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Swift cover Car InsuranceSwift Cover Car Insurance, an emerging company in the UK with numerous cover choices and comparatively cheaper insurance, has managed to conserve costs by preferring an Internet presence to a brick-and-mortar establishment.

This savings in expenses has a huge impact on the success of this business. By saving on the overhead of a physical complex, the company has a distinct competitive edge over more conservative businesses because the savings are passed on to the consumer. Since saving money and time is a big draw, this insurance company is popular with those who are net savvy enough to buy insurance online.

Although the idea of running an entirely virtual insurance business may shock the normally conservative insurance industry, who often pride themselves on the solid trust established by a physical location, Swift Cover Car Insurance offers the buying public some unique advantages.

Advantages of Buying Swift cover Car Insurance Online

By doing business online, customers are able to enjoy the following advantages:

1. They can get quick insurance quotes without spending time travelling to a designated office or waiting for a representative to handle a telephone inquiry. In fact, it’s possible to get a quote in a minute.

2. There is no hassle in either getting a quote or assuming full control of an insurance policy at any desired time. There is no need to rush to an office during working hours and there is no queue to stand in.

3. The savings from low overheads is passed on to the customer, resulting in cheap insurance without stinting on the quality or range of cover. In fact, according to research conducted by moneysupermarket.com, Swift Cover offered cheaper insurance than more than fifty other providers. Not only do they offer cheap insurance, but they offer cheaper insurance than competitors.

After analyzing 13.7 million price quotes on moneysupermarket.com in 2010, one out of five people considered Swift Cover offered the lowest price. This is a point of pride and the company offers a two week money back guarantee if a new customer can find a cheaper insurance. Customers who can find a superior offer are entitled to get a full refund from the date their contract began.

4. Once a policy is paid, it goes into immediate effect. There is no need for documents to arrive by mail before the contract is considered legally binding.

5. The customer helpline is not outsourced to another country, something easily possible and often done by the sophisticated telecommunications industry. Instead the helpline is centred in the UK.

6. Customers can review and track their claims online at any time on any day.

7. Work done by approved mechanics or garages have a 5 year guarantee against defective repairs.

8. If there is a claim, a car is picked up and delivered to a repair shop at no charge. Once the car is repaired, both inside and outside are cleaned free.

Types Of Swiftcover Insurance Available

The insurance company offers third party insurance for fire and theft. In addition, it offers comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive coverage includes:

  • Repair of a damaged car
  • Replacement of a stolen car.
  • Cover for injury to the policyholder.
  • Cover for injury to other people.
  • Cover for damage to other cars and properties.
  • Windshield replacement or repair if damaged.
  • Car Stereo replacement or repair if stolen or damaged.

Additional Car Cover

Customers can also sign up for additional cover. This cover includes:

  • Legal cover up to £50,000.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Replacement car cover.
  • Breakdown emergency roadside assistance.
  • No Claims Discount protection if there has not been a claim in four years.

Cheap Swiftcover Car Insurance Quotes Online

Swiftcover car insurance is only available online, making the service quick, easy and hassle free. Swiftcover car insurance quotes can be obtained in just 60 seconds! Because Swiftcover car insurance is all managed online you get added bonuses including:

  • Immediate access to documents – just print them out
  • Money back guarantee if you find a cheaper quote elsewhere
  • Speedy quotes in less than 60 seconds!

The services which Swiftcover offer are well documented on the internet, with online sites such as www.swiftcover.co.uk, www.swiftcover.com, www.swift-cover.co.uk, www.swift-cover.com, www.swiftinsurance.co.uk and www.swiftinsurance.com all highlighting what the company can do for you.

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