RAC Reveals Unusual Breakdown Call-Outs

Over the course of 2009, the RAC attended more than 2,700,000 breakdown call-outs across the UK.

According to the breakdown service no two call-outs are the same, and to highlight the point they’ve published a number of their more unusual incidents.

One such incident involved a Land Rover that had been stuck in a ditch, with a nearby farm tractor (who had attempted to help tow the car out) broken down alongside it. In this case the patrol team fixed both the tractor and attended to the bogged down Land Rover.

Another unusual call-out was to a driver who could not start his car, due to the fact that the vehicle’s engine had been removed without his knowledge.

The RAC also emphasised the importance of familiarising yourself with your car’s dashboard symbols and warning lights. In one incident an RAC patrol was called to visit a driver who had spotted a warning light described as “a man holding a snooker cue”. The dashboard symbol turned out to be his seatbelt warning light.

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