Wheel Clampers On Private Land Banned – ‘Cowboy Clampers’ Outlawed

Wheel Clampers BannedThe Coalition Government has announced plans to ban the use of wheel clamping on private land in England and Wales.

Home Office minister, Lynne Featherstone says the new rules should be brought into line with those currently in effect in Scotland, where clamping vehicles on private land was subsequently banned after a judge deemed that the act amounted to ‘extortion’ and ‘theft’.

The so-called ‘Cowboy Clampers’ operate by removing cars parked on private land without permission and often charging the car owners up to £400 to release. These ‘fines’ are said to be worth £1 billion a year to clampers.

Ms Featherstone, a Liberal Democrat minister in the Home Office, said a ban on their activities was “very good news”.

She went on to add: “I am delighted that our Government have made the decision to ban it outright. It is a ban and thank goodness.”

The new proposals to ban the act of clamping on private land will be included in a new Freedom Bill set to be introduced in November. The new legislation will also include measure to prevent companies from towing away cars parked on private land without permission.

Ms Featherstone said she wanted to encourage “a more proportionate way to deal with parking transactions”.

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