A Guide To Breakdown Assistance

Breakdown Cover ServicesIf you spend a lot of time travelling in your vehicle, then it makes sense for you to protect yourself in case of a breakdown. Life is fast-paced. There are many meetings, events, and special activities that demand your time, energy, and pounds.

No one can anticipate when your vehicle will breakdown. It could be late at night, while your family is in the countryside, or on the way to an important business meeting. It always seems to occur at the worst possible moment.

UK breakdown cover offers peace of mind for your family; whenever, your vehicle breaks down. There is a wide variety of different coverage levels, which pay for repair, recovery, and towing costs. Carefully, consider all of the different options available by reading this “Complete Beginner’s Guide on UK Breakdown Cover.”

What is Breakdown Cover?

Breakdown cover (also goes by the name of “Roadside Recover” or “Roadside Rescue”) is a service provided by insurance companies, automobile clubs, and even supermarkets that sends rescue vehicles to assist drivers who breakdown. These companies offer a vast range of services from simply notifying a local service shop to send a mechanic to a sophisticated system of regular rescue patrols that can help you with towing, lodging, and alternative transportation.

Entry-Level Breakdown Cover

The entry-level breakdown cover services simply contact a local mechanic to service your vehicle. This lowest service level might charge you for call-outs.

Pay and Claim Cover

This is a basic breakdown cover level, which requires you to pay an annual fee upfront. When you call your coverage company, they will direct you to local recovery services. You will be required to pay the local recovery services on-the-spot. Then you can send your service bill receipt to the breakdown cover company and it will reimburse you.

Pay and claim cover requires you to pay repair costs when they occur. Sometimes, these expenses can be quite high – repair, recovery, and towing. This is a more affordable coverage (pay-per-incident) for organised and efficient individuals who are good at keeping their receipts and sending them in to reclaim their pounds.

Standard Breakdown Cover

Standard breakdown cover, also called “Automatic Service,” is the most popular choice. It also requires an annual fee upfront. It provides on-spot repairs and local recovery to nearest garage, if necessary. Usually, companies have their own service vehicles that will respond. All call-outs are free-of-charge. There are no worries with standard breakdown cover.

Premium Breakdown Cover

Premium coverage offers complete vehicle repair, recovery, and towing services for those who are busy with no time to waste. Premium coverage has more patrols, which are proud of their response times. Other have special bundles with GPS service, traffic updates, and reminders for special events. Some higher, premium packages are called “Plus.” A messaging service is included in most policies.

Compare amongst the top level breakdown cover packages – number of customers, percentages of vehicles fixed, and call-out times – if you want the best UK roadside assistance. When owners have older, antique, or classic cars that break down more readily, a more comprehensive coverage makes sense.

Other Optional Coverages

These are other common breakdown coverage policies available:

Roadside Assistance

With roadside assistance, the company will send out a mechanic to fix the problem if it is more than a quarter mile from home. While labour might be covered; typically, replacement parts are not covered. Coverage includes towing or recovery costs if the vehicle cannot be fixed.

Home Assistance

When your vehicle breaks down at your home or within a quarter of a mile from your home, then home assistance cover protects you. The company will send a mechanic to your home to fix your vehicle.

Vehicle Recovery

If your vehicle can’t be fixed, then vehicle recovery cover will ensure that your service company takes your vehicle and passengers to your home, garage, or any other designated place.

Parts and Labour Cover

This policy covers parts and labour costs.

Onward Travel

This is the best for someone on a vacation or a business trip. When you absolutely must reach your destination – “onward travel” is the coverage for you. Your company provides another transportation option for you, so that you can complete your journey. This could include a ride home, courtesy car hire, or transportation by rail. It could also cover a hotel stay.

European Cover

This is a stand-alone, add-on, or upgraded coverage level that can be quite expensive since it is a complicated, premium, luxury product. With European cover, you will have 24/7/365 help from English-speaking representatives when your vehicle has broken down in Europe. This policy covers you, your passengers, and vehicle.

Repatriation costs could be quite expensive, so this coverage can quickly pay for itself after one breakdown. Single- or multiple-trip coverage is available. This is better for frequent vacations or business trips to Europe. Coverage for a replacement driver can also be purchased.

Additional Services Offered

The “Cash to Collect Car” policy pays for rail transportation to return your vehicle to your home. Other policies provide for “Accident Care.” “Multiple Vehicle Coverage” services are usually extra. Long distance recovery is extra unless you get a premium coverage, like European Cover or Onward Travel.

Cover the Person or the Vehicle?

With Personal breakdown cover, the person is covered no matter which vehicle the person is driving or riding in. This is a very flexible and convenient option when you have multiple vehicles or car pool; it is also more expensive.

With Vehicle breakdown cover, the vehicle is covered no matter who is driving it. This “vehicle-based cover” is a popular option for families – father, mother, and children – who share the same vehicle. Usually, this is cheaper than covering the person.

Differences Between Policies

Policies offer coverage for one, two, or a group of people (family coverage).

Pricing might consider the age, condition, and mileage of the vehicle. With older vehicles, breakdown cover can be a great investment since many of the services are not covered by traditional car or travel insurance.

What is Not Covered?

Typically, neither accidents nor vandalism are covered by breakdown cover.

Who offers Breakdown Cover?

Usually, traditional insurance companies are most likely to offer breakdown cover. Some automobile clubs offer breakdown cover with membership. Even, shopping markets have gotten involved in selling breakdown cover. Some large banks are offering breakdown cover in premium “packaged” bank accounts to attract customers.

Other Breakdown Cover Concerns

There is a special “Priority Response” option on premium coverages for drivers or passengers in vulnerable conditions or positions.

Some policies are renewed automatically.

Certain policies offer partial refunds if they are cancelled without any call-outs.

Other vehicles, besides cars, that might be covered include vans, motorbikes, caravans, and minbuses.

Tips on Saving Money on Breakdown Cover

There are many online options that allow you to compare different features and prices. There are also online discounts available.

Breakdown cover is most affordable when you start with the basic package. Some policies will have fixed, premium-based pricing. You can usually add features as you see fit. There is no reason to pay for services that you will never use.

Other policies will be based on vehicle age, mileage, and policy holder age. These characteristics will be used to identify whether a person is deemed to be a “Low risk” or “High risk” for an accident.

A no-claims discount is available, along with seasonal offers. Some companies provide lower rates for newer cars that are less likely to breakdown.

Gain Peace of Mind with Breakdown Cover

When you travel long distances frequently, your chances of a breakdown are vastly increased. Not everyone carries large amounts of pounds anticipating a vehicle breakdown. When on vacation, there are other factors that might make repair, recovery, and towing particularly difficult.

Find a good breakdown provider that will give you great service when you are in need. The price, convenience, and special features determine which breakdown cover is best for you.

Shop around for the best features and prices. Search carefully for great deals. Get the perfect coverage for you, your family, and your vehicle. Find something that fits your driving needs.

Gain the “peace of mind” that breakdown cover offers – you will have one less thing to worry about.