The RAC Calls For A “Fundamental Shift” To Prevent Traffic Gridlock

RAC Road PricingThe RAC foundation has this week called on the UK government to make radical changes to the way in which motorists pay for road use across the UK.

The foundation is calling for a “pay as you go” system to be introduced for Britain’s roads, following the revelation that just one third of all revenue brought in by road tax and fuel duty is being put back into the UK’s road infrastructure.

RAC Foundation head Stephen Glaister heavily criticised the UK’s current road funding system, and in his report made the point that the majority of the £46billion a year brought in by fuel duty and road tax, the majority of the revenue is being used to balance out other government schemes instead of being used to improve the country’s road system.

In the group’s latest publication, Governing and Paying for England’s Roads, RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister says that the UK road network is suffering from a “lack of vision”, while traffic could rise by 33 per cent by 2025.

He added: “In terms of keeping the country moving we are almost at the end of the road.

“The population is rising and traffic is forecast to grow too. Something needs to be done. At the moment, nothing is.”

With these factors in consideration, the RAC Foundation believes that some form of “pay-as-you-go” road pricing scheme in the United Kingdom is inevitable.

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