GEM Motoring Assist Concerned Over Pothole Danger

UK breakdown cover provider GEM Motoring Assist have revealed that half of UK drivers have either crashed or been close to doing so due to swerving to avoid a pothole.

Research carried out by the breakdown service reveals that although most drivers have damaged their vehicles due to potholes, almost 70% have never reported a pothole to their local council. With just 5% ever making a claim against their council for damage sustained from a pothole.

GEM Motoring Assist CEO David Williams, added that drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians are all affected by potholes.

“Local councils need to take swift action in alleviating this nationwide problem, but it is also important for motorists to play their part in reporting potholes to local councils,” he observed.

Mr Williams added: “Potholes are not simply just a nuisance, they are a massive road safety issue.”

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