Road Rage Fuels A Rise In Car Insurance Premiums

ROAD RAGEA report published by the UK insurer AXA reveals that 800 lives are lost each year on Britain’s roads through accidents caused by road rage or disrespectful driving.

The independent survey highlights that almost 4 in 10 drivers involved in the 222,100 accidents each year on British roads felt frightened or angered by other motorists in the moments leading up to a crash or collision.

Over the last 12 months British motorists have seen their car insurance premiums sky rocket, with an 11.5% increase in the three months to June 2010 alone. AXA estimate that £945 million in claims could be avoided if British motorists were to control their anger behind the wheel and remain respectful of fellow drivers.

Earlier in the year AXA also published research that found that 9% of drivers believe British motorists are generally disrespectful to other road users, highlighting 52% having been subjected to a “significant” act of road rage whilst out on the road.

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