Motorbike Breakdown Cover Guide

Motorbike Breakdown CoverRiding a motorbike on an open road with the wind in your face can easily give you a sense of freedom and power. Unfortunately, the joy of riding one can quickly be wiped away if you have a break down and have not enrolled for any motorbike recovery services.

While it’s unpleasant enough to have your car breakdown, it’s even worse when your motorbike breaks down and the weather is bad–but with the increasing number of motorbikes in the UK, there are now also many motorbike recovery providers.

If the weather is bad, you want to make sure you can get a provider who is able to respond within the hour. While the average time to get help is about forty minutes, some providers will guarantee that they will be there before the hour.

The cost of the coverage will depend on whether you are the only rider and whether or not you also have other vehicles.

The type of coverage will also vary: many providers require the engine to be bigger than 50cc, and many providers don’t cover certain areas, like the Isle of Man, for instance. Often recovery because the breakdown was due to an accident it’s not covered; although recovery can be requested for additional charges.

In addition to getting coverage for your motorbike, you can also get coverage for damage to your helmet and your protective leather clothing.

Prevention Is Better Than Regret

While you may consider it too expensive to get coverage for a break down, it may actually be more expensive not to get it. Imagine you’re hundreds of miles away from your home and you have a break down. You’re not only stranded in an unfamiliar place, but you also have to factor the cost of getting your motorbike home. If you want to avoid that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as well as the expensive cost of hauling your motorbike home, it’s a wise decision to look into how you can get coverage for a breakdown. Sometimes, it’s possible to get this type of coverage provided by your bike insurance provider, and, in some cases, the cost may be cheaper than getting a separate cover.

Popular Motorcycle Recovery Organisations

While there are many motorcycle breakdown providers, here are three that are popular and that will get you started in your search for a reliable provider.

The AA

They cover motorbikes over 50 cc that are legally registered for the public highways. They have four levels of cover: Stay Mobile, Relay, Home Start, and Roadside Assistance.


If they don’t get to you within 30 minutes, they will give you a £10 money back guarantee. For motorbike recovery, they’ve got motorbike stands on their flatbed lorries and motorbike trailers. In London, they’ve got motorbike patrols. Their assistance includes recovery after an accident, as well as help related to inner tube replacements, starter problems, battery problems, and exhaust problems.


They often offer incentives like “pay and reclaim” and “free additional driver.”

Carry Your Paperwork & Contact Information

Ironically many who elect to get recovery services, don’t have their paperwork with them when they have a break down. This means that they are clueless about the helpline number and their policy reference number. This situation is made even worse when they are in the middle of nowhere, far from a town. If you’re not willing to carry your important information with you, feeling that you don’t need the paper clutter, at least tape the details to the bottom of your motorbike seat.