Hybrid Cars Not Actually Saving Motorists Money

Hybrid Cars Not Saving Motorists MoneyMany motorists choose to buy a hybrid vehicle because they believe running a hybrid car will save them money in the long fun. But new research published by the British Columbia Automobile Association suggests that those who buy a hybrid model continue to pay a premium rate for it.

The BCAA compared the purchase price, financing, and fuel costs of 16 hybrid cars over a period of five years and concluded that only one hybrid car cost less to buy and run over the five years than its petrol counterpart.

The hybrid vehicle that came top in their study was the Mercedes S400 Hybrid Sedan, which overall was found to cost £3,200 less to own and operate than other hybrid models studied.

The hybrids that came out the closest to their petrol counterparts in terms of initial purchase cost and running costs were the Toyota models (Prius, Camry and Highlander Hybrid), all the Honda models (Insight and Civic Hybrid) and the Lexus HS250h.

The Toyota Prius was found to have the lowest overall carbon emissions of any of the hybrid models studied.

Commenting on the findings, BCAA’s director of corporate communications and government relations, Trace Acres, said: “BCAA’s research shows that cost is not typically the main motivator for someone looking to purchase a hybrid.

“We believe that many consumers are willing to pay a bit more to go hybrid if it will reduce their carbon footprint.”

The spokesman added: “What we are seeing however, is manufacturers starting to offer price breaks for things like cash sales, so an environmentally conscious consumer may still be able to make a hybrid purchase work financially by shopping around.”

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  1. TheAbstractor says:

    It doesn’t say whether or not they were factoring in tax deductions for hybrid ownership, either.

  2. Rene Sugar says:

    The report doesn’t take into account the economic benefits provided by less money leaving the local economy to pay for gasoline and diesel.

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