RAC Device Could Prevent Diesel Misfuelling Breakdowns

A recent study by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) found that there are as many as 150,000 misfuelling cases each year, where motorists are putting the wrong type of fuel into their vehicles.

According to BIBA, such as mistake happens every 3.5 minutes in the UK with a repair cost of anywhere from £300 to in excess of £5,000.95% of all misfuelling breakdowns are the result of the driver putting petrol into a diesel vehicle.

But help could be at hand. RAC patrolman and engineer Phil Cartwright has developed a device designed to prevent petrol pump nozzles from fitting inside the tanks of diesel cars.

Gary Wrightson-Heyworth, RAC technical service development manager, revealed: “RAC fully supports this device and we are currently in the process of rolling it out to all of our roadside patrols and recovery specialists.”

The AA advisers that drivers who have incorrectly filled their vehicle with the wrong type of fuel should not turn on their ignition or attempt to start their vehicle.

Repairs for incorrect vehicle fuelling can become very expensive once the fuel has circulated through the system, and in some cases could even work out cheaper to fit a new engine.

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