The Stig’s Identity Revealed As Formula 3 Driver Ben Collins

The StigThe real identity of Top Gear’s tamed racing driver, The Stig, has long been a topic of considerable debate amongst motoring enthusiasts for years now.

But new financial documents have been unearthed which could finally put an end to the speculation on just who is hiding behind that white racing helmet.

The records suggest that the BBC Top Gear stunt driver is in fact former racing driver Ben Collins.35 year old Collins is a former Formula 3 racing driver.

According to the financial records, his company, Collins Autosport, recorded a significant increase in money after taking on work to provide “driving services provided for the BBC, mainly in the Top Gear programme” in December 2003 according to a report by the Sunday Times.

ben collins the stig

The Stig is thought to earn between £5,000 and £10,000 a show, and is currently in a dispute with the BBC over his attempts to launch an autobiography.

BBC bosses have recently issued legal warnings in an effort to stop any publications that would identify The Stig’s real identity, breaching a confidentiality agreement and ruin the mystery of his character.

The driver is reportedly unhappy that the BBC is making money from his “brand” but he is not received a share.

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  1. George w bush says:

    Its not Ben Collins or whatever his name is I am if your wondering what my real identity is I am george bush

  2. sry mate ,, ive got the t-shirt and the dvd I AM THE STIG says:

    i am the stig, ive got the t-shirt and dvd to proove it

  3. thee stig says:

    bull the stig

  4. Sundude says:

    Sorry, but this news is false. I am the Stig. And I have the T-shirt to prove it.

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