A Guide To Taxi & Minibus Breakdown Assistance

Taxi Breakdown CoverAlthough automobile breakdowns are a fact of life for any car owner that drives on the road daily for many hours, especially a car in a busy city that is exposed to frequent stops and starts, this is particularly bad news for the owner of a taxi because every time a taxi breaks down, the business will lose money. In this case, since time literally is money, it’s essential to get quick, efficient breakdown recovery.

Fortunately for the taxi business, a number of taxi insurers offer this type of help, making it possible for a taxi to be transporting passengers again with minimal downtime. By having a policy already in place in the event of an accident or a breakdown, a taxi business can get help wherever they are in the UK and at whatever time the breakdown happens on any day of the year.

For someone making a living driving a taxi, here are the top three services that will provide adequate cover, reducing the duration of the breakdown and increasing the recovery rate:

  • 24 hour roadside assistance that is available every day of the year and that will provide rapid response to a call for help from an experienced patrol team.
  • Home start cover that will recover a taxi should it not start in the morning on the way to work and provide recovery should the taxi breakdown a quarter of a mile away from home.
  • Accident support that will offer quick and efficient help to resolve all problems associated with an accident; specifically, vehicle recovery, vehicle towing to the nearest garage, and rapid processing of insurance claims. The purpose of accident support is to expedite all necessary assistance so that the taxi can be on the road quickly and earning income again.

Besides these features, taxi breakdown services can come with many other options depending on the provider and the level of cover purchased. For example, one service will provide onward travel for the taxi driver and passengers, either taking them home or to their intended destination, while another service will provide accommodation for the night for those on a long trip who are unable to return home after a breakdown.

Buying Taxi Breakdown Cover

All things considered, it is much more expensive to not have this cover than it is to have it. The price range depends on many factors. Costs rise depending on the quality and quantity of the service options chosen. A purchaser needs to be clear on the level of service they need to use. For some taxi businesses, the main thing is to get on the road as fast as possible. For another taxi business, customer service is the lifeblood of their business and they want to do everything they can to ensure that their regular customers still get to their appointments in time despite the breakdown. Another thing a buyer has to consider is the age and condition of the taxi. Naturally, the older and less roadworthy the taxi, the more important it is to be able to make numerous call-outs throughout the year.

Getting A Breakdown Cover Quote

By shopping online, a buyer can get numerous quotes and also compare many different types of policies. This allows the buyer to select one that fits their budget and provides the cover they need.

A taxi business owner looking for coverage should be aware that their taxi or minibus has to be a certain weight, length, and height to be covered, should have a MOT and should be in reasonably good electrical and mechanical condition. A taxi that does not fall within these conditions may not be considered eligible for cover.

In addition, since there are many options on what is covered and what is not covered, someone buying a policy should be careful to read the entire agreement to make sure that they are getting the right type of breakdown cover for their taxi business.