Annual European Breakdown Cover – Multi Trip Cover For Regular Travellers

Multi Trip European Breakdown CoverIf you go abroad often, driving to various places in Europe, it is much more sensible to sign up for multi-trip European breakdown cover than spending money to buy single trip cover for each visit. Policies for multi trip discount vary from one provider to the next so you will have to shop around for one that serves your requirements and matches your budget.

Although many cover only up to 90 days a trip, it’s possible to get longer cover if that is what you need. With multi trip breakdown cover, you can get protection for the whole year from a breakdown abroad.

English Speaking Assistance While Abroad

Regardless of what country in Europe you travel in, you will still be able to communicate with the police, the tow service and the local garage mechanics about your car problems because you will get telephone access to representatives who speaks English.

Different Providers Offer Various Levels Of European Cover

Since different providers offer different levels of cover for various services, the type of breakdown assistance you will receive depends on the breakdown company you choose and the level of service you select. Some levels of cover, for instance, will only take care of emergency roadside assistance, towing to the nearest garage, and the repair of your vehicle. Meanwhile other levels of cover may include alternative transport to continue your journey while your car is under repair or get you home if it can’t be fixed.

Know Your Cover

It’s beneficial to do more than read through their websites and promotional literature and talk to their representatives to get an idea of the type of cover you’re getting for the money you’re paying. You should also read the entire contract, including the small print. For example, a representative may confirm that the policy will cover the cost of a mechanic’s labour, but when you read the contract you find that this is limited to only £150. By knowing this restriction ahead of time, you can either decide on a different policy or take sufficient money with you.

Personal Or Vehicle Cover Protection

You also have to decide whether you want to get cover for you or your car. If you get personal cover, it will protect you regardless of the car you’re in and regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger. This cover will be useful if you will be travelling in different cars in Europe. Alternatively, if you are simply driving a single car and will not be using other vehicles, it is cheaper to simply cover your car.

Excess Cover

Another thing you must consider is excess, which is the amount you’ll pay for each claim you might make. Suppose, for example, you have an excess of £100. What this means is that if you have repair cover and a breakdown costs £500 to repair, you will have to pay £100 before the provider will pay £400. Some providers also offer excess-free protection.


When buying cover, it is only too easy to only notice what is included and not consider for a moment what is excluded. For example, if your agreement includes roadside assistance and a tow, if the car cannot be fixed on the road, to the nearest mechanic, does it exclude paying for the repairs?

Local Laws While Travelling Abroad

Different European countries have different ways of handling a breakdown incident. In France, for instance, the police will answer an emergency breakdown telephone first before allowing the local recovery service to come your aid. When the local recovery service comes to your help, they will expect to be paid on the spot, so you have to make sure that your policy will allow you to be reimbursed.

Other Essential Tips

  • Check to see if your car insurance company has already got you covered for a breakdown abroad.
  • Thoroughly inspect your car before leaving, including topping off oil, transmission fluid and water, and making sure that your car tyres have the right pressure.
  • Ensure you have all your important documents on your trip, like your driver’s license, vehicle registration, car insurance and emergency breakdown cover papers.