Drivers Warned About Clearing Snow From Their Vehicles

Hazard Of Snow On Car RoofsWith many parts of the UK still struggling with heavy snowfall and icy conditions, the RAC is warning motorists that they could fall foul of the law should they fail to properly clear snow off their vehicles.

RAC patrolman ambassador of the year Alan Wilcock added: ”If you do have to travel, it’s important that all snow is cleared off the car as this can be very dangerous for yourself, pedestrians and other drivers.

”We’re still seeing cars on the road looking like portable snowdrifts, which could also see drivers falling foul of the law.”

“If it slips over the windscreen, or flies into the path of another car, it could leave the driver open to being penalised for driving without due care and attention or careless or inconsiderate driving,” North Yorkshire Police said in a statement on their web site.

“Any snow left on vehicle bodywork, such as the bonnet or roof, could slide onto lights or windows causing dangerous obstruction to vision of the driver or signals to other road users.

“Snow could also slide from a moving vehicle and onto a footpath or roadway possibly causing danger or injury to other road users or pedestrians.”

Whilst there isn’t any specific law in regards to snow on cars, motorists may find themselves responsible should an accident occur as a result.

With more snow on the way the Highways Agency are advising motorists to not travel unless necessary.

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