A Guide To Third Party Fire And Theft Motor Insurance

Third Party, Fire & Theft Car InsuranceThe United Kingdom had 1.7 million car thefts in the 2006 – 2007 year. As a result, it has become of vital importance for those in the United Kingdom to obtain third party fire and theft car insurance to protect themselves from having to pay for a replacement vehicle, and to cover any passengers who travel with them.

The car insurance law in the United Kingdom currently states that drivers must have a minimum of third party motor insurance before being permitted to legally drive. Yet third party motorist insurance only covers any third parties and their property in the event that an incident of some kind takes place.

Considered to be a step up from general third party coverage, fire and theft car insurance also guards against a car that is potentially stolen, damaged in some way, or burned by fire.

Third party fire and theft auto insurance caters to the group of motorists who are driving cars on the less expensive side, because if one of these drivers decided to purchase a full comprehensive policy, their vehicles would most likely be written off by the insurance company instead of repaired for the driver.

What does third party fire and theft car insurance actually cover?

Despite the fact that there are many new technologies on the market which are designed to defend a car against attempts at theft, the vehicle can still get damaged in the process of a thief extending effort to steal it.

Those who have third party fire and theft coverage will find that they can make a damage claim if this situation befalls them.

It is also possible to pursue an insurance payout for a car stereo that may have been taken, or a car that was burned by thieves in order to destroy the evidence of their crime.

The protection offered by third party fire and theft insurance does not stop there, as it pays out upon any death of third parties who are traveling with the insured driver, and will also cover the legal fees that may be incurred from the situation.

Sometimes a motorist will choose to drive with a trailer or a caravan hitched to the back of his vehicle, which at some point may cause a road hazard or some other type of accident to another party.

Third party fire and theft insurance will cover the cost of damage done to the other person’s property as a result of the trailer or caravan, as well as any injury caused to the other driver and his passengers.

What vehicle events won’t the third party fire and theft car insurance cover?

The first thing this insurance will not pay out for is the fines a motorist might be ordered to pay as retribution for the specific event that took place with his vehicle.

Second, if a window is smashed but nothing is taken from the car during a theft attempt, this occurrence will most likely not be protected under the policy because the event is seen as a “window claim” instead of an endeavour to steal the vehicle.

Next, third party fire and theft insurance will not cover any injury to the driver or damage to the car itself that was sustained in an accident, which means that the driver has to foot the car repair bill and any related medical bills by himself, and cannot rely on the insurance to take care of the fees instead.

Last, third party fire and theft insurance will not cover the costs of the damage done to a car’s attached trailer or caravan, which is again the sole responsibility of the motorist.

A basic rule of thumb to remember about third party fire and theft insurance is as follows: if the vehicle wasn’t damaged as a result of a fire or a theft, the insurance policy most likely will not provide protection for the event.