Car Insurance For Teenage Drivers – Finding A Cheap Online Quote

Teenage Car InsuranceThe joy in finally passing the driving test and obtaining a license to drive is a significant milestone in the life of a teenager. The harsh reality of adult life quickly sets in as the teenager learns about taxes that must be paid and a MOT certificate that must be issued.

These issues pale in comparison to the most costly and important issue concerning the privilege to drive. Car insurance is available but an educated consumer (teenager) will be able to make a better decision if some education on the subject takes place first.

How To Find The Cheapest Car Insurance For Teenagers

Car insurance for young drivers is expensive. The main reason for the increased cost of car insurance for younger drivers is the statistical evidence that drivers from the age of seventeen (17) to twenty-five (25) are more likely to be in an accident than older more experienced drivers.

The statistics show that most seventeen year olds are able to take and subsequently pass the driving test within six months of taking the initial driving lessons.

The inexperience of driving and other factors that make youth more likely to engage in dangerous or reckless behaviour make insurance providers nervous. Insurance premiums for driver’s age seventeen to twenty-five are on average double the amount that older more experienced drivers pay.

In fact, in 2008 several of the UK’s leading providers ceased providing insurance quotes to seventeen year old due to the high accident rates.

Car insurance is available for teenage drivers but it is a prudent idea to shop around and search for the best rates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Teenage Insurance

The cost of car insurance is based on numerous factors that need to be considered as the search for the best insurance costs takes place. Here are a few of the factors to consider:

1. The gender of the driver. Women are statistically less likely than males to be involved in an accident at least up until the age of forty-five (45). They will obtain a cheaper insurance because they are viewed as a lower risk by the insurance companies.

2. The type of car driven. A cheaper car will allow for cheaper car insurance. Insurance can be obtained by teenagers for third party only or third party fire and theft coverage. This type of coverage will meet the minimal requirements of the law. Remember that minimal coverage is just that and an understanding of what is not covered must be understood.

3. Take additional instruction. For example, the Pass-Plus course is available to take as well as other instructional courses designed to help a driver be safer.

4. Drive safely for a period of time. Most companies offer rapid bonus schemes to seventeen year old drivers who have a safe driving record for nine or ten months.

5. Add a parent as a named driver on the policy. It is important to note that a parent is forbidden by law to front the policy, meaning putting the policy in their name, but it is acceptable to place a parent as a named driver on a teenager’s policy. Failure to follow this law will result in no coverage being provided subsequent to an accident and a charge of driving without insurance.

6. Car safety features are intended to reduce injuries related to accidents. Insurance companies view this as reduction of risk which is translated into a reduction in insurance cost.

Finding The Best Deal

Three things need to be considered in choosing an insurance provider.

1. Cost – there are over one hundred providers so spend the time to shop around.

2. The Right Protection – cheaper coverage also equals less protection and security. Balance the need to save on costs with the desire to feel secure in the event of an accident.

3. Find a Trusted Insurer – it is crucial to find an insurance provider that can be trusted to perform in the event of a claim.