A Guide To Student Car Insurance

Student Car InsuranceMoney is not always easy to come by for students enrolled in university, and it can be a frequent challenge when it comes to making payments for car insurance. Even though young drivers and students only make up seven percent of the market for car insurance in the UK, students and young drivers pay twenty two percent of car insurance premiums in the UK.

The primary reason why it is difficult to find cheap car insurance for students is because students are considered to be in a high risk category of drivers. The Association of British Insurers has indicated that eighteen year old drivers experience up to three times as many accidents when driving as do drivers who are between fifty and sixty years old. Additionally, students are more likely to live in areas with higher crime rates.

When looking for a car insurance policy, what should students look for?

It is likely that the primary focus of most young drivers will be on how to find car insurance while spending the least amount of money. This is understandable, given the financial situations of most students. However, if you have the financial means, try to look past the prices of insurance policies and instead make it a priority of find the student car insurance policies that offer the levels of cover you are looking for.

Think about whether you need extra policy features such as the ability to rent a courtesy car when travelling from your home to your uni. Such a feature might come in handy if you would be left stranded without your vehicle.

Typically, though, the main objective of students will be to find cheap student car insurance. In such cases, you can look into options like third party insurance only, or insurance with fire and theft cover provided by a third party, instead of comprehensive cover; this is a good idea if you drive a car that is inexpensive, as comprehensive cover may result in higher annual premiums than the actual value of the vehicle.

How can a student save money on student car insurance in the UK?

There are numerous extra ways to spend less money on student car insurance rates:

  • Try to buy a car that has a small engine and that has not been modified.
  • Think about installing an alarm into your car, as well as an immobiliser; both can result in insurance discounts. Additionally, you may also save if you can park overnight in a garage or in an area that is well lit.
  • Try to stick with a mileage limit. The less you drive per year, the lower your rates may become.
  • Look around for no claims discounts. Numerous insurance providers may offer rapid bonus benefits to students that allow them to earn up to a year’s discount on their insurance rates after approximately nine months.
  • If you finish the Pass Plus course once you have completed your driving test, you may be able to earn a ten percent or greater discount during your first year of driving.
  • Look for as many different quotes as you can find to save money.

Additional information about student car insurance cover in the UK

It is important to remember that the cost of your cover will depend on the kind of cover you select; common options include third party only cover, fire and theft cover, third party extended cover, and fully comprehensive cover. You can typically upgrade your cover from lower cover to fully comprehensive cover depending on your available finances.

Optional extras to consider when signing up for student car insurance include cover for road rage, glass, breakdown, and legal expenses. Ways to save money on your cover include opting for additional car insurance cover, driving carefully, increasing the excess you have on your policy, going online, and shopping around for the best deals.