Are Women Drivers Dirtier Than Men?

Dirty Female DriversNew figures published today reveal that women are less likely to wash their new and used cars then men.

According to a report by online car retailer Autoquake, 59% of women leave their car unwashed for six months or more, compared with 44% of men.

It appears that female drivers are more likely to persuade someone else to clear their cars, with 7% opting to pay for car cleaning services as opposed to just 4% of male drivers.

Autoquake CEO Dermot Halpin, said: “Letting your car get dirty is a bad idea, it doesn’t just look shabby: nasty deposits like birdlime can damage a car’s paintwork, while salted roads in winter can corrode alloy wheels.”

Of the 1,000 motorists that Autoquake surveyed, just 34% admitted to regular cleaning their car inside and out every 6 months, with only 1 in 10 cleaning their car thoroughly once a year.

4% revealed that they never clean their car at all.

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