A Guide To Personal Breakdown Cover

Personal Breakdown CoverWhile most people think of protection from breakdowns as getting cover for a vehicle, there is an alternative called personal breakdown cover.

This type of policy covers you rather than the vehicle. Although it costs more, it offers more advantages than policies that cover only a single vehicle. Since this policy covers you, rather than the vehicle, this means that any vehicle you drive is covered.

Since you may drive more than one car, this can be highly advantageous. However, personal cover is more expensive compared to vehicle cover, but it may be well worth the money you spend. You will get what you pay for.

This vehicle is right for you if you drive more than one vehicle. For example you may drive a personal vehicle and a company-owned vehicle; your family may own several vehicles; or your company may provide you with a choice of several vehicles. So, regardless of what vehicle you drive, you will be covered since you, rather than your vehicle, are insured.

Another Personal Cover Option

Some policies cover you even if you are not driving the vehicle. If the vehicle is driven by a colleague, friend, or family member and you are travelling in it as a passenger, the vehicle is covered if a breakdown occurs. This is a great option for those who frequently travel in a variety of different vehicles.

Finding The Best Personal Breakdown Deal

Since this plan is more expensive than vehicle cover, you have to make sure you find a provider who offers the
best deal. The way to research the best deal is to compare the offers made by different companies. In the long run, it’s definitely worth taking the time to make these comparisons.

On this website, most of the research has been done for you on finding the best providers for personal cover.

Here you can compare quotes from different leading companies and choose the one you consider has the best deal for personal breakdown cover.

Some policies will cover you if you are the driver while others will cover you whether you are a driver or a passenger.

Deciding On Whether You Need Personal Breakdown Cover

This policy is advantageous and worth the higher cost over vehicle cover if you frequently drive or are a passenger in several vehicles. It is also advantageous if your car is more than 10 years old, as personal cover will then be cheaper than vehicle cover. However, if other people regularly drive your car, than it is much better to cover the car against the possibility of a breakdown.

Choosing the Right Package
There is a range of prices and services. A basic package will give you roadside assistance and towing to your home or a garage of your choice, but you will have to pay for the labour and parts of the repair. Alternatively, other packages will give you comprehensive service, covering repairs, call outs from or near your home, and even breakdowns if you go abroad.

Different policies will give you different services. You have to decide which ones give you the most value for your money and before signing up, read the small print.

Payment Options
There are also many options when it comes to payment. The traditional choice is to pay a monthly premium. You can also pay per claim. This may be a better choice if the cars you drive are new and reliable, but you will need to have the money available to pay for this right away.

Deciding On The Best Provider And Cover
Ultimately the best plan is one that meets your needs, and you can only decide on the right plan by figuring out
your needs and matching these with a reputable provider. The main thing to conserve expenses is to avoid paying for additional services that you may never use.