German Breakdown Cover – Car Recovery Services

German Breakdown CoverIf you are not from Germany and do not speak the language, you probably do not want to experience a car break down while you are travelling there. This is why it is even more important to have breakdown cover when you are visiting a foreign country such as Germany. And beyond the increased risks that come with experiencing a break down while you are driving in the country, it is also important to understand the different rules of the road that must be followed when you are driving in Germany.

Breakdown Assistance in Germany

Most insurance companies that offer breakdown cover in the United Kingdom will let you add European insurance cover to your existing insurance policy if you are willing to pay a one time additional cost. However, if you have already signed up for a top of the line policy, it is a good idea to check beforehand to see if you may already have such cover if you are planning on taking your vehicle into the European mainland.

That said, even the services related to rescue and breakdown procedures may be a little different from what you are used to when you travel abroad.

What is the procedure when experiencing a break down in Germany?

For example, most motorways in Germany are managed by private institutions, which means you will not be allowed to have a breakdown company come to your aid. As a result, if you happen to experience a breakdown while you are on a German motorway, what you should do instead is call one of the national emergency numbers. If you have an emergency phone, you can press a button on the phone and it will call the German police for you, who can send assistance.

You can also find a public phone and dial 17, or use your mobile phone to dial 112 for assistance. A tow truck will arrive and tow you away from the motorway. Once you are off the motorway, you can call your breakdown company who will come to you to provide additional assistance.

What other things do I have to do if I experience a break down in Germany?

According to the law regarding motorways and transportation, when you drive in Germany, you are required to travel at all times with a warning triangle and a vest that is covered with a high visibility fluorescent colour in your vehicle. Before you call your breakdown company, you should take care to complete the following steps:

  • First, be sure to stop your car in a safe location that is some distance away from traffic if at all possible.
  • Next, wear your high visibility jacket so cars traveling on the motorway can see you.
  • Next, install your warning triangles on the road. If it is a smaller road, 30 meters behind your vehicle will be sufficient, but if it is a motorway, you will need to place them 100 meters behind you.
  • Finally, be sure to move yourself and any passengers in your vehicle away from traffic.

Finding the best deals on breakdown cover while in Germany?

As stated earlier, before you do anything else, it is a good idea to review your existing car insurance policy to see if it does not already provide you with cover for when you travel abroad in mainland Europe. There are many policies that will provide you with a particular number of days of cover in Europe, but they may come with extra fees if you intend to drive for a longer period of time while in Germany.

If you do not already have some sort of breakdown cover, you should compare quotes from a variety of breakdown cover providers to help you determine the best deal for your needs and your budget. At a minimum, make sure the provider you choose provides a 24 hour emergency number.