Spanish Breakdown Cover Guide

Breakdown Cover SpainWhen driving in Spain, you have to consider the different rules of the road and the different language if you have a breakdown. One solution is to get cover from a UK breakdown company that will give you an option for European insurance on your policy for a one-time additional fee.

This service is immensely useful if you don’t speak a word of Spanish because the breakdown company in Spain will have representatives who speak English. They can explain to you the unique driving laws as well as talk to the local tow driver and the local garage mechanic on your behalf.

If you have one of the best policies, you may already have this option and you should check to see if it covers your car when you drive into Europe.

Experiencing a car breakdown abroad is slightly different than having one here in the UK. For one thing, in Spain, many of the motorways are managed by a private corporation and will not allow you to use your breakdown company. Instead, you will have to contact the police who will then arrange to tow you away from the motorway to a place where your breakdown company can come to assist you.

What to do if you have a breakdown in Spain

If you have a breakdown in Spain, the law requires that you wear a fluorescent vest for high visibility and put a warning triangle on the road. After parking your car away from traffic to prevent an accident, you must put on your fluorescent jacket and put a warning triangle 30 meters behind your car if on a road and 100 meters behind your car if on a motorway. You and your passengers also have to stay away from traffic.

If your breakdown is the result of a collision, you have to speak to your car insurance company first. They will then issue orders for your recovery and repair service to assist you.

Spanish Driving Laws

Before setting out for Spain, be sure to read about all the laws that regulate Spanish roads.

Here are a few important ones you must know:

  • It is illegal to possess a device that warns of police radar. If caught with one, the penalty can include a heavy fine, a ban on driving, and possibly even imprisonment.
  • EU driving license holders can have their licenses immediately confiscated if breaking the speed limit by over 40 km/hr.
  • It’s illegal to blow your horn in an urban region unless it is to prevent an accident.
  • It’s mandatory that motorcyclists dip their headlights when riding during daytime.

Finding The Best Breakdown Cover For Spain

You may already have cover for Europe if you have an excellent, comprehensive type of policy, so check to see if you do. If you do, it may limit you to how many days you are covered, so if your trip exceeds this time limit, then you may have to pay more.

If you don’t have it, compare various companies to find one that gives you the best deal. One thing you have to ensure is that your provider has a 24 hour emergency service and can offer you translation so you can talk to the local tow company and the garage that will fix your car.

Compare the best breakdown cover in Spain

It’s always upsetting having a car breakdown, but even more stressful if it breaks down abroad because you don’t know anyone, don’t speak the language, and don’t know how things are done there. A breakdown is the last thing you need to deal with when driving your car in Spain.

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