Green Flag Offer Summer Fuel Efficiency Tips

With the constant soaring fuel prices, UK breakdown service Green Flag have issued some advice to help motorists save money on their fuel costs.

The head of Green Flag, Dan Robinson has revealed that because diesel is now more expensive than petrol at the pumps, running a diesel car may no longer be the cheaper option.

Robinson also went on to highlight the importance of filing up with the correct fuel type for your vehicle, as putting diesel in a petrol vehicle or vice-versa could provide to be a costly mistake.

“Mis-fuelling can be expensive,” the breakdown expert warned. “If you have a diesel and a petrol vehicle in your household, be extra vigilant.”

Another costly expense can be running out of fuel at the roadside as call-out charges for ‘lack of fuel’ breakdowns can be high.

Green Flag also recommends that motorists try to avoid filling up at motorway petrol stations as they often charge premium prices, and instead to keep an eye out for special offers on supermarket petrol.

It is also worth keeping in mind that a car’s fuel consumption can be greatly reduced by not carrying any unnecessary bags or equipment, as heavier vehicles will consume more fuel.

In May 2010 average petrol prices reached all-time high of 121.61p a litre or £5.52 per gallon.

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