by insurance companies has indicated that female drivers are less likely to be involved in driving accidents and less likely to receive driving convictions on their records in comparison to male drivers, who are more likely to experience accidents and suffer convictions.

The goal of Sheilas’ Wheels, therefore, is to take advantage of the reduced number of claims its customers put forth and pass on the resultant savings.

Sheela’s Wheels car insurance benefits

One incentive Sheilas’ Wheels offers its customers to drive in a safe manner is the possibility of reducing their car insurance premiums over time through avoidance of posting claims. When you keep from posting claims over an extended period of time, you can potentially save up to 75% off your existing premium rate.

If you can drive for 5 or more years without filing a claim, you become eligible for the baseline no claim discount, which is 70% off your premium rate immediately.

This discount will rise by 1% for every additional year without claims in which you choose to renew the Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance policy you are enrolled in. These discounts, as mentioned earlier, will extend to a maximum of 75%.

Are female drivers the only ones who can benefit from Sheilas’ Wheels offers?

Although Sheilas’ Wheels is predominantly focused on female drivers, and as a result, offers numerous benefits exclusively toward female drivers, male drivers are still allowed to take out policies related to Sheilas’ Wheels.

Additionally, female drivers are free to add significant male figures in their lives, such as husbands, partners, brothers, and sons as extra drivers on their vehicles and policies.

What are some of the other benefits offered by Sheilas’ Wheels to its client base?

There are numerous other benefits of being a customer of Sheilas’ Wheels besides the no claims savings described above. For example, you can choose among several different levels of cover, such as comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft cover, and third party only cover.

If you choose to enroll in the comprehensive level of car insurance cover, you will be able to drive a courtesy car if your vehicle is ever damaged and requires a repair by a mechanic approved by the insurance company.

Additionally, members enrolled at the comprehensive level of car insurance cover can also receive handbag cover worth up to 300 pounds.

This will assist you if your handbag or the contents of your handbag are stolen or damaged while your handbag is in your vehicle. You will also have access to call centres that are based only in the United Kingdom. You can additionally benefit from an insurance claims line that stays open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This claims line is confidential and free and is designed to assist callers with any issues they have, whether or not they are related to driving. Other options you can sign up for are motor breakdown assistance with Greenflag, which means you will receive help in the form of road side assistance if your vehicle ever experiences a break down on the motorway. Additionally, you can also sign up for motor legal protection that is valued at up to 50,000 pounds.

1/3 Off Car Insurance For Women

Some of the benefits of Sheela’s Wheels car insurance include:

  • New customers save a third when you buy online
  • 75% no claims discount (with at least 5 years of no claims)
  • Courtesy car available whilst yours is at a recommended repairer
  • Optional cover for handbags and contents worth up to £300
  • 24hr helpline for conifdential counselling on any issue

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