Motorhome Breakdown Cover Guide

Motorhome Breakdown CoverCoverage for a motor home is not at all like getting coverage for your car. It can sometimes be a challenge to get a good motor home breakdown cover in the UK. Sometimes the price may be too high and at other times a company may not deal with your type of motor home.

Nationally Recognised Breakdown And Recovery Companies

Green Flag, RAC, and AA are national companies that can help you with breakdown and recovery for cars, vans and motorcycles, but when it comes to motorhomes, they take into considerations both size and weight before deciding whether or not to cover your particular type of motorhome.

Is It Too Big To Recover?

Motorhomes come in all sizes and some, like the coach built model, may be considered too big and heavy for the vans that support them. In this case, a recovery service may not be willing to tax their trucks and equipment with such a big motorhome. However, what is considered too big depends on the company in question. Each company has different criteria and the only way to find out is to inquire.

How Heavy Is It?

In estimating how big a motorhome is, one consideration is weight. 3,500 kg is the weight limit for the standard recovery policies of Green Flag, RAC, and AA. Anything over this weight will need more specialized recovery services, and some very heavy motorhomes may even require the specialized services used by commercial vehicles like buses and lorries.

What Size Is It?

Another consideration of how big a motorhome is depends on its size, in other words its dimensions of length, width, and height. Length measurements will include anything added to the motorhome, things like tow bars and bike and luggage racks. Similarly, height includes any add-on equipment like vents, racks, and aerials.

Green Flag will recover motorhomes that don’t exceed a length of 7m, a width of 2.25 m, and a height of 3m. RAC will recover motorhomes that don’t exceed a length of 5.5m and a width of 2.3 m. And AA will recover motorhomes that don’t exceed a width of 2.3 m. These policies relate to motorhome recovery in the U.K. If taking your motorhome to Europe, additional restrictions may apply.

Coverage For Conversions

The most difficult motorhomes to get coverage for are those that you have converted yourself. In this event, you may have to look for coverage designed for commercial vehicles, and this may be much more expensive.
But not all conversions are excluded from standard coverage: a professional conversion by a known company can usually get coverage.

Alternative Coverage Companies

If your motorhome weight and size exceeds the restrictions of nationally recognized companies like Green Flag, RAC, and AA, there are still other companies that cover big coach-built motorhomes, provided that the motorhome manufacturer is a known make and model. This list of companies include Saga, Britannia Rescue, and Safeguard.

Research Your Options

When it comes to getting UK Motorhome Breakdown Cover, you have to research your many options. You have to know the many details about your motor home and find a company that will accommodate that particular type. While many recognized makes and models of motor homes are usually covered by standard recovery policies, unusually large or self-built motor homes may require recovery services from companies that help buses and lorries.